Ghoulish Parade Sends Pre-Halloween Shivers Through Berryville

Everyone loves a parade, especially a pre-school, pre-Halloween parade! In what has become an annual tradition, students of the Wee Angels School at Duncan United Methodist Church lined up Friday morning at 9:00 am with sugary hopes of an early candy haul prior to Berryville’s official Halloween celebration.

But a lot goes into a parade, especially when it involves goblin toddlers. One grandparent summarized the event as follows:

1. To the bathroom

2. Chow down on the pretzels for energy

3. Line up for the parade

4. Start the Parade

5. Visit the participating main street businesses

6. Check all the bags (probably about 40) for a lost set of car keys that someone  let drop into a candy bag

7. Collapse and appreciate you won’t be with the kids after they eat all  the candy collected

Teachers helped the older children prepare by first assisting with costumes and then ensuring that EVERYONE made a trip to the bathroom before a final stop in the classroom for a quick snack.

Once the logistical details were settled all souls lined up for the trick or treat trek to visit local businesses on Main Street.

Even without the thought of candy, what could be more exciting than donning the spookiest costumes imaginable in the hopes of scaring passers-by even in broad daylight?

The ghoulish troop left the school onto Main Street towards North Church Street stopping first at the Bank of Clarke then onto BB&T to collect more candy and more smiles from the tellers.

The next stop was Sponsellers Florist followed by Berryville Pharmacy, MacKenzies Restaurant, Longerbeam Heating, and the Tastee Freez.

As the scary parade crossed the street at Buckmarsh and Main many merchants were drawn out onto the sidewalk and were ready to offer treats in exchange for avoiding the “tricks” that were surely waiting if the candy tribute was not forthcoming.

The parade of demons and devils then wound down the street past the Berryville Newstand, Potters Barber Shop, Moler’s Insurance to Panetteria Malucci before heading back to the school; But not without one last stop at RE-Max Realty.

All of the ghouls were reportedly satisfied with the early outing however none conceded another trip out on Halloween night.

Barbara Lee leads Duncan Memorial United Method Church’s Wee Angels program. For more information on the program please visit

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  1. Love this and number 6 on the above list is too funny!

  2. and only in a small caring rural town could this be a success. How wonderful that CC is still a safe place to have fun! Lets keep it that way.

  3. Barbara Lee, Administrator says:

    On behalf of the Wee Angels Weekday Programs at Duncan Memorial United Methodist Church, I would like to thank all the merchants who made our annual Halloween Parade such a wonderful success. I would like to thank Mike Hobert for taking the fantastic photos of the students, teachers, and parents in order to capture the essence of the event. Finally thank you Ed Leonard for bringing life in our wonderful community to the attention of all. Yes, we are indeed blessed to live in a safe, nurturing environment.

  4. Sharon Strickland says:

    Barbara and Mike, I too thank you and all the merchants for making my granddaughter Keely’s walk so much fun. As I walked along with baby Emma Teresa, the wind howled and our faces were left red and our hands chapped. I wish I had brought gloves for all. Our hearts were warmed by all the happy people that came out to provide candy to the kids. We truly enjoyed Greg Malucci’s treats and since Miss Angela and I were at the tail end, we missed those great cookies but got our pick of some very tasty pastries and breaded twists. My breads tasted so good with hot coffee that I fixed immediately after we got home. Thank you again to everyone for making memories for our family.

  5. Chris Rosen says:

    Our daughter Samanatha loves this event, thank you to the Wee Angels great staff for doing the little extra things. Also, thanks to such a great community for opening your doors and providing candy for the little ones! Berryville is a great place to live!