J. C. Coon: Love the One You’re With

“Love the One You’re With” is a song out of the ‘70’s by folk rock singer Steven Stills (thanks Wikipedia).  The words to the song have been bouncing around in my head lately… I really did not agree with them, but lately they have had new meaning.

The words I am referring to are:

“If you can’t be with the one you love

Love the one you’re with,

Love the one you’re with.”

My mother recently passed, having lived a full life to the age of 85.  Due to life changes, it was best that she moved away from a community she had called home for the past 42 years.  She moved ten hours away to a lovely home in the mountains of Northern Georgia. Working full time it became difficult to just ‘drop in ‘ to see mom for a visit.  Hence the face to face visits became less and less.

It is with a thankful heart that I extend my gratitude to those who welcomed my mother in her new home.  My mother was well loved and cared for by my sister, her husband and the First Baptist Church of Blairsville.  They took a stranger into their community and their hearts and made her feel loved and welcomed.  It is said, it takes a village to raise a child. Well I must say the same can be said for our aging population.   Be it a ride; a phone call; a meal out; playing a game with them; listening to stories from days gone by; sharing your gifts of drama or music; or giving a few hours of respite care for a primary care giver….or what ever gift you feel led to share.

I think many of us long to be near a beloved parent or grandparent, but due to a variety of situations this is not possible.

At Bluemont UMC we recently lost a dear member.  Getting to Sunday service had become a challenge.  A few dedicated members rose an hour early on Sunday morning to see to it that she was able to attend church.  It’s the little things that help make a difference in someone else’s life and in yours.

I know there are many opportunities in this area to be a blessing and to be blessed.

Look around.  “Who around you is in need of loving care?”

So I guess in this case it okay to say:

“ If you can’t be with the one you love

Love the one you’re with

Love the one you’re with.”

RIP Joanne Virginia Donohue Watson and June Craun


  1. Thank you for this simple reminder. I try to have lunch with my mom once a week, and I so value our special time. Didn’t know your momma but I bet she would of loved your article.

    • J.C.Coon says:

      Glad you can spend time with your mom. My mom was indeed my best encourager (next to Ed and Mike CDN 🙂
      Her obit and photo were in CDN if you want to read more about here. Thanks for sharing