Josephine Residents Turn Out to Oppose Demolition of Blighted Property

William Woodruff, owner of 23 Josephine Street, pleads his case to the commission - Photo Mike Dowling

Undaunted by a rare earthquake in Virginia, the Berryville Planning Commission held their scheduled meeting Tuesday evening focusing on spot blight abatement in the town. However, the effort to rid the town of persistent eyesores ran headlong into the residents of Josephine Street. More than twenty residents attended the meeting and a half-dozen speakers stood before the commission to voice their opposition to the proposed demolition of the property at 23 Josephine Street.

Spurred by complaints the Town Manager, Keith Dalton had previously identified several properties throughout the town as being blighted. The town has ordinances in place that dictate a process for spot blight abatement and properties identified as blighted have all fallen into various positions in the town’s abatement plans. While other properties throughout the town are in preliminary stages for blight abatement, the property at 23 Josephine Street is the first property that is being considered for demolition.

Before the Public Hearing began Planning Commission Chair, Doug Schaffer recused himself from the proceedings because he had bid against the current owner of 23 Josephine Street when it was sold at auction six years ago. Vice-chair Robert Ferrebee took charge of the proceedings in Mr Schaffer’s absence.

Keith Dalton addressed the commission before the public hearing and summarized the process and where the Josephine Street property stands in that process. “Once a property is identified as being blighted , a letter is sent out to the property owner and the owner is given 30 days to come up with an abatement plan for the property. If that abatement plan does not meet what the Town Manager believes will addresses the spot blight, the town manager will then create an abatement plan and submit it to the planning commission   at which point the planning commission will hold a public hearing on the matter. Mr Woodruff did not respond to that letter.”

At the previous meeting, the town manger told the commission that his plan for blight abatement at the property would be to demolish the structures.

Kenneth D. Liggins addresses the Planning Commission - Photo Mike Dowling

At the meeting Tuesday night , the residents of Josephine Street took the opportunity to speak and voiced their unanimous protest to the plan. The core issues that arose from the comments were accusations of injustice and a bias as to the selection of properties identified for spot blight abatement. Mr Woodruff’s brother, Minister Charles Woodruff complained that there were a number of properties on Josephine Street   that are in far worse shape than his brother’s property. “Why was this property singled out?” Other speakers referenced properties throughout the town that they considered to   be in worse condition that had not been identified as blighted. Kenneth Liggins addressed the commission representing the Josephine Street Improvement Association and presented a letter to the commission signed by the residents of Josephine street that said the residents do not want anything done to the property until such time as the town takes action to repair the sidewalks on Josephine Street. Mr Liggins said, “That is blighted property also and the community at large uses the sidewalk more so than they do Mr Woodruff’s property.”

Residents also said the actions were an injustice that would force the owner to spend money on the property at a time when the entire community was suffering as a result of a depressed economy. The owner of the property, Mr Woodruff, told the council of the extensive efforts he has made to keep the property in order and said, “I’m trying to get it fixed up but with the economy at this time the banks are not letting anyone borrow any money. If I could get it fixed up I would fix it up.”

James Payne who resides at 213 Josephine Street took issue with the town’s actions saying:

The only time Town Council is coming on Josephine Street is to find something wrong. Economic times that we are facing right now, and we are talking about knocking down someone’s house. They are paying a mortgage and then we will turn around and tell them they are going to have to pay for taking away the debris and all that. It will force this man to push his finances and his home into foreclosure in order to pay for this action. Those things are an injustice no matter how you look at them, and no matter how you want to work around it, it is an injustice to this man who bought a house, who bought property that he could lose either by foreclosure or by not being able to pay the town for demolition.

Roland Clarke also addressed the council on behalf of the community and suggested that the application of the blight abatement policy was not being used fairly saying, “I had to look at a blighted barn that sat there for years. Nobody mentioned anything about tearing it down.” He appealed for the commission to take a step back in the process and give the property owner more time. “I would ask that you all seriously consider what has been said here tonight. I don’t know what the outcome will be but I know they (referring to the residents of Josephine Street) are not going to just stop at one meeting to try to get their point across.”

Public notices on the property at 23 Josephine Street - Photo Mike Dowling

After several more comments the hearing and the public comment portion of the meeting were closed and the commission began to discuss the property with the owner. Comments continued to pour in from the audience and Vice Chair Robert Ferrebee extended a great deal of latitude allowing the comments to continue throughout the session.

