Kids Voting Mirrors Adults Except…

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of volunteers and civic organizations in our area children in Clarke County were able to once again participate in Kids Voting USA. This national effort to educate young people about the voting process allows them to go to the polls with a parent or guardian and vote at the Kids Voting booth and cast their votes on the same issues as the adults.

In Clarke County, Kids Voting mirrored the official election results with one exception. In the School Board Race for the Berryville District, kids chose incumbent candidate Jennifer Welliver over James Brinkmeier 47-40. Mr. Brinkmeier won the seat in the official election results.

The program is made possible through partnerships with organizations like the Helping Hands of Clarke County, the VFW and Ladies Auxiliary, the American Legion, the Lions Club as well as student volunteers each election day.

Clarke County Kids Voting Results:


  1. Laura Bohall says:

    Are the Kids Vote results listed any where that reflect student participation from each school in Clarke County?