Natural Gas Leak on Route 7 Near Nall’s Market

Emergency crews are on the scene of an outdoor gas leak at 11590 Harry Byrd Highway near Nall’s Market. Dispatchers received a call that an individual removing a stump had punctured a natural gas line approximately 20 -30 feet from a residence.

Washington Gas is   on scene to shut off gas. Officials currently have the right hand lane of west bound Route 7 closed. Updated Jul 27, 2011 @ 14:25


  1. Strange, google maps shows Nalls Farm market across the road from this incident near Russel Road.
    Just a mere 3 miles off from the real location. Whatup?

  2. If you GoogleMap the address given in the article above the result shown is 4869 Harry Byrd Highway, Berryville, VA, and is listed as Nalls Farm Market.

    Fwiw there is another very fine farm market ON Russel Road, No gas leaks there. 🙂