The commission members asked Mr Woodruff what his plans are for the property and he expressed a desire to renovate. Questions were raised as to whether the property could be renovated. Commission member  Linda Canterbury asked whether an engineer had been consulted. Mr Woodruff said he had not.

Battling back a stream of comments and interruptions from the audience, Vice-Chair Robert Ferrebee began to forge a plan. “”I am not looking for us to act tonight to come in and tear your property down. Can you give us a plan that will show you what you are going to do with a reasonable timeline within 90 days?”

Mr Woodruff seemed agreeable to the proposed solution.

Linda Canterbury said, “I would like to see a timeline for work sessions with someone from the planning office to help discuss what needs to be done to the property so that you can put together a plan. I don’t want to see this go to the Town Council yet. I think the community has enough interest in trying to come up with a solution.”

The commission agreed and a motion was put forth to allow Mr Woodruff to work with the community and the Town Planner to develop an abatement plan within 90 days to be presented at the November 22 meeting.

The motion was passed unanimously. The Planning Commission will table the issue and forward their recommendation to the Town Council after their November meeting.




  1. I’m willing to bet that some residents of Josephine Street turned in this house as an eyesore, causing the recent actions by the Planning Commission. If what Mr. Payne says is true (“…The only time Town Council is coming on Josephine Street is to find something wrong…”) then somebody had to have reported it within the community. Look at a map of Berryville. There is only 1 entrance/exit to Josephine Street, which is S. Church Street. Unless you live there or have friends or family that live there, there’s really no other reason to be on that street. No access to other roads.

    Bottome line, somebody on Josephine Street is more than likely the person who called about the property.

    • For the first time in years I for one drove down Josephine to see “the neighborhood” water tower which turned out to be no where near the neighborhood. Far away in the industrial park and not visible but only to a few select properties on that street and visible from many other streets in town including Main Street and no one else asked for the money from the tower lease. The way I see it, the GREED shown by Mr. Liggins and the NAACP’s involvement in requesting the money from the tower lease brought this neighborhood to my attention. I am sure it did to others.

  2. Concerned Townie says:

    If the Town wants to look at Blighted Properties, it needs to look no farther than the Berryville Service Center. This comment is not meant to slam or slander this gentleman’s business, however it is intended to inform the public of this situation. The BSC has acquired numerous cars/trucks over the past few years and looks like a junkyard on the way into town. I know this has been addressed with the owner on several occasions, as I have even mentioned this to him. But to no avail. Why are there trucks parked on this lot that have never been fixed? Is this lot being used for storage? Why is his Gas always 45 to 50 cents higher than everyone else? I know he is the owner and can set his own prices, but at what point is it termed price gouging? Does anyone else feel the same way?

    • Rice St. Resident says:

      While I partially agree with this comment, I would at least like to commend the fact that there have been great strides made with this property in the past 2-3 months. Many cars have been removed, and you can actually see the entirety of the house that sits behind the BSC.

      I hope that the cleanup continues, it seems to have slowed up, and the vehicles on the right side are still a bit of an eyesore, but it is certainly improved over what it was a few months ago.

      • Looks like this guy at the BSC did just enough to get the town off his back, then went back to his old ways! Is there something wrong with all the cars that have been sitting there for that long? Why take in cars and trucks for repair if you have 100 already on the lot? Fix whats there first, then take more in…..

    • livein22611 says:

      The owner of BSC has asked the town to allow him to demolish the shack/house behind the property to put a garage and storage area in the back and away from Buckmarsh. Guess what the town said??? NO. So contact your mayor (redacted) and town manager, and tell them to let this man do what he needs to clean that place up. How many times can the town shoot itself in the foot?? And I asked about the gas prices and it is an old contract signed by the previous owner with the supplier.
      *And yes, I’m defending this guy ’cause the town has treated him poorly and he’s really good at fixing our cars.

      • How about if he WANTS to clean the place up, get rid of the vehicles that have been sitting there for 3 yrs now…. I mean whats the point of letting them just sit there? Defend him all you want, but the facts remain. And a contract from the previous owner to sell gas for more than 50cents than anyone else, PLEASE…. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid…..

      • Concerned Townie says:

        How has the town treated this guy poorly? By trying to get him to fix the place up, rather than letting it fall to pieces… So the guy can fix a car, does that give him the right to never mow his grass or to let the whole lot be used for old cars and trucks???? Why would the town sign off on letting him demolish the house behind the shop, he can’t keep what he has now clean and up to par? If that was back there it would be 100 times worse…..

