Letter to Editor – Carnival Not Honoring Wristbands

I, along with many parents I know, stood in line on Monday to purchase the $20 wristband for my child to Ride All Night at the carnival.  Many of the parents had 3 or more children, so they were shelling out $60+ bucks for a night of entertainment.  That money is hard to come by during these hard times, but is a good bargain for families with children, because it allows the kids to ride all they want and limits the amount a parent has to pay.

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After getting parked and inside, we were ready to ride at approximately 6:30pm.  My son got on his first ride, and before it could start, he had to get off because the carnival was shutting down because of the approaching storm.  The lightning was very severe and I agree that the metal rides were the last place we should be.  We waited as long as we could, but it seemed the storm wanted to simply hang over Berryville and take its time moving out.

As we were leaving, I asked if we would be able to use the wristbands on another night and were told “Nope, cant do it”.  I found that a bit unsettling, but was told there was “nothing we can do”.  Really?  You are physically unable to honor the price paid by many parents and allow them to come back another night and use the wristband that they paid hard earned money for?  Why could you not honor them another night?  Its not like it takes a bunch of computer reprogramming or anything like that.  Simply let those who kept their wristbands use them on another predetermined night before the carnival leaves.
I really feel this is an issue that someone with the Fair Committee should get involved in and see if there is a way this can be worked out amicably for all parties involved.  We, the residents of Clarke County, paid money for our children to ride, and the carnival is not allowing us to do that on another night.  I agree the storm was no fault of anyone, but the carnival will not lose money by honoring them another night.  In fact, they made a boat load of money tonight, and got off early, and spent less labor and power to run the rides.

Is there anyone in authority out there who cares enough to try and find a solution for this matter?  Does anyone have any power or persuasion to talk to someone in charge at the carnival?

I would hate to think that the many Clarke County families that went to the carnival tonight are going to have to tell their children that they cant go back again because they simply cant afford it.

Lori Forester
Berryville, VA


  1. ClarkeCoFairRep says:

    We understand your concern and of course, the storm did put a big damper on last night’s fair activities. However, the Carnival rides did re-open after the storm (about 8:30 pm) and ran until 11 pm which is a little later than usual to appease the folks who had the armbands.

    We wish we could control the weather, but we can’t. And just like any outdoor event, there is notice on the Ticket booths that there are “no refunds if weather related”.

    This coming Thursday is another Ride-All-Night armband night. Hopefully the weather will be clear so that all folks can enjoy the fair.

    • CLARKE EAGLE says:

      Well the weather for Thursday includes Thunderstorms.

      It sounds like everyone should avoid buying these wristbands Thursday. Probably best to avoid the rides altogether.

    • Nice fair, but terrible pr.

    • BlossomButt says:

      The fact that the carnival reopened at 8:30pm is all well and good, but we got there at 6:30 and the storm and lightning just kept going. There was no place to wait out the storm because the barns and pavillion were crammed. I guess I could have taken my child and sat in a bathroom stall. As far as the other attractions, they were not part of the $20 wristband and are not related at all. There is absolutely no reason the fair people could not allow us to come back on Thursday and get to ride free (my son has kept his hoping that will happen, because he knows there is no way I can afford this again) or at least give us 1/2 off. No one said you could control the weather and that is a really petty comment. I feel like the only one that made out on this deal were the carnival operators, because I am sure there were very few people who stood and waited out the storm for 2 hours.

      • “…because I am sure there were very few people who stood and waited out the storm for 2 hours.”

        I did. And so did a lot of other people who were there to watch the pig scramble. The place was packed!

        “…I feel like the only one that made out on this deal were the carnival operators.”

        Yep. But the policy was VERY CLEARLY STATED and POSTED. The Ruritans do not make the rules for the carneys.

  2. Stonebroke says:

    I agree with Lori, at least half price for people that purchased armbands on Monday night.

  3. Really Upset says:

    I too am disturbed by this. Our daughter was in the pageant last night and it began to pour rain. I told her she could ride after the pageant then she didn’t get to ride not one ride. So we paid the $16 to get in the gate, $2 for a soda and $5 for a funnel cake. So rather than
    Torment my 5 year old and keep her out all night to ” see” if the rain was going to sto, we left. Now we have to go back tonight pay another $16 to walk in the gates then pay the outrageous price for tickets. I think this is a crock. So what if the fair opened until 11 last night. What working parent is going to keep their 5 year old out that late? This is extremely un”FAIR”.

