High School to Offer Online Oversight of Student Grades

Any parent who has ever been frustrated after learning too late in the school year that their student’s Facebook time may have detrimentally exceeded school book time can now have hope for earlier intervention. Thanks to a new software implementation called “ParentPortal”, students and parents alike can gain a virtual view of grades by simply logging on to an Internet website.

“Parent Portal” is a feature of Pearson, Inc.’s PowerSchool web-based student information system. According to Pearson’s website, PowerSchool supports more than 8.5 million students in 50 states and over 50 countries and enables educators to make timely decisions that impact student performance while creating a collaborative environment for parents, teachers and students.

Parent Portal allows parents to log onto CCPS’s PowerSchool student information system in order to view their child’s grade-book for each class Clarke County High School Principal Dr. John Werner said in an email sent to parents today. “We think this will be a great feature for parents to keep up-to-date on the progress of their child.   Moreover, this system allows parents to indicate if they want to have automatic weekly updates sent to their emails instead of always logging onto the system.”

In order to access Parent Portal, parents will be required to obtain an access code and password from CCPS and then create an account to view their child’s grade-book. In order to maintain student security and confidentiality CCPS will only provide access codes/passwords to parents in-person.

“I hope to see as many parents as possible at Back-To-School Night in order to meet their child’s teachers and to obtain their individualized access code/password for their child” Werner’s email message said.

Back to School Night at CCHS, Tuesday, September 21, 2010

6:15 – 6:40 p.m. – Parents pick up PowerSchool Parent Portal Access Codes/Passwords

6:40 – 6:55 p.m. – Parent Portal Introduction and Welcome

The “Parent Portal” service is being piloted by the high school only and will not be available to students in lower grades.


  1. Will only work if you can get the already overworked teachers to grade papers and tests in a timely manner.

    • Right Winger,
      I would like to see you walk a year in the shoes of a teacher, I happen to be married to one who grades papers at home due to not having the time at work. I have read many of your post on other subjects and have come to the conclution you are a very narrow minded person. Insted of being part of the problem why don’t you get involved and help. The schools are always looking for volunteers and with your vast knowledge of many subjects you could be an assest to the education system.

  2. Sandra Stickovitch says:

    My daughter’s school uses something similar: http://www.edline.net
    It has been a wonderful tool to keep parents, students, administration and teachers on the same page. Each week parents are emailed a weekly grade update, all communication is done through edline, all homework assignments are posted daily, as well as important paperwork, calendar for the year, etc. Teachers have done a wonderful job updating it on a daily basis so that there are no surprises for anyone. There is no more waiting until interims come out and then realize if your child is struggling in a subject-it’s right there on line. Issues can be resolved and addressed a lot quicker.

    This sort of communication is a vital link that is needed between school and parents and will only work if the teachers update it in a timely fashion.

    Kudos to the school system for taking this important step.

  3. Jeane Cromer says:

    Well, the reporter’s first line says it all. Parents are frustrated with the differential between lack of reporting and actual performance. In fact, (see SBO expenditures-finance) the SBO just paid 4K to re-up “Study Island” through 2011, an evidenced based assesment. This should have, but was not, used a factor in determing our kids performance.

    Why do kids on the honor roll at Cooley fail their SOL’s when our 4K expenditure predicted that throughout the year?

    Evidence through this( Study Isand) scientific based expenditure was previously “dismissed” by the administration/classroom teachers who claimed all of our children are “doing well”, and it’s “just a graph”

    Why pay for something different? Perhaps Ms. Floyd and Dr. Murphy can explain the EXTRA 4K expenditure and the need for something new, when the old( and currently paid for) isn’t never used ?

  4. Penny Leigh Poe says:

    As a parent of a CCHS student I am very excited about the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Over the past 10 years I have spent an enormous amount of time emailing the respective teachers in order to get updates on my child’s progress, missed assignments, and etc. These teachers went out of their way to provide the necessary information to me and work with my child to help keep her on track, get her back on track, or praise her efforts.

    I have also used the Homework.com website over the years to keep track of homework assignments, and scheduled quizzes and tests. This is a wonderful application if teachers have the time to login to a different system and post assignments. Homework.com seemed to work very well with the middle school teachers but last years experience did not yield great results.

    I will be at Back-to-school night tonight and am excited to hear more about this new process. Anything that our school system does to promote student/parent/teacher coordination and awareness is a plus in my book! We are so lucky to be part of an exceptional, and small public school system where our students still can receive one-on-one assistance if needed, or excel into IB classes and be well on their way to an Associate Degree by high school graduation. I am glad my child is still recognized and known by most of the teachers in the Clarke County System and is not just one of 1500 other students in her class trying to fight to be noticed/recognized, as is the case in some of public school systems just a few miles East of us.

  5. Wow — as a citizen and taxpayer, I’m intrigued by this.
    What would you do differently?

  6. Rightwinger, you suprise me everyday, suddenly you spout off some nonsense about your fellow co-workers….you should consider the witness protection plan. Read any good books lately????