      • So he’s good at fixin your cars is that any reason to let him get away with building on to the “eyesore” that he has started since way back. Get real! They need to tear down that whole corner if you ask me and put a McDonald’s there!!

        • Naked truth says:

          Yeah beacuse people want a McDonalds smack dab in their neighborhood. This service station has less car on his property than Big daddy does. Why are you not complaining about that. In and Out repair station is in a commercial zone anyway. BSC is in my neighborhood and I do not have an issue with the way he runs his busisness. His place is not blight, obviously you do not know the definition. Also it is time to quit using different user names to attack this man.

          • Concerned Townie says:

            Wow! Just because you support the way his business looks Naked Truth, doesn’t mean others do…. Pretty crazy suggestion that people are changing their user names to do so….. Why don’t you head on over to the BSC and go for a ride in the Red Land Rover that’s been there for 3 yrs. Or maybe in one of the 2 Box Trucks that block peoples view of the street. Some people…… You must live on Rice Street where some of the houses there are practically falling over………….

          • B-Ville Native says:

            Not even close in comparison to Big Daddy’s! While your out today, do a count and get back to me on the numbers. I’d say it is a 2:1 ratio in the number of cars on the lots.

    • I have to agree with “concerned townie” the berryville service center is ATROCIOUS there are cars and trucks sitting there that have been there for a couple of years i know. Why is he allowed to keep those vehicles there for that amount of time? The price of his gas is what you would consider “price gouging” and i myself would WALK before i would pay his gas price.Both of these situations are ridiculous and if this property isn’t “blighted” i don’t know what is.

  3. Simple – how much did he pay at auction for the property? What is it worth today as it sits? I seriously doubt if there is a normal mortgage on a shack in that condition. It was bad when he bought it but it has gotten much worse. Banks will not lend on a home in that condition unless it is for rehab purposes. Those loans have time tables for repair and it appears that all he has done is nail up a few boards over the windows. I am sure rehab funds are available from multiple sources, if he really tried.

    Can Mr. Woodruff produce ANY loan or grant applications that he has submitted? Can he produce ANY loan denials for the funds he has “tried” to obtain? If he has good credit and is not living above his means, he, and anyone else, can get a good loan. It is actually the best time in recent memory to get a loan. Banks, just like ours very own Bank of Clarke and BB&T, are actually lending money and mortgages. That is what they do!!

    That shack is NOT a home and it is a danger to the area and is a haven for less-desirables and varmints and should be immediately fixed (started in 24 hours and completed in 6 months) or torn down and if he can’t afford it the town places a lien on the land. So should the others not just on Josephine Street (but I can see at least 3 or 4 more there that need immediate action) but the one on Liberty that the front porch fell off AND the overgrown dump on East Main with the junk cars sitting around it. Get it straight and take some homeowner pride or tear it down and mow the grass.

    THANKS to the town for doing something, even if it is lip service. If it will make slack owners act, have at it. Before you replace sidewalks on Josephene St, it would be great to give those without ANY at all, like East Main, some sidewalks. That is a primary road and Josephene is not.

  4. Fly Swatter says:

    Banks aren’t going to change their lending policies over the next 90 days. Concerned citizens (in sharp suits) should work with the owner to come up with a plan to fix the place up. Or….are concerned citizens really just using this forum as an opportunity to voice displeasure at perceived targeting?

  5. Habitat fan says:

    This sounds like a job for Habitat for Humanity (a great neighbor helping neighbor organiztion) sweat equity required. They can be reached at or 540-955-1706. The local Help with Housing organization has a wait list of 80 projects so this could take a while but their # is 540-955-1706.
    How could a neighbor help Mr. Woodruff if they wanted to? Are barn raisings allowed in Berryville?

    • Habitat for Humanity builds homes for families who cannot afford a home. They don’t do it for real estate speculators/landlords. Perhaps Mr. Woodruff would consider donating the land to Habitat for Humanity and allowing them to build another home for a deserving Clarke County family who has none?

    • Woodruff has owned this home for almost 6 years. Somebody told be he lives elsewhere. HE has let this structure willingly erode away since he bought it. Homes do that very fast when not temperature controlled. Besides, doesn’t this lot have two houses on it? The former “for sale” ad said there is a 4 bedroom 1 bath additional structure on the lot. And there looks to be two different tax bills for one address.

