Hazardous Road Conditions Throughout Clarke

Update 8:36 p.m.: Accident on Route 7 near Keystone Church. Vehicle slid off westbound lanes and down an embankment. Emergency crews responding

Update 7:48 p.m. : Route 340 is backed up at the intersection with Route 50. Some motorists are reporting back ups extending back to Berryville due to accidents and deteriorating road conditions. Traffic is also snarled heading into Winchester on Route 7 due to two separate tractor-trailer accidents.


Update 7:00 p.m.: Police and rescue personnel are working multiple accidents throughout the area caused by hazardous road conditions. Snow squalls moving through the area and below freezing temperatures are causing a light dusting of snow to stick to road surfaces creating extremely slippery conditions. VDOT trucks are working to treat the roadways but conditions remain hazardous. If you must travel please use extreme caution and allow extra distance between vehicles.



  1. It just took me over an hour to get home from Winchester. It was unbelievable. I don’t know how an inch of snow can be so slippery but it was. I tried Senseny and the hill by Winchester Country Club looked like a bumper car area with cars everywhere and many unable to get up the hill. We made it to the new Food Lion/CVS intersection and Senseny seemed to be shut so we went down Greenway Road. The hill near the 4 way intersection was crazy with cars everywhere and a Fed Ex truck stuck in the intersection and many cars just going sideways down the hill. I turned right towards the one lane bridge road where I went slightly off the road just missing the guard rail. We finally made it onto Rt. 7 where everyone else was getting off Rt. 7 due to the east bound lane being closed. We survived home. I have no clue why this particular snow was so slippery but it was as my slide was my car going sideways off the road and I was going SLOW.

    • That intersection was a bloody mess. It’s a wonder no one was hurt down in there. All four lanes were stopped up with accidents including my son, who’s car just started sliding off the road while going down the hill. ven a State cop was stuck down in there

      Drive slow everyone

  2. We were coming back from my basketball practice in Berryville at 6:00pm and the visibility became zero so my mom had to keep an eye on the tractor trailer in front of us. We veered off the road for a sec.because we followed the truck so I was like “mom we are going off the road!” .the traffic was so bad. We just live in Boyce and it took us an hour to get home and we were right near our neighbors who have a driveway that cuts down our dead end street and we asked if we could go down her driveway and she let us so we could get home faster. If we didn’t use her driveway it would have taken 30 or 40 more minutes but we are ok and got home safely.

  3. Sharon Strickland says:

    We too went to Winchester about 4PM. After leaving Staples, the snow flurries intensified. We had dinner out and then we took a ride from hell. Fortunately, my former soldier husband drives a truck with 4×4 and he got us home safely. I held onto the right side door upper grip and pulled my seatbelt tighter. He formerly drove a deuce and a half in wartime conditions and knows how to drive a truck well. The snow was intense on the back county roads leading into Boyce. Once we got to Triple J, the snow curtain parted and the road was clear and our driveway clear too. Enough snow for me this week. We should have not dawdled either. As we drove into Winchester on I-81, one could see a flowing curtain of white coming at the town. It was the snow arriving. Should have turned about and gone home.