Icy Road Conditions – Route 601 at Route 7

Clarke County motorists are advised to use extreme caution on all roads and paved surfaces this morning. A thin layer of ice is making driving and walking conditions hazardous.

Traffic headed eastbound on Route 7 towards Route 601 is moving very slowly at 7:30am due to icy road conditions. Slow traffic on Route 7 is causing traffic congestion difficulties for westbound Route 7 vehicles attempting to turn south onto Route 601.

Hard surfaces in colder, low areas throughout the county are icy and present a hazard to people walking.

Use caution after leaving home this morning.


  1. I would like to know why VDOT does not treat the Clarke county side of the mountain and treats the Loudoun county side. I traveled on Rt 7 at 5:30 AM and was in the traffic. There was no treatment in Clarke county but when you crossed into Loudoun there was sand and salt.

    • If I had to guess two different VDOT locations are responsible for the mountain. Also isn’t the Clarke County side of the mountain treated with tiny rock pebbles versus sand/salt? Different treatment due to the run off into the river?

  2. I went by shortly after the accident and noticed a car went through the guardrail and one on the left hand side. I hope everyone was alright. Fortunately the accident was early (I passed at 4:45) otherwise it could have been much worse.

  3. Does anyone know what actually happened? A friend of mine went through around 4:10 and there was only one car that spun setting in the middle and someone had pulled over to the right to see if they were ok. I came through around 4:45 or so as well and they had one on a stretcher could not tell if they were alive or not. Hope they were ok.

  4. My husband was the truck that wrecked first (the one your friend saw). He wrecked on the ice and spun into the guardrail around 4am. While he was waiting for police to arrive, a SUV spun out on the same spot of ice and actually went right through the guardrail. He obviously landed in the ditch. My husband said the man was talking, so I assume he was “okay”. However, I’m sure he had many injuries. It was a very bad accident.