      I could be wrong but if the owner was able to purchase this at auction, especially while having competing bidders which is why the chair excused himself from the proceedings, he must have had immediate cash as most auction terms call for. Not a mortgage. Therefor Habitat won’t get involved. It is an abandoned former home not an occupied one. And apparently he rents the second home that is on the lot. So it is an investment property. He may be able to DONATE it to Habitat and it be rebuilt and given to a new owner.

      It was for sale with a realtor until 2000. I think the last price was $78,000. There are photos of the house back then and it looks respectable. Ads said it “needs work” and it was no where near as dilapidated like what it is today. I think the auction was in 2006.

      What has he done to improve the security of that house. What improvements he has done to it in the last 6 years. Windows can be as cheap as $50 each. And a 12 foot long facia board is what, $20. So to make it LOOK decent it can be done cheap. But he has ignored it too long for just a band aide.

  6. Rice St. Resident says:

    I drove down Josephine Street to see just which property was the one in question. I actually had to get on my phone and look up the street number, because there were several houses on that street that are close/the same/worse condition as the one referenced.

    I think the town should absolutely continue focus on blighted properties and abatement, however, I would like to see a constructive criteria for identifying these houses, and a criteria set for moving forward. Then NOT deviating from these set criteria.

    I realize that this house on Josephine Street is attempting to set precedence. Maybe it isn’t the best house to use to set that precedence…

    • Liberty Street resident says:

      Yes, it isn’t the town’s policies that are lacking, but speaking of precedence; common sense should have prevailed on this one. I’d like to not have to walk in the street on Liberty to avoid the property with the porch falling toward the road. There is of course the structure on First Street near the track that someone started to remove. I love dodging the debris that flies into the road whenever it’s windy. I drive down Josephine fairly regularly to the Johnson Williams complex. There hasn’t been one time that 23 Josephine posed a hazard to walking or driving.

      • Naked truth says:

        Stop fooling yourself. Both of the houses you mention are beyond repair, period. It’s not all about if you are hit by flying debris. I’m sure Woodruff bought the Josephine property with the intention of fixing it up and turning a profit. I also think reality set in because he let the property get so bad. He wouldn’t have sat on this for six years and left this house to rot. The town had to step in and force him to clean up the lot. The windows are boarded up and the roof is falling. I’m sure there are animals inside. The structure does not seem safe and there is not a quick fix. I wouldn’t be surprised if Enders isn’t called there soon. These two houses would be money pits to restore to habitable conditions. It would be more cost effective for the owner to demolish anyway. I think it all comes down to the Josephine crowd not wanting the town to enforce policy. I do not think the decision for blight is unjust. [redacted] It’s not about the town “taking” more from that community.
        The First Street buildings have been falling apart years ago and should have been demolished. Why were they allowed to stay in that condition? And what about the other two or three houses on Josephine Street? If the structures are unsafe they need to come down. And why would the people of Josephine Street want to live beside and look at these houses in the shape they are in? I wouldn’t want these in my neighborhood, where my children play and my property value declines.

        • I don’t know about the property on Liberty Street, perhaps I’ll take a look this weekend. Is it occupied?

          Perhaps the Town is taking the approach of targeting unoccupied properties first? Just a hunch, but going after the owners of an occupied house for abatement in these tough times is a PR nightmare.

          • Rice St. Resident says:

            No, definitely not occupied, but it seems they are addressing it (i just read the other article posted)

  7. livein22611 says:

    What about the building on Main Street that you can see through. Looks like they tried to do something but that thing could fall down anytime. And Liberty Street. The earthquake should have finished that thing off. Stop stalling and get to work Town of Berryville. Lots of lip action but we want results.

  8. SCOTT MARTZ says:

    I am Scott Martz,the owner of Berryville Service Center and I would appreciate that if you have any complaints about my business that you would call me and address your complaints to me personally instead of complaining anonymously. 540-955-3149.

    • Scott runs a great shop and bends over backwards to help you if you need something done in a hurry. I am sure that all of you naysayers have perfectly clean garages and properties, that can be inspected by everyone driving into town on 340?

      Let him keep running his business the way it is, he has the right to run it in such a way to be successful.

      And for the gas prices, he’s obviously not in the gas business to make a profit because he makes bank on his service center. In order to even remotely break even on the amount of gas he purchases, he of course has to charge more than the 7-11’s. Do you think his couple of pumps are actually pumping as much as the 7-11’s? I don’t buy my gas there because as a consumer, I have a choice. But I do know where to take my car when it needs service.

      So contact Scott directly and voice your displeasure. I will voice mine by continuing to call upon him when needed.