    • “…What working parent is going to keep their 5 year old out that late?”

      I would. It’s the fair! Let the kids have fun! Take a day or two off during fair week!

  4. It Figures says:

    Gotta love that post from the fair rep! 7 bucks to get in, plus 20 bucks to ride all night! Seems like everyone made out last night, except for the paying public! Is it just me or does the amount to get into the Fair go up every single year? Yet the rides are still the same as when I was a kid!

    • This is the first time the fair gate prices have gone up in the 15 + years I’ve been going, if I remember correctly. The prices for the rides, however, go up almost every year it seems.

  5. It Figures says:

    Oh yeah, and before I get bashed, I don’t want to volunteer or enter an exhibit… Just stating the facts…

  6. Any time you attend an outdoor event, you take a chance of bad weather closing it down. When you roll the dice with mother nature, you may get snake eyes. All you can do is hope for clear skies another night, or stay home. It’s your choice.

  7. Former resident says:

    I am a former resident of Berryville who always enjoyed the fair as a lad. I move away several years ago. Where I live now the county fair’s gate admission includes all the rides for the kids. One price for the most all of the events with the exception of big name entertainnment each night at the main stage that is an extra charge. I would encourage Clarke County to do the same or at least have an “arm band” price for thise that wish to ride. A $20.00 arm band and a $7.00 admission is getting close to the gate fees of major theme parks.

    • It took a LOT of arm twisting of the carnival folks to even get that 2nd night of ride all night, they didn’t want to add it!

      It’s not the fault of the Ruritans.

  8. Bville-Bud says:

    I know it can be frustrating when the weather doesn’t cooperate and am sorry you are upset. I paid the ride all night fees also, but loved watching the muddy pig scramble and my son got his share of rides. Please consider your comment about cost compared to a major theme park. If your family is like mine, the adults pay to enter and watch the kids ride so here is what it costs a family with two parents and a child who is riding amusements:

    Kings Dominion
    Adults $59
    Children $37
    Parking $12
    Two adults and one child = $167

    Disney World
    Adults $90
    Children $84
    Parking $14
    two adults and one child = $278

    now the Clarke County Ruritan Fair
    Adults $7
    Children $2
    Parking $0
    two adults and one child (ride all night) = $36

    and unfortunately the major parks won’t do refunds either.

    • BlossomButt says:

      Yes, but we are not talking a major theme park here. We are talking a small, dirty, carnival that got away with making a bundle Monday night and refuses to even consider some sort of compensation. Again, my only issue is because the closing happened within 30 minutes of them opening. There was almost no time for ANY rides to be enjoyed.

    • Bobs Sports Store says:

      Bud, I believe that just about every major theme park in this country also has an inclimate weather policy, usually in the form of a rain check. That’s of course if they had to shut down there rides.

      • Bville-Bud says:

        Bob, google says otherwise:

        Kings Dominion
        Rides will close due to weather conditions, particularly rain, high winds and/or lightning. A specific answer as to which rides close or remain open is not possible because varying degrees of inclement weather cause different effects on different rides. Those rides affected the most are the roller coasters and the high rides. Kings Dominion makes every effort to reopen the rides as quickly and safely as possible after the adverse weather conditions cease. Sorry, no rainchecks or refunds.

        Disney World does not give rain checks unless they shut down the park which has only happened a handful of times since opening in 1971.

        • Smellin roses says:

          Bud, those other places also have ample restaurants, shows, gift shops, etc., to allow people to wait out the weather. The Fair and Kings Dominion are not adequate, equal entities to compare. There needs to be a happy middle to reach: yes, weather can be un predictable, but why is it so hard to simply honor those wrist bands from Monday on Thursday? Nobody with the fair has answered that question yet. If it were me, I wouldn’t be coming back tomorrow, because my “$36” would be spent and there ain’t no more. Y’all need some flexibility, too…to dismiss those who were put out a LOT of money with your trite Googling and replies doesn’t help your cause.

  9. livein22611 says:

    Rain was in the forecast and it was obvious that a storm was coming early on. Rides opened up again at 8:30 and there were no lines so kids who stayed had a blast. It wasn’t a rainy day, just a passing thunderstorm. Most kids stay up a bit past 8:30 for certain things. I can understand why you are upset that you decided to leave but you were not asked to leave the fair, only get off the rides until the weather passed. Leaving all together was your choice.
    And didn’t the gate fee go up $1 or $2? Seems in line with other counties.
    My family loves the fair and has a blast every year. Just take a look up at the sky before you buy any armbands.

