J.C. Coon – Free? Really? Not!

Late on Sunday afternoon we stopped by to visit a friend who had recently purchased a piece of property in the far corner of the county.  It was loaded with plants that needed to be divided and transplanted.  She said, “Do you want some?” I said, “Sure”.  Hubby then got the honor of digging and loading them in the truck.  Heading home the discussion turned to comments like, “Where exactly do you plan on putting these ‘free’ plants?” and “ The weekend is over, when do you plan on getting them in the ground?”

Sigh, details, details.

As you can guess, I got caught up in the moment, the joy of spring, and the opportunity to finally turn the dirt, and plant some plants.  For the past weeks we (I) had been discussing,  what exactly I (we) could handle in the garden this year.  Were we going to have a garden at all, or should we just purchase at the Clarke County Farm Market?

Suddenly the minor details became major details.   We have three hours of daylight.  The soil still needed to be turned.  We seriously need to decide where to place our new ‘free’ plants.  What is it they say ‘time and tide, wait for no man’?  These poor plants could not wait long to be reunited with their life giving soil. 

Now mind you, hubby had been preparing for this weekend for the past two months.   He has spent several hours drooling over seed catalogs, made several visits to local hardware stores gathering parts.  Making additions and tweaks to the elaborate system he devised to water all the garden plots with one turn of the faucet.  It is amazing how many gadgets you can attach to a faucet.   Water fountains, off and on switches, quick release connectors to name a few.

Well it was now the moment of truth; time to turn on the faucet to see if all the switches worked according to plan, because we will need to water our ‘free’ plants.

Oh wait, back in the cold of winter we shut off all the outside water faucets.

More details.

Freeze warnings have passed.  We need the water to water our ‘free’ plants.  Time to turn on the outside water faucets.

Usually at planting time we have a house full of family members.  This makes relaying messages like ‘water on’ ‘water off’ easy, as we have several voices stationed at strategic places in and out of the house.  This time it was just the two of us.

What to do with just two?  Well, we did have walkie talkies , we could use those.

Sigh, they need new batteries.

Batteries found.

Frequencies synced.

Now, hubby is ready to venture down into the basement to turn on the water, while I wait outside to turn the water on.  He communicates to me, ‘It’s on, turn the faucet ’.  I tried with all my strength, to turn the handle, but it would not budge.  So I communicate this information back to hubby.   After several exchanges of conversation, hubby emerges from the basement with his tool bag to convince the faucet that winter is over and it is time to go to work.

The elaborate on and off switches finally work.  Water is on, Yeah!

Day light is fading; so in order to save the ‘free’ plants, we place them in make shift pots with some soil and water, fresh from the new elaborate watering system, to await the dawn of another day.

Soil still needs to be turned.

Glad to have friends in the landscaping business.  So much for ‘free’.