“I’m Your Biggest Fan” – Historical Association Unveils New Rotating Exhibit

Thanks to a generous donation from the Clarke County Rotary Club, the  Clarke County Historical Association has put the finishing touch on its  multi-media museum exhibit spanning 300+ years of Clarke County history.  A corner devoted to rotating exhibits was in the original plan for the  major overhaul and installation of the Association’s museum in 2009, but  a lack of funds prevented its completion……until now.

Clarke County Historical Association's new rotating exhibit was made possible with funds from the Rotary Club - Photo courtesy CCHA

With the Rotary’s donation, an exhibit space was installed to allow the  Association to showcase artifacts, photographs, and documents from its  own collection, as well as share the space with other community groups  who may wish to create their own temporary exhibit.   The debut exhibit  features a delicate paper and bamboo fan where 22-year-old Elva Young, a  resident of Berryville, kept a detailed journal of her activities from  1893 to 1895, which included attending a famous play in Berryville, a  Wild West show, the Luray “Cave,” a friend’s wedding, and boating trips  and fishing parties on the Shenandoah.

CCHA vice-president and Museum Committee Chair Doug Bartley found  photographs, posters, and excerpts from local newspapers all related to  the fan’s stories to round out the exhibit.   Though the specific names  and activities are different from today, it demonstrates that we still  enjoy the same things – theatrical performances, a good old-fashioned  fair and horse show, gatherings at the river, and love stories!

‘Our Land Is Our Legacy’ is the over-riding theme of the Association’s  museum and uses artifacts, murals, maps, photographs, and two  audio-visual presentations to tell an informative and inspiring story of  Clarke County history.   The rotating exhibit space will feature new,  smaller exhibits every four to six months.   The museum is located at 32  East Main Street in Berryville and is open Tuesday – Saturday from 11am  to 4pm.   The Association’s archivist, Mary Morris, is available for
research inquires Thursday – Saturday.   Entrance to the museum is free  and donations are always welcome.

For more information, visit  www.clarkehistory.org or call 540.955.2600.

Clarke County Rotary President Yousaf Sheikh presents Clarke County Historical Association Director Jennifer Lee with check to fund museum display improvements - Photo Edward Leonard


  1. I love “Our Land Our Legacyy”. It’s a wonderful film that all CC residents MUST see!

    In particular,; one should pay attention to the narrative ( and sound effects) of the demise of Clarke County post civil war. as it depicts the freedom of the African American slaves that brought prosperity to the county at the time.

    I found that portion of the film offensive to our Black Community.

  2. Jennifer Lee says:

    To Sunny – I’m glad you have visited the museum and I am most interested in any input you and others have about the “Our Land Is Our Legacy” exhibit. Please feel free to e-mail me at ccha@visuallink.com. Thanks for your interest – Jennifer Lee, Exec. Director, Clarke County Historical Association