    • hey livein22611, you forgot to add, IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE POLICY OF THE FAIR, THEN DON’T GO TO IT!

  10. Are you seriously comparing that fair to Kings Dominion and Disney World…thats a hoot!

  11. “And just like any outdoor event, there is notice on the Ticket booths that there are “no refunds if weather related”.”

    This pretty much said it all right here

  12. Current resident says:

    It sounds like another round of entitlement seekers. Common sense would say, look at the radar or forecast before going to an outdoor event. If it calls for rain, don’t go or plan to stay it out if it rains. If the fair plainly says no refunds, don’t expect one! Time and again, the whiners of the world get attention enough that they ruin it for the common sense people. The fair can decide, in order to appease the entitled folks, they’ll raise the price of the rides to cover their “loss of profit” for those excercising their “right” to return to the fair on another night, in addition to those who waited it out, rode the rides on the rainy night, then came back for more fun, because, hey, they’re entitled too! So what happens is the price goes up for everyone, including those who stayed home because they saw it was going to rain and they knew they would not have a refund!! Come on. If your budget is that tight, you shouldn’t have gone on a rainy night. Rent a movie and have popcorn. Go to another fair in another county. Lots of options.

  13. Stonebroke says:

    Can someone explain why admission is charged @ 10am each day? I was going to stop by and get a Cheeze-Whiz Cheeseburger yesterday, but I wasn’t going to pay $7 to walk in and eat a cheeseburger. Why? Can someone please answer? Nothing is happening at that fair at 10am!

  14. I totally understand but honestly, why would you pay for $20 wrist band knowing it was suppose to rain 80% chance?

    I, too, had to explain to my 2 youngesters age 4 and 6 and she was in the pageant too that we won’t get to ride because of the rain. We will come back another night, I used common sense not to purchase the band because of the rain. I can’t afford to throw away $40.

  15. My 2 Cents says:

    If the prices continue to go up, then just like everything else, this fair will be a memory to all of us! I agree with Stonebroke, why charge at 10am? The rides aren’t even open that early…. So why the charge? Hey Fair Rep, can you give us an answer?

    • Rides are not the only thing going on at the fair…………………..and if they continue to let people in until the rides start at 6PM or during the afternoon yes it will be a memory as the money from the admission gates helps with other things at the fair grounds. There are a lot of people that come to enjoy the animals and exhibits during the afternoons and leave before the noise of the rides begin.
      Honestly …….this is a group of Ruritan members that are ALL volunteer…..they give back to the community………..you pay more to go to a movie these days then for a full day at the fair…….I agree….if you do not like the prices…do not go…it is your choice! There are penty other people who enjoyed every moment that the fair had to offer.

  16. Wewerenotthere says:

    We were planning on going monday night. I checked the weather forecast and the radar around 4:45pm right before leaving work. Based on what I saw on the radar, I made the decision not to go to the fair. Was I the only person checking the weather reports?

  17. so sad to see that the fair is all about the rides

    • Wewerenotthere says:

      just intersted…I realize your comment was not directed to just one person. We only go to the fair once during its week long stay. We do not go several nights like other families, therefore we have to pick the night that best meets our needs. We love to see the livestock, the homemade goods, the chicken dinner, seeing friends, etc.

      • Wewerenotthere..I totally understand and I was just trying to say and point out as others have done that the fair offers a lot of different areas of entertainment. When my children were young we too had to pick out one or maybe two nights to attend and of course the all you could ride night was the one always picked. I also understand how expensive all of this can be and how disappointed the children were. When my children became older and became a part of the 4-H they showed their animals and were expected to be there all week so I guess I got to see both sides. I do love the social part of the fair seeing and talking to people one does not get to see much of all year. Hopefully a very good lesson will be learned from all of this and the right thing to do will prevail.

    • Clarkecitizen says:

      It’s not all about the rides. Have you seen the 4H & FFA kids and all the hard work they’ve done in raising their animals and showing them?? And all the activities related to the animals-Young McDonalds Farm, Sheep & Goat Olympics, Pet Show, Pretty Animal Contest, Bunny Carrot eating contest, etc. Or all the exhibits in the Homemaking,Art, Photo & Ag/Hort buildings?? And have you seen the crowds for the demo derby and the tractor pull and the rodeo??? And so many people just walk around to be able to talk to friends they haven’t seen in awhile. It is so much more than the rides.

