Girl Scout Troop Presents Town of Berryville a Gift

Last night, at the monthly Town Council meeting, the members of Girl Scout Troop 40111 presented the Town of Berryville with a beautiful picnic table hand-made by troop members. Mayor Wilson Kirby congratulated the troop on their accomplishment and shook each girl’s hand as the group stood before the council. Pictures of the table were shown on the large screen in the council chamber during the ceremony. The actual table will be delivered and set up in Rose Hill Park at the second portion of the presentation scheduled for April 23, at 6:00 PM.

Girl Scout Troop 40111 members are:

  • Hannah McLain
  • Riley Lorson
  • Lena Kunkel
  • Molly Nicholson
  • Samantha Weddle
  • Wynter Graham
  • Lindey Davenport
  • Calleigh Hawkins