Homecoming Parade Cancelled

Clarke County Public Schools have cancelled the Homecoming Parade scheduled for this evening. A decision was made to cancel the homecoming parade due to impending weather which may include thunderstorms.

The powder puff football game is postponed and rescheduled for Wednesday, October 26 at 7:00 p.m.


  1. Just by strolling through town, you would never know it was homecoming anyway! I think Jane’s Lunch is the only business that has decorated for the occasion. What a pity!

  2. I totally agree. when I went to school in CC, that was the thing during homecoming. All the businesses did it. It was fun to look forward to. Now, I have a business on Main Street and don’t decorate because there is no Homecoming Spirit & don’t want to be the only one doing it. The town sends out stuff to have everyone decorate meters at Christmas but you never hear of any other holidays. I agree….it is a shame. Sponsellers used to decorate & Bank of Clark too. Maybe next year we can bring it all back.

    • Funny…it only takes one to set the example and take a stand. If you don’t, as a downtown business owner, who will?

    • Midwesterner says:

      Maybe you could set a precedent and “do it up” for others to follow (rather than sitting around and bemoaning the state of things). have some backbone and do what you want. Create the Homecoming Spirit!

    • dmaxnjackson says:

      Then be the first to step up, and get this going. After all, you are an alumni of CC

  3. The Bank’s Eagle banner counts as a decoration eh?…and the kids who were to participate (youth football league teams, cheerleaders, scouts, and high school teams, band members and student leaders) still have LOTS of spirit to share! (and lots of candy too… ) I say reschedule! Could happen prior to the rescheduled powder puff game or a home football game…..Our last big community event was the town yard sale (of course the Wendy’s visit was pretty big:)
    It’s always good to get together and see our neighbors – and have something good to talk about!!

  4. Oh yeah. I left out the banner! Sorry! Take a ride down to Strasburg during Homecoming week to see how the community really supports what is taking place with our children and schools during this week. It’s called HomeTown Pride! And we have very little!

  5. Ivan Lambert says:

    Growing up in Berryville 1963-81, Fall Friday nights were often special
    The last 20 years have brought much population growth to Berryville
    Perhaps we are seeing that the Berryville I once knew where most grew up in Clarke Co, is now a place where so many have moved to Berryville from elsewhere.
    Not saying that is a bad thing inherently; in fact new blood brings new ideas, new traditions, new knowledge.
    However, I think we see the downside is that it brings people who are not as emotionally connected through years of childhood experiences in Berryville.
    Perhaps that’s just the way it is.

    Always wishing the best for my ole hometown and the orange and blue!

  6. livein22611 says:

    It’s time the people of Clarke County show their pride! Head out to the football game tonight and CHEER!!! Most in the stands just talk amoungst themselves and pay little attention to the game. Heck, the cheerleaders don’t even know what’s going on in the game. Get out there and shout tonight. CHEER for the football team. Yell Defense! Yell Go Eagles! It’s gonna be a great night for some muddy football. GO EAGLES!!!!!

  7. wewerethere says:

    Well…Boyce Elementary had spirit week this week in honor of CCHS. Today is blue and orange day…the kids were asked to show their support by wearing blue and orange to school. My son and daughter were very excited to show their colors.

    My daughter was supposed to march in the parade yesterday (and we have bags of candy) as a youth cheerleader. She was so disappointed to find that it was canceled. I, myself, was hoping it would be rescheduled.

    It would be nice if the businesses showed their support on Main Street. I would love to see the meters dressed in blue and orange as well. Maybe someday Clarke County will go back to supporting our sports teams and schools.

    • Someday.

      And that day will come when the new residents decide to become part of the community, instead of insisting that the county be redone in the yuppified, landed-gentry lifestyle they left to go rural.