  18. asleep at the keyboard says:

    HA!! HA!! Last week, A lot of you here were giving the fair high marks while calling me a whiner. Now look at you, feeling ripped off and no one to come to the rescue. Sounds like the path was clearly marked NO REFUNDS DUE TO WEATHER ISSUES. You folks that spent the cash and did not get anything in return will remember. It will have a negtive effect the number of fair goers. Maybe if you whine loud and long enought someone will hear and try to make ammends. I doubt it though. Clarke has a way of saying I got mine now you get yours.

    • Stonebroke says:

      Here will be the ripple down effect, it is calling for %50 chance of rain on Thursday! How many arm bands do you think will be sold now that people know that there might be a chance of not getting to ride a “fair” amount of rides? Might cut back the profit margin!

  19. resident of clarke says:

    you people are so funny…number one the reason your kids had to get off is because it is extremely dangerous to ride on metal rides while it is lightening ans thundering out come on people use your heads number two they opened the rides up again and funny my little cousin was there and still rode all the rides and all together it equaled well over 10 times so she got my moneys worth number three there is more then the rides there all the animals which im sure your kids would have enjoyed, the pig scramble, games and food and that stuff was still open. I swear everyone’s always trying to get something cracks me up. What kind of image do you think your portraying to your kids on how to act. Yall need to just put your big girl panites on and grow up.

    • It Figures says:

      Talk about a run-on sentence, Resident of Clarke….. I think people are aware of why the rides were shut down. Its about being in a tough economy and having some principles…. Lets see how many ride all night armbands are sold tomorrow night…. Way to go Cole Brothers…..

      By the way, why no replies from the Fair yet?

    • Wow…clearly you should edit your post before you click “Submit.”

      It’s about communication (as in, perhaps reminding folks over the loudspeakers taht the rides will re-open once the weather clears) or whatever. Someone earlier talked about bad PR…that’s kind of what this is about. No, the CC Fair should not be equated to Kings Dominion; if anything, the good folks @ the Fair should be MORE inclined to look at things from a human and less of a money angle. But, perhaps it’s not the Fair’s call, as it might all just reside with the contract with ColeRides. I dunno…

      You also overlook the fact that food and games also have a cost attached…they’re not a part of the entry fee. Now, Bud, before you get your boxers in a bunch, yes, $7 to get in is not a lot of money. BUt it all does add up. Some folks can afford to drop $40-$60 per night; a lot can’t. Therefore, might there be a way to meet in the middle on some things? Just wondering…

  20. livein22611 says:

    Seriously people, the rides were only temporarily shut down. They were open for a while and then open again after the storm. Why would you get a refund for something that was only shut down for little while? The rides were not cancelled. You choose to leave. You were not asked to leave the fair grounds. Ride armbands were honored all night long. Get over it.
    **If they run out of BBQ chicken tomorrow night I’m suing for false advertising. Also going to complain about the smell in the animal barns and see if they can’t do something about that. Maybe enclose the animals behind some glass. And I’m suing the funnel cake guy for making me eat one and gain weight. Will have to go back tomorrow and find more stuff to complain about.

  21. They DID run out of chicken AGAIN!!! I can get over it, but the little tiny bit of beef you get in no way compares to the portion size of the chicken!

    Maybe they should serve scrambled pig.

  22. George Archibald says:


    High praise to all those who worked tirelessly to make this year’s Clarke County Fair a great success and emjoyable event, despite rain that “put a damper” on things for part of the week.

    However, joining criticism of short-sighted action to prevent ticket-buyers from using wristbands for the day following rain to make up for the half-day that rain closed down rides and took away this enjoyment that many people had paid for, “Bah, humbug!” to those officials who cost us dearly with that foolish decision.

    Just consider that sale of hotdogs and hamburgers brought in more than $7,500 over four hours despite the rain, according to a grill cook who worked a shift during the rain. If people denied re-entry with rain-day bracelets had been allowed back to recover lost rides the following day, many of them would have been buying food and drinks and adding to that same $1,500 per hour in fair revenue.

