Jeff Barnett Campaign Walks the Walk Into Berryville

The underdog Democratic candidate for the 10th congressional district seat marched into Berryville Saturday afternoon, literally arriving on foot.   Jeff Barnett is attempting to defeat the 30 year incumbent candidate Frank Wolf   in the upcoming November election and, to spread the word, his campaign has organized a walk across the entire district from the west end at Gore all the way to the east end in McLean. The journey will cover 80 miles in 6 days and includes stops in 13 towns concluding in McLean on Thursday. Barnett spoke of his mission for this walk saying:

Jeff Barnett campaign meet and greet at the Camino Real in Berryville - Photo Mike Dowling

“As I walk across the district, I’m going to visit the farms, the small businesses, and the communities that make our area such a vibrant and exciting place to live. I’m going to share my vision for Virginia, I’m going to listen to folks’ ideas, and I’m going to try to earn their support. After 30 years of Mr. Wolf, it’s time for a new kind of leadership. It’s time for a Congressman who is engaged in our lives and who understands how his votes impact the economy of our communities. This journey is part of my commitment to bringing that kind of transparent and accountable leadership to our District.”

Saturday’s leg of the trip put Jeff in downtown Berryville where he attended little league football games at Johnson-Williams Middle School and talked with the crowd that was gathered. Later in the day the campaign held a meet and greet at the Camino Real restaurant. There Barnett spoke before a crowd of supporters and people who were curious to learn more about the candidate. Over chips and refried beans Barnett talked about big government, fielding multiple questions about the expanding federal payroll, and characterized his position as, “Not as concerned about the size of the government but more concerned with the results from that government.”

Other topics of discussion included the importance of jobs throughout the 10th district and the challenges facing residents of Clarke County regarding rural broadband. Barnett said, ” You have to have acceptance from the private sector to extend broadband to rural areas. I do not favor the federal government laying down fiber infrastructure. I do favor the private sector doing it. When asked about specifics Barnett said, “Everything is on the table. You have to go to Comcast and Verizon and ask them ‘What’s it going to take?’ Everything is on the table in that discussion including tax incentives and right of way incentives. The bottom line is if you want to change behavior you must change the incentives.”

Barnett has never held a public office, and says he has no intention of being a career politician. When questioned about his views on term limits Barnett answered, “I am going to walk from one end of the district to the other before every race, and if I can’t walk I won’t run. That’s a real term limit for you.”

The walking tour of the district will be in Purcellville on Sunday and moving through Leesburg and Herndon on Monday. For more information visit,

Jeff Barnett and supporters leaving Clarke County, Virginia - Photo Edward Leonard

Campaign March - Jeff Barnett (l) and supporters - Photo Edward Leonard