J.C.Coon – Annual Physical

Did you ever read the children’s book by Laura Numeroff, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”?  The story line is like this, if you give a mouse a cookie, then he wants milk, and then a napkin, then he needs a mirror to see his face to wipe off the milk mouth, etc., etc.,

This is where my story begins.  I went to the doctor for my annual physical.  This year I was feeling a bit ahead of the game.  I had already seen the dentist, the eye doctor, and had a  colonoscopy.

The one thing that completely slipped my mind was my bi-annual mammogram.    So like the mouse in the cookie story there was still one more thing to do. 


I must say that after giving birth to two wonderful children I am torn between which I would put at the top of my least favorite list, birthing babies, a colonoscopy, or a mammogram.

With my physical done, you know the drill, weighing, giving blood, peeing in a cup and checking over all body parts.  Next on my journey was to make an appointment with the radiologist.  My goal was to have all of my medical needs done before spring.  From my car, with my iPhone, I called the radiologist.   They had an opening that week.

Sweet. I take it.

I went to the appointment, was in and out in no time and posted on my FaceBook , Mammogram.


Yeah me!

I spent the whole next day at my at my brother’s leather shop near Sperryville in Rappahannock County.  Believe it our not there are still places that have NO CELL SERVICE.    Once back in the city of Front Royal, my cell phone ‘pinged’ two times alerting me that I had messages.  Like a good safe driver, I pulled into the next parking lot to see who called.  One was from my doctor’s office, and the other was from the radiology lab.

What could that mean?

It was after six o’clock, too late to call back, so I proceed toward home.

On the long one-hour drive home, I pondered, why would I have a call from my doctor’s office and the radiologist?   The nurse at the doctor’s office is also a personal friend and her voice mail said they just had a few questions to ask me.

Really strange message.

The doctor’s office opens at 8:00 AM.  I choose to call them first.

You know how sometimes when you call your doctor’s office and the machine will say press 5 and leave a message and we will get back to you.  Or press 4 to speak to a receptionist.  Often times I just leave a message, but this time I pressed 4.  I was immediately put to the nurse’s station.  My friend, the nurse, said, “They had found something” in my mammogram.


Thank you, dear friend, for being the one to break the news to me.

Gulp. Okay. Let’s get this done. Found Something?

Next, I called the radiologist; they want to do a re-check.  They have an opening the very next day.

Wow, things were moving quite fast.

When I went in for my re-check I did the same procedure as before, but this time they asked me to wait so the doctor could read the x-rays.

Well, there I sat.


Three people behind of me were informed, “You can go home now. Thank you.”

I was still sitting there, waiting, waiting, and waiting.

Finally, the technician came in to inform me, the doctor will see you now.


To be continued…


  1. Clarke County Annie says:

    Have waited with family and friends for the same type of news. Checks and re-checks.

    I will hope and pray for you as I have before with many that, your call back will be negative.
    That you laugh at the scare, feel total relief and yet, still know that you would have had the strength to deal with the possibility of needing to take any future steps.

    Waiting to hear…