Handley Regional Library Puts Photographs Online

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives of the Handley Regional Library is involved in a project to put thousands of photographs online. An anonymous donation received by the Joint Archives Committee is driving this project. The archive is operated jointly by the Handley Regional Library and the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society. The donor instructed the archives to use the gift to digitize material and host it online. The archives houses over 20,000 photos. These materials are and have been available on a computer in the Archives Reading Room.

Already, over 7,000 photographs can be accessed through the library’s website. To access them, the researcher visits handleyregional.org, click on Our Services, then Family and Local History, scrolls down the page, and click on the link “photographs online.” Or follow this link directly to the page here.
Additional photos are added each month. All photos are currently available on an in-house computer in Archives.

Funds from this gift have paid for a consultant, Michelle Sunderlin, who helped the archives review possible plans and helped arrange for the hosting service. This gift has been used for the initial hosting fee and for support work by Bettina Helms to review photos and enter data to prepare for online listing. Helms has worked for the Joint Archives Committee on the photographs for the past seven years.

When printing the photographs from the Internet, people will see a low resolution with printing across the image so the photographs cannot be reproduced and published. Anyone can e-mail the archives for information about obtaining copies and permission to publish. Those who wish to contact the archives with additional information about the photos or suggested corrections are very welcome and encouraged to do so by e-mail.

Everyone is urged to visit handleyregional.org and browse through the photos. The Stewart Bell Jr. Archives would appreciate knowing what visitors think about the project.