Honor Band Hits a High Note at Shepherd U

By Kathy Twigg

CCHS band musicians traveled to Shepherd University for the 2012 Honor Band yesterday. The Clarke students distinguished themselves grabbing the top chair positions in several categories.

Clarke County High School Screamin' Eagles Band - Photo Edward Leonard

In total, thirteen Clarke County High School students performed at the Shepherd University Honor Band on Monday January 16, 2012.  Clarke ranked in the top four for total number of students selected from the thirty schools representing four states.

Clarke had the distinction of occupying the most first chair positions – six.

Kudos to band director Mark Curry and his team including Greg Abell, Jessica Tavenner, and Dr. Ryan Keebaugh for a job well done in preparing Clarke students to present an outstanding musical performance.

Kathy Twigg is a Clarke County resident and active school and band supporter.


  1. Crocodile Dundee says:

    What an awsome show! What is even more amazing is that they put it all together in two days of rehersals.

  2. Band is really cool. And smart too! What a great asset to our public education system.
    Great job to all of you!

  3. Aly Kerby says:

    Great job to all my peers that went, you guys were great and I’m proud to be in band with you!

  4. A proud time for the band at CCHS. Way to go!!