Kiser’s Extra Effort Makes a Difference for Algebra Students

“At 211 degrees water gets hot,” Clarke County Superintendent Dr. Michael Murphy told the audience at Monday’s Clarke County School Board meeting. “But add just a single degree and water boils to produce steam. And with steam you can power a locomotive. Andy Kiser is the kind of employee that always gives that extra one degree that means so much.”

Dr. Michael Murphy (r) congratulates Andy Kiser for being "212 Employee" - Photo Edward Leonard

Murphy and the School Board honored Kiser as a “212 Employee” for his dedication in many areas -not the least of which is Clarke County’s tradition of extraordinary musical productions – and for his volunteer effort over the summer to repair over sixty Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 textbooks from the high school inventory.

Murphy said the math books that Kiser rejuvenated are  heavy  books. The normal daily wear and tear that the books receive demands annual maintenance and repair in order to keep the texts usable for future students.

Murphy said Kiser heard about the need to repair the books and then volunteered- spending approximately 40 hours of his own time to do the repairs without any compensation for his effort.

“Clarke County Public Schools, and especially the Clarke County High School Math Department, would like to recognize the special work that Mr. Andy Kiser provided to the Division over the summer,” Murphy said. “Andy’s extra effort and attention – the primary fundamentals that feed everything else –  remind us that the small things can have a big impact on results. Math teachers at Clarke County High School  are VERY GRATEFUL to Andy for his service and for saving the school division thousands of dollars as many these books would have needed to be replaced over the summer.”

Murphy said that many of the books have been in use at Clarke County Public Schools since 2005.

“When you need to get something done in the Clarke County Public Schools you can always count on Mr. Kiser,” Murphy said.


  1. Longtime Berryville resident says:

    Thank you Mr. Kiser.

  2. Congratulations and way to go Mr. Kiser.

  3. Mr. Kiser………..thanks for all your time and effort!

  4. Thank you Mr. Kiser for repairing Algebra books. Your yearly musical productions are enriching for both the student performers and the community. Thank you for your drama leadership and good work at JWMS library.