Kincannon Thanks Community for Barns of Rose Hill Support

Saturday, July 10, marked an important event in the life of the grass-roots campaign to restore the two barns in Berryville’s Rose Hill Park for a life of public service as a center for community, arts and education. Rain clouds cleared away, allowing blue sky and sunshine to brighten the groundbreaking ceremony as more than 50 people gathered to celebrate the occasion.

I’d like to thank Delegate Joe May, Mayor Wilson Kirby, and Supervisor Michael Hobert for offering their congratulations. I was grateful for their participation, and for the opportunity that morning to thank those who made the day possible—our fine Board, the many volunteers who have served and the nearly 1,000 people, businesses, foundations and public offices who have contributed over the nearly six years of our capital campaign.

While it wasn’t possible for me to thank everyone individually in my remarks, we were pleased to recognize every contributor by name in a series of printed posters, appropriately attached to the front wall of the large barn Saturday morning; in this way, everyone who made the day possible was there with us.

There is a person to whom I’d like to give a special word of thanks here, and that is Miss

Alexandra McKay, for the countless hours she has put in as our intern over the last year. With unfailing energy, flexibility and technical wizardry she has contributed to every aspect of the Barns project, from grants research to graphic arts to event promotions and our auction gala.   Thank you, Alex—you are a treasure. Some lucky employer will find you soon. Then what will we do?

As anyone who works with a non-profit organization knows, much relies on the generosity of volunteers. We could not have succeeded in the Barns campaign were it not for the great good will and gifts of time and talent of so many. Tracy Anderson, Diane Harrison, Sandy and Mike Masquith, and John and Linda Matticks have been particularly supportive.   George Dellinger, Wayne Armbrust and Stan Kerns on our Building Committee have our profound thanks, and I offer my deep gratitude to our volunteer board of directors, whose dedication, judgment and generosity have won the day.

Building will get under way soon, and in 12 to 15 months we will be able to celebrate the grand opening of the new 7600-square-foot Barns of Rose Hill Center for Community, Arts and Education.


  1. Lonnie Bishop says:

    Thank you, Diana Kincannon, for all of your tireless leadership, visibility, and willingness to stick with this project. Here’s to a great asset to our community, and to those who work to see it come to be.