    • B-Ville Native says:

      I think it is okay for people to voice their concerns about your service station. It is an eye sore and a lot of those vehicles have sat in that parking lot for 6 months! That station never looked like that when Ben Settle or Bobby Fiddler owned it, they ran the same business that you are! I’m not sure why anyone would buy gas there anyway, you can’t get in and off the lot in a safe manner. I think all the people are asking is to clean your act up a little!

      • Naked truth says:

        This article is about blighted houses. This business that you seem to have a vendetta with is not in blight. It may have more vehicles around the building than you would like to see but it is not a junkyard either. I have lived up the street for 10 years and the place has always look the same. I don’t like his prices for gas, so I don’t buy there. There are other places in town to buy gas, he is not the only one. I have heard good things about his repair business, but again he is not the only repair shop in town. His building is in no way in comparison to the house on Josephine st. I think it is unfair of you to point him out on this story.

        • B-Ville Native says:

          There is not another repair shop in town that looks the way his does! (Big Daddy, In & Out) Like previously stated, he has cars that have been parked on that lot for well over 6 months. And then the overflow of his lot runs over into the yard of the house behind the shop and across the street. Naked Truth, you have obviously only been around since his ownership of this business, because like I stated earlier, the other owners took pride in the way their shop looked! This owner obviously doesn’t!

    • Clarification needed says:

      Mr. Martz,

      Since obviously you took the time out to respond, how about explaining why your business looks as bad as it does? Not trying to be rude or anything, just wanting an explanation. As people have stated, you may be a great mechanic and do awesome work, but that doesn’t justify letting the property look the way it does…..

      • DAWN PRICE says:


        • Roscoe Evans says:

          Everybody, I think, is “afraid” of a hysterical response, like yours, perhaps. BTW, landblasting is impermissible.

  9. SCOTT MARTZ says:

    I dont know how this article seemed to turn into a discussion about MY business but once again we have people making anonymous complaints.You can call me and I would be happy to address your concerns but maybe this will help to clear things up for some. As for the vehicles that sit here for months at a time let me ask you what you would do if someone owed you $500.00 or more for fixing their car? Would you let them take the vehicle without paying for it??? Times are tough for everybody and sometimes they dont have the money that they used to and it takes them time to pay their bills. I have let cars go without being paid in the past and then I am out of the money and it sometimes takes legal action for me to get paid which can get expensive. Some people also dont have the money to fix their cars and the cars will sit here for a few weeks or months for them to save the money for the repairs. As for the gas..there is a signed contract that I have with Quarles that I had take when I bought the place. There have been management problems within Quarles (which was evident when they had to sell all of the Q-stops to 7-11) and they have been a very hard company to deal with. I am hoping by that they can get things straightened out so we can start selling gas again at reasonable prices. But until then… the gas prices will have to stay the 20 to 30 cents higher than everbody else. We dont make any money off selling gas and if the pumps were gone it wouln`t effect my business at all. As for comparing me to the past owners business there is no comparison. We do alot of work that nobody else in the area can do.There are not many shops that do engine repairs,transmission overhauls, air conditioning work, or electrical & drivability diagnostics. I have been an ASE mastertech since 1992 and have taken alot of classes & training and do alot of work that other people can not. This building and property are also not paid for and I do not have the luxury to sit around on a bench in front of the shop waiting for someone to come in so we can pump their gas. We have families to support and bills to pay. We work on over 160 cars a month on average and sometimes parts are hard to get and people are slow on paying their bills so cars will sit around a little longer than a shop that does nothing but oil changes and small repairs. Im am sorry that it offends some people by the number of cars that are on the lot sometimes.But I am not going to stop servicing all of our customers or let one of my employees go to slow things down. This area needs a full service shop that can do those kinds of repairs. We will try to keep the area as clean as possible but sometimes it is hard when running a busy shop. So please…if this does not help then call me at 955-3149 and we can talk about your concerns.Thanks!

    • And now we’ve heard “the rest of the story”. Thank you Scott, for clearing that up. And good luck.

    • B-Ville Native says:

      Thank you for your response; however it’s still not acceptable to have the visuals of a junkyard at the end of Walnut St.

      • dmaxnjackson says:

        But run down houses are? You make no sense at all.

        • B-Ville Native says:

          Not for those either! I take pride in the way my home appears to others. I wish other did too! This town would look a lot better. Even the homes that people live in are blighted around this town. I guess a lot of people just hope that there house is still standing when that 30 year mortgage is up?

