Governor Robert F. McDonnell Takes the Oath of Office

mcdonnell1Governor Bob McDonnell has taken the oath of office and become the 71st Governor of the Commonwealth of Virgina. Immediately after taking the Oath of Office, Governor Bob McDonnell signed Executive Order Number One and Executive Order Number Two.

Executive Order Number One Establishes the Chief Job Creation Officer and the Governor’s Economic Development and Job Creation Commission. The Commission shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Identify impediments to and opportunities for job creation;
  2. Review how other states and foreign countries are attracting jobs and how Virginia could replicate and improve upon those initiatives;
  3. Review the agencies’ role in job creation and make recommendations on how those efforts can be better coordinated to ensure unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness;
  4. Make recommendations on new investments and changes to the tax and regulatory environment in the Commonwealth to maintain and increase the Commonwealth’s standing as the best place to do business in the United State of America; and
  5. Evaluate the current programs and investments designed to develop the workforce and attract and retain businesses in Virginia, and make recommendations on their effectiveness and need for improvement.
  6. Assist the Cabinet and the Virginia Economic Development Partnership to identify and target industries and businesses to recruit to Virginia.

Executive Order Number Two Establishes the Governor’s Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring. The Commission will conduct a thorough review of Virginia state government:

  • Identify opportunities for creating efficiencies in state government, including streamlining,   consolidating, or eliminating redundant and unnecessary agency services, governing bodies, regulations and programs;
  • Explore innovative ways to deliver state services at the lowest cost and best value to Virginia taxpayers;
  • Seek out means to more effectively and efficiently perform core state functions, including potential privatization of government operations where appropriate, and restore focus on core mission oriented service; and
  • Examine ways for state government to be more transparent, user friendly and accountable to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Full text of both Executive Orders is available here