Government News Round-up

Clarke County supervisors held their last regularly scheduled board meeting last week. With several members away for the holidays Supervisors Weiss (Buckmarsh), Byrd (Russell) and Staelin (Millwood) presided at the meeting.

Virginia Department of Transportation

VDOT road construction activities on Ebenezer Road have slowed due to the long stretch of cold weather. The installation of the new box culvert for the road is scheduled for the spring of 2011.

The Mosby Road public hearing is scheduled for January 12. VDOT officials told the supervisors that the meeting will be conducted under a “drop-in” format. VDOT will not make a formal presentation at the meeting nor will citizens be able to make a public statement. Rather citizens will have the opportunity to speak and ask questions with VDOT officials on a “one-to-one” basis.

VDOT has assigned a Project Manager to design sidewalk, gutter and curb replacement in Boyce. Work will be performed on the south side of Route 723 between Town Hall and the railroad tracks.

Double Tollgate Area Plan

Clarke County has received a Community Development Block Grant of $25K to identify necessary infrastructure improvements and economic development strategies to facilitate business activities consistent with the Clarke County Comprehensive Plan.

The block grant funds will allow county planners to review traffic and transportation requirements, water and sewer service and commercial potential of the area.

Supplemental Appropriations

Supervisors approved $12,400 for replacement of a Clarke County Sheriff’s cruiser damaged in a collision with a deer. Funding for the replacement vehicle was covered by insurance.

Clarke County Planning Department was given the go ahead to spend $3,500 for septage tracking software.

Clarke County Public Schools will receive $151K in unspent FY 2010 funds for capital expenditure in FY 2011.

Public Hearing Notice

The Clarke County Planning Commission has made the following recommendations for the county’s zoning ordinance:

Changing Neighborhood Commercial Yard Setback (Section 3-A-12-c) minimum street setbacks to maximum setbacks of parcels of less than 1.5 acres and no required setback for parcels of 1.5 to three acres.

Changing Neighborhood Commercial Maximum Height (Section 3-A-12-d) to limit structure height to two stories in addition to the current limit of 30 feet.

Changing Highway Commercial Maximum Height (Section 3-A-13-e) to limit structure height to three stories in addition to the current limit of 40 feet.

Increase the maximum number of rooms allowed in country inns from 12 to 15 (Section 3-C-2)

Change the definition of “country inns” by transferring the text to Supplementary Regulations (Section 9-B)

Public hearing for the proposed changes will be January 18, 2011.

Other Actions

The Bank of Clarke County plans to loan Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Company $80K for renovations to the BRVFC Social Hall and Vehicle Support Building. County Supervisors endorsed the planned loan allowing BRVFC to qualify for a tax exempt interest rate on the loan.