Late Morning Crash on Route 7 Closes Eastbound Lanes

A single vehicle accident closed the eastbound lanes of Route 7 late this morning and injured the driver of the vehicle.


The accident occurred   at 10:00AM approximately one tenth of a mile from Route 340. Alexis Smith of McLean Virginia was traveling westbound on Route 7 when she ran off the road into the median . Upon leaving the roadway she over corrected and lost control of the vehicle spinning across the median and came to rest in the eastbound traffic lanes. Traffic was halted on the eastbound lanes for approximately 30 minutes .


Alexis Smith was taken to Winchester Medical Center for treatment.


Smith was charged with reckless driving.


The crash was investigated by Trooper J.F. Williams.


Aerial photographs of the accident scene courtesy of Bonnie Jacobs


  1. Richie Blick says:

    Great shot from the air! Seems like CDL is going big-time with chopper coverage. Thankfully no one was hurt or killed.

  2. Richie Blick says:

    looks like they have the west/east mixed up. That looks like the Byrd farm on the top right and Trapp Hill Rd. She must have been traveling eastbound, crossed into westbound lanes, then back through the median and the car came to rest on the eastbound lanes. Sorry Mike Dowling.

    CDN: Accident information was provided by the Virginia State Police, however what may be confusing in the photo are the tracks in the median left by emergency vehicles. The accident victim was traveling westbound and her tracks can be seen at the very bottom of the image next to the Virginia State Trooper’s vehicle where she crossed from westbound to eastbound traffic lanes.

    • It’s very clear from the lower right hand side of the pic that her brake marks begin on the Westbound side. Great photo coverage.

  3. WOW !!!!!!!!!!

    you can really see the tracks she made in the roadway and the median from up near the white truck at the 340 overpass and then across 7 Westbound and then back over to 7 Eastbound. Quite the distance as well.

    She must have been driving EXCEEDINGLY fast to have made such visible “damage” to the road and she’s fortunate to have not had something fatal happen to her or someone else.

    I am very glad to read that this ended only with a wreck and not something worse.

  4. Bocephus says:

    Now if they can charge the “engineers” that set up the useless/ineffective stoplights on 340 heading out of town. The installation and sequencing of those lights ought to cost somebody their job.

  5. Birdonawire says:

    The aerial shots are awesome! Cool beans!