Horseshoe Curve Helps Fund Fire Department

A lucky horseshoe can come in handy but for the Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department one horseshoe has been a source of much needed help for almost twenty years. The fruits of the labor of many volunteers was shared with the Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department at last months meeting of the Horseshoe Curve Benevolent Association. The charitable organization has been helping to support the local community for many years and last month they presented the funds raised at their annual picnic on June 11th at the Horseshoe Curve Restaurant. Tracee Wink, president of the HSCBA said,” We presented a check from our 19th Fundraiser to the folks from Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue in the amount of $6,802.00.”

The annual event included a huge silent and live auction featuring hundreds of items donated by the local community.   “We auctioned off a Remington Model 870 Wingmaster shotgun that Alina Learned of Berryville won.” said Tracee.

However the event represents much more than a fundraiser. It is an opportunity for the entire community to gather and reconnect. The day was full of live music, comic relief, fire truck rides, and a bake sale of home-made goodies baked by the residents on the mountain. Tracee said “The best thing about this fundraiser is it brings our mountain together. Its always a pleasure to see the same folks who come out every year with their hearts and wallets open.”

Tracee expressed her deep gratitude to everyone who participated in the event,”I would like to thank the many, many folks who made it happen especially the 25 folks who showed up early to set this event up. Its a monster to organize; the tagging of auction items alone takes hours. Many thanks go to all who gave be it money, time or items.”

Tracee is already making plans for next year’s 20th anniversary event. “We are now asking for ideas on how to make next year’s 20th fundraiser bigger than ever. If any one has an idea please email me at”


  1. Many thanks to the Horseshoe Curve Benevolent Association!!