J-WMS Wrestlers Fall to Daniel Morgan

The Johnson-Williams wrestlers traveled to Winchester last night to face Daniel Morgan in the last match up between the two until the NVJL Championship.

Robert Pryor (75 pounds) was the first wrestler on the mat for the Cougars and brought them their first victory; Robert scored a quick takedown against Josh Doberstyn and put him on his back for the most of the first period; Doberstyn had choice in the second period choosing top, he was immediately reversed by Pryor, who got a half nelson and showed Doberstyn the lights, pinning him in the second period.

Jacob Parrott (80 pounds) was up next against Albert Stafford; Jacob quickly brought Stafford to the mat with a takedown, but Stafford slipped out of a hold to gain an escape. Parrott shot in again with a standing cradle and finished the match with a dramatic first period pin as the cougar crowd found their feet and cheered.

Bayne Gordon (85 pounds) was the next J-WMS to take the mat, he scored a takedown right at the starting whistle with a front headlock snap down then let Albert Stafford back up only to take him down again and again; Gordon scored five takedowns in less than 40 seconds, pinning Stafford in a spladle a minute into the first period.

Craig Genda (90 pounds) was up next and got the first takedown and appeared to control his opponent, but Cole Capitano caught him in a reversal and pinned Genda before he had a chance for a comeback.

Eddie Buzalsky was the next Cougar on the mat; Eddie took down Brett Longerbeam and took control of the match from the start, pinning Longerbeam 48 seconds into the match before walking back to the line-up beaming from ear to ear encouraging his teammates, typical of Buzalsky.

The Cougars hit a dry spell in the next four matches until Brian Wallace (130 pounds) met Christian Madden in the center of the circle. Brian battled the noticeable larger Madden to a 5 – 0 first period score. Madden choose top in the second period, but Wallace quickly got the reversal and put Madden on his back, where he pinned him with twelve seconds left in the second period.

The rest of the cougar line-up failed to find their mark and J-WMS fell 30-81 with 46 of those points due to forfeited weight classed. The Cougars are looking forward to their next match against Warren County on the 24 at Skyline high school.

Bayne Gordon hits a Spladle



  1. Tony Parrott says:

    Great Job guys!