Letter to Editor – Help Finding Lost Dog

11-year old spayed, female black lab missing from Pine Grove/ Bluemont area since early morning Thursday August 5th, 2010.

Her name is Porkchop and she was not wearing her collar when she was lost.

Porkchop has short legs relative to her body size. She’s about 70-75 pounds.

She has not shown up at any local shelters.

Please contact  Christine Garner Р Christinegarner1@hotmail.com

Lost Dog - Pork Chop

Lost Dog - Pork Chop


  1. River Watcher says:

    I hope your dog has returned home.

    The wondering would drive me insane!

    Dogs seem to be disappearing around here this summer.

    Nalls farm market dog was stolen, yes thats right I said it STOLEN!

    They put up fliers everywhere pleading to have their dog returned.

    I know it and so does everyone else who took this dog.