    It just goes to show again, unfortunately, that it only takes the dominance of a few obstinate and thoughtless officials without common reasoning or practical sense of fairness to ruin the chance to bring in more money to offset expenses for the fair. Not to speak of ruining a lot of people’s enjoyment.

    The whole idea of the fair is for familes and their children to come out for fun and enjoy a good time.

    Give the “pin-head” ribbon to those spoil-sports who made the stupid decision to deny people what they paid for because rain shut down rides for half a day.

    People should have been allowed a make-up day to get their promised all-day rides by having their wristbands honored to get in the fair again on the day after rain soaked out their promised free-all-day rides.

    Bah humbug.

    George Archibald
    27 W. Main Street

    • livein22611 says:

      The rides were shut down for two hours, at the most. Not a half day. People could have left and come back in if they had their hand stamped when leaving. Or they could have visited the barns. Or eaten dinner. No one was asked to leave the fair. Perhaps a bit of patience was needed instead. The “I want it and I want it now” attitude just doesn’t seem to work well with Mother Nature. The decision to leave and forfeit the armbands (with the policy regarding weather posted and the dark clouds visible on the horizon) was an individual decision. It’s time for people to be responsible for themselves.

  23. Stonebroke says:

    They could sell more food if they would get a better system in place to serve the food. I know for a fact there was a lot of complaints from people that had to stand in lines all the way back to the ferris wheel. Only 1 side operating during the busiest time of the night. Totally overwhelmed! Better Solution=More Profit!

  24. Its all bout the money! How much they can make without giving the people anything! They just assume people will show up! I bet next yr it will cost almost 10 bucks to get in and they will have the same stuff as usual!

  25. sargewillis says:

    Stonebroke, your right, a better system would have served more food, but better systems cost money to plan, purchase, and implement, money the Ruritans don’t have since they keep give all those donations to the commuity, well lets just stop that, after all, like you say, its all about profit.. I suspect the reason the second line wasn’t open was not enough volunteers, after all, they only use about 30 of 40 kind hearted and civic minded individuals every day during the fair. We could always start hiring people to man the food stand, that would raise the prices on the food about double. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind paying 5 dollars for a soda and 6 for a burger since it would save you that extra ten minutes.

    • Stonebroke says:

      Here let me help you out a little.

      Planning aspect of it will be— we need 2 more people to pull this off. ( 1 person for sodas and 1 for register)

      There you go—done! Problem solved! You don’t have to make this harder than what it really is!

      • sargewillis says:

        I think your count is a little off, one volunteer for the register, one sodas, (although I would argue that 2 would be needed at sodas when it is so busy.) Then I would say some extra of cooks to keep that up with having two side filled with food, a person or persons to get the food from the cooks to the serving area, and someone to keep the cheese and chili sauce filled. O lets not forget the poor guy (or girl) that need to keep the bottle water bucket filled and ice for that soda person(s).
        I might note the system was revamped a couple of years ago and it seems to me to have cut down the # of volunteers needed, moved the line a little faster, improved the method of keeping all the food hot till you get it and made the experience a little less frustrating. If you were around back when to was run through the little windows you would realize how much better it is now.
        I am sorry it I seem snippy, But I suspect this is something that has been looked at a number of times over the years by the Ruritans and I feel they are doing the best they can within the limited resources available to them.

  26. sargewillis says:

    Mr. Archibald, 7,500 dollars during the rain tuesday, I would have figured about half that for all day, I suspect you misunderstood him. I’m proud to say I’ve volunteered to worked a register for several shift before, never saw anywhere close to that amount in a day let alone a single shift, maybe a few year ago it was possible, but not in this economy today. You also have to take in to account the food tickets that are given to the well deserved and hard working volunteers, I noticed they are rung up on the register as a charge, with the hundreds of volunteers it takes to put on the fair, you can guess how much food is given out but still rung up on the register.

  27. Lonnie Bishop says:

    It seems to me that this online forum encourages both the best – and worst – in each of us. We sit back and tee off on the Fair, forgetting that it’s planned and run by our neighbors, friends, and family members. It don’t have to be so nasty and personal.

    Could the Fair have honored the Monday wristbands on a different night to account for bad weather? Perhaps, but that’s something that maybe could be negotiated with Cole Rides for next year; I’d wager this year’s contract spelled out what the signs on the booths indicated.

