H1N1 Vaccinations Offered at Clarke Co. Schools

Dr. Karen Remley of Virginia Dept. of Health

VDH Health Commissioner Dr. Karen Remley receiving flu vaccination at school in Alexandria, Va. as part of vaccination clinic program.

H1N1 Vaccine Clinic will provide 2nd in series of vaccinations for students under 10.

School division officials, in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Health, were informed Wednesday, December 9, 2009 that Berryville Primary and D.G. Cooley will host H1N1 vaccination clinics on Friday, December 11 for the second series of vaccinations..

In preparation, please know the following:

Only students whose parents have submitted appropriate VDH consent forms (by Wednesday, October 28) will be permitted by VDH employees to receive the vaccination.

Our students will report directly to their homeroom classrooms upon arrival to school Friday morning and will be escorted to/from the vaccination clinic by school staff.

The vaccination clinic will be held during the morning hours.

VDH nurses will not administer vaccinations to any child in distress.

via Clarke County Public Schools.