  10. dmaxnjackson says:

    Way to go Scott. Never been to your station before,been by there. It looks like you are doing a whale of a business. Atleast you are working, and not just sitting back getting a check from uncle sam. If I need help, You will be the first I go to.

  11. Concerned Townie says:

    I agree with B-Villle native! Nobody is saying that he isn’t doing great work Dawn. Just stating the facts that the place looks rough. Why does that make anyone mad?

    • DAWN PRICE says:


      • Concerned Townie says:

        Small Town people shouldn’t have too Dawn. It should be COMMON SENSE! And he has been given a hard time because its justified. COMMON SENSE…… I also think the Town has given him ample opportunites to fix and address this, so there is your PSSS, Would you mind…

    • CCHS Parent says:

      So why isn’t anyone saying anything about Big Daddy? His place has all kinds of cars sitting there too!! Some of them have been there for YEARS. Always something to complain about!! I know I would go to Scott before I went anywhere else!! Great job Scott!!

  12. B-Ville Native says:

    Let’s pretend his lot was at the entrance of the Hermitage, do you think it would look like this? Don’t think so!

    • DAWN PRICE says:


  13. A busy service station must mean this place has repeat customers. And a cool headed response by the owner to comments totally unrelated to the article on blighted properties. I’ve been looking for a good, honest car repair shop. This might turn out to be good advertising for this business.
    btw – i’ve been by this shop and didn’t think it was an eyesore given the nature of the business.

    • Tammy Lanham says:

      WOW what a wacky dialogue! I blame this all on IRENE!….. too many of us sitting at home with nothing better to do (such nasty weather outside eh?)

      So I too will ponder… I sit here in a safe home with a decent roof over my head. I totally agree with Habitat Fan and Right Winger. Community members coming together to build a decent place for those in need (on an unwanted site) is a fabulous idea! And community members do come together around here, for Habitat projects and clothing banks and food drives (wasn’t too long ago we helped a long-time resident with a roof problem on Liberty street).

      And Liberty Street resident is right too, the town policies are not lacking- my gosh, there has to be regulations in any civilized community. As Do Tell specifically mentioned, vacant shacks do present a health hazard to the community and something has to be done. For whatever reason, Mr. Woodruff has not kept up with the property (does he even live in our community?) and attempts have been made by the town to remedy the situation. And as the article states, several properties have been identified and are part of the blight abatement process (ie: Mr. Woodruff has not been singled out).

      But I DO NOT Agree with” Concerned Townie” and “2 birish 2” – McDonald’s, really??? In your opinion an “eyesore” is such a problem for the community? Geez. Such harsh words for a local successful businessman who has a positive work ethic and great local reputation – just ask your neighbors! So what if gas prices are high- REALLY, big whoop. Scott’s helped me with a flat tire when other shops were too busy (and had no room ironically), my parents trust him completely and I think it’s a terrific idea to give his shop LOTS OF ADVERTISING!!!!!


      p.s. dear Roscoe, Dawn is not hysterical at all, just likes to type in all caps- she is a terrific neighbor/citizen/businessowner/sports volunteer/mom and overall person!

      I’m actually glad our neighbors in Clarke are indeed concerned about our little community and have time to be “involved” — let’s choose our battles though. Some issues deserve more attention than others:)

      • DAWN PRICE says:


    • To debp: If you’re truly looking for a good, honest car repair shop, this is the one to try! I’ve always been pleased with the level of service I’ve received.

  14. He may be doing a “whale” of a business but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that the place has become an eyesore over the years! I say tear the whole damned corner down and build a McDonald’s there! He charges an arm and a leg for his services anyway!!

  15. Matt Callis says:

    McDonald’s…..really? Cause thats what we need in town.

  16. B-Ville Native says:

    It would be nice to have, since I had to drive my 3 kids to Boyce on Saturday morning for McMuffins!

    • Mr Mister says:

      A lot of things would be nice to have. It’s not about me either. I MADE my kid pancakes for breakfast, BTW. Food Lion sells eggs, muffins and cheese. Give it a try.

  17. You citizens crack me up. We have no place in town/county to buy a decent pair of shoes or a suit of clothes. One understocked/overpriced grocery store. More then likely a new school that will be to small within 5 years. How many of the working folks on this comment board have to leave Clarke County to earn a decent wage? Because there is no where to work in Clarke that fits your skill set. But you can set around and bad mouth folks that have found a way to survive and earn a living and provide a service in this poorley governed county. Turn the negitive energy aimed at those folks into postive energy to make changes at the top and maybe just maybe things will change.