    Could the Ruritan booth have both sides open? Sure they could, but – like Sarge Willis said – that takes volunteers to pull off. Personally, I liked the cafeteria-style setup this year, where ya picked what ya wanted and moved on to the register; I thought it flowed a mite better than in years past. If there was a way to get the word out about needing volunteers, beyond what’s already done, then maybe that’ll help.

    Folks got to get over the “what’s in it for me” crap, and the whininess, and roll up their sleeves and look around and see what needs doin’. Bellyachin’ on here don’t solve much of anything.

  28. Longtime Berryville resident says:

    I feel sorry for the hard working parents who paid the 20 dollar waistbands. They wanted to please their children and the storm came. For safety, the rides had to stop. For customer service reasons, something COULD have been negotiated. After the rain, I enjoyed seeing the pig scramble. The fair is a annual community event and is different than a theme park business.

  29. Stonebroke says:

    I’m just giving suggestions! Not a big deal either way, I was just making a suggestion and posting on the complaints that I heard from the people at the fair. And again—they would make more money!

  30. Just a suggestion, the Clarke County Fair doesn’t merely exist for the carnival rides. The carnival rides are under completely separate management from the fair. Have you taken a look at the Clarke County Fair website? You’ll find this there, on the front page:

    “The Fair is more than a gathering of rides, animals, and cotton candy. It is an opportunity for the Clarke County Ruritan Club to give back to our community. It is one of our county’s most cherished and celebrated events, where new memories are made and old memories are shared.

    The Clarke County Fair has been and still is a collection of livestock exhibits, carnival rides, farm, garden and other exhibits. These events convey the county’s love of agricultural and home interests and define and unite us as a community.”

    What has happened in society, that we are on here at such a low level complaining about things such as the rain causing us to not get what we want? Is that all we care about is ourselves?
    No wonder people can’t stand the “youth” these days, its because of the way they are being brought up, to look out for nothing but their own selfish ambitions.

    Let’s take a step back, breathe, and consider what we are doing. The fair is great fun, not just because of the rides, but because of the people. This is why so many people come. They get to see their entire community, and remember that every person impacts each other in beautiful Clarke County in one fashion or another. Think of all the youth with animals, the fair means a whole lot more to them, then most of the shallow comments in this article. The fair only comes once a week a year, while other amusement parks are open nearly year round. And if its the rides you wanted, well they are at almost every county fair.

    Thank you Clarke County Ruritan/Volunteers/4-Hers and everyone for a great fair this year.

    • Let’s say it again, because it’s still true.

      Nice fair, bad pr.

      • Let’s say it again, Bob.

        Blame the carnival owners, not the Ruritan club.

        Another great fair!!! Did anyone enjoy the “New” funnel cake?? That was definitely a belly bomber!

        • Wanted to try the Red Velvet Funnel Cake, but ran outta money! It looked really good. I have to Piggy Back on the food lines… There were plenty of fair staff that could have opened that other door for more service. My kids really enjoyed themselves however. Here’s hoping for No increases next yr!!!!!

        • A bit of positive pr, like the Ruritan giving a few kids a break, goes a long way. I’m not blaming anybody; I’m suggesting that a gesture to a heartbroken youngster could result in a long history of support from an extended family.

          A little word of mouth, a little backdoor diplomacy, a discrete visit to the fair office and a child has a smile. Beats bombing the belly, I’d say.

  31. and kudos to whoever scheduled Jamey Johnson and band.

  32. dmaxnjackson says:

    For next years fair, maybe the fair committe can get a water truk to hose off all the mud and dirty that is drug out onto the street. My Lexus gets dirty going through that stuff.

  33. LOL @ Jackson!

  34. Come on people…the wristband and tickets are for outside events! Check the weather forcast first! Any outdoor event comes with a chance that you loose money on ticket purchases if the weather interupts it! And don’t the tickets and bands clealy say NO REFUNDS????? Teach your kids now that there are disappointments in life so DEAL WITH IT! This is a small rural event that is run by the Ruritan and volunteers…not a coporation of sponsers and professionals! There was plenty time left to ride on Tuesday night and I for one say that the smiles on all of the faces after the storm past will be the memories that I take away from the week! If you have nothing good to say……….well………..
    also to the person whose lexus gets muddy…well move to the concrete city!

  35. That would be Monday night……………………….But TUESDAY WAS GREAT TOO!!!!!!

  36. Stonebroke says:

    The mud helps cover up the rust spots on that 97 Lexus!