Letter to Editor – Liggins Vows to Continue to Fight

First,  I would like to thank all of the people have and continue to support me in my legal case Liggins v. Bouffault.

On October 1st, 2010 the jury found Bouffault “not guilty”.

On October 8th, 2010 I will file a motion for a new trial. If necessary I will take my case all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States.

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I know that it is easy for some people to think that my lawsuit is only money. But there is no amount of money that can make any man whole once his Civil Rights have been taken from him. That’s because those Civil Rights have been paid for with the blood of every soldier and every person who has ever defended our Constitution.

My rights are sacred to me and I hope that yours are saced to you. That’s what makes our country diffrent from most other places in the world. The Constitution says that we are all equal, whether you’re a millionaire horse breeder or a cement finisher.

Even if you do not like me  I hope that you will try to see the bigger picture here no matter whether you are white or black. If the government can take away my right to speak in a public forum then be sure that they can take yours away too.

During the trial Ms. Bouffault and Ms. Welliver said that they were concerned that the April14th, 2008 school board meeting was getting “intense”. Sure, some of the folks at the meeting clapped between speakers but no one was anymore rowdy than what happens every Sunday at a Baptist Church service. Ms. Dorothy Davis testified that most of the speakers at the meeting were retired school teachers, administrators and college professors.

When I stood before the school board my only statement that night was that I beleived that the school board had violated Section 7 of the Civil Rights Act. I no sooner said those words before Ms. Bouffault shouted “You will not accuse this board of an unlawful act!” and ordered me to sit down.

I spoke for less than 15 seconds before she ordered me to stop talking.

I beleived then, and I still beleive now, that the school board did act unlawfully and disrespectfully in the way it dealt with Ms. Brenda Jones, a 30 year educator who had given her life to educating both black and white children in our community. That’s all that I planned to say and I had a right to say it.

Had Ms. Bouffault simply said “I’m sorry for what I did” that would have ended it.

Instead, she has stubbornly refused to acknowledge her mistake and has now made things worse by statement that she made about the black community’s support of me during the trial. No black person in Clarke County has ever disrupted a public meeting, violently or otherwise, and the April 14th, 2008 school board meeting wasn’t about to be the first time no matter what Robina Bouffault or  Jennifer Welliver said under oath in Harrisonburg last week.

But I ask anyone willing to have an open mind on this to look carefully in the mirror and ask yourself if you could live with someone making false statement about you and threatening you with arrest for just trying to say your opinion.

I cannot abide by such behavior and guess that most of the people in this county and town wouldn’t either. That’s why I have no choice but to continue to fight for my rights using the legal methods that the Constitution provides all of us, white and black alike.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and support.

Kenneth D. Liggins


  1. I will open my mind when you stop trying to make this a black/white issue. Not everything is about race, simply because one party is white and one party is black. Its just the way things go, if you choose to incite, you will be questioned. It has nothing to do with color, but I can assume you will continue on, even though evidence will show that the opposite was the fact.

  2. William James says:

    It’s funny that you ask “if you could live with someone making false statement about you and threatening you” when it seems you did that same thing. You insinuated that the board wanted to fire Ms Jones because of her race. This is not true. In fact hasn’t the information shown that the schools have improved since she has left? The big question I have for you is would you even care about this if she were white?
    If I came to your church and made false claims to your congregation,and it seemed the crowd may get unruly. Would you let me finish my inflammatory speech or have me removed?

  3. Both comments above make very good points. There were many white parents, myself included who had children who attended Cooley during Ms. Jones tenure. I remember meeting with her before my child entered kindergarten under the multi-age program and was very impressed with her and the way she ran the school. By the time my child reached third grade however, the teachers began complaining that she was not addressing their needs and many of them ended up leaving. It wasn’t a money issue as some may have thought early on. It appeared that maybe she was growing tired and needed to retire. It was also known that Ms. Jones and the former superintendent seemed to not get along very well. It had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with her race much like what happened to YOU was NOT about race. A few faux pas were made on Robina’s behalf as well as yours during that meeting and that is where this situation should hsve ended.

  4. Ken, the same point could be made without a several million dollar price tag. I submit by having such a large sum attached to your case you dilute it’s validity and support.

  5. Dmaxn Jackson says:

    Oh here we go again. I am sick and tired of these bogus lawsuits clogging up our judicial system. The courts have plenty to do with out hearing your boo hoo’s. Is that all you want is an apology? Well I’m sorry. Get on with your life, and quit clogging up my court system.

  6. Fact Checker says:

    Having read the comments to “Bouffault Cleared in School Board Lawsuit” and “Liggins vs Bouffalult Day 1”, the tally is 8 comments against Liggins, 3 comments neutral and two comments in support. So, Mr. Liggins, it is kind of you to thank both of your supporters. Yes, it is your right to pursue your golden goose all the way to the Supreme Court. Lot of luck on that one. However, it equally the right of the citizens of Clarke County to form an opinion of your litigious behavior and come to an appropriate conclusion. A reputation is a valuable thing.

  7. geezlouise says:

    I was insulted at work yesterday and received no apology. Guess I’ll sue.

    Hint: Gitoverit and move on.

  8. [redacted] Its time to get over the 1960’s and quit calling racism whenever life brings you challenges Liggins!

  9. Mr. Liggins, there is a fair chance in my mind that your civil rights might have been violated but not because you are black but because you wanted to stir up a crowd and nobody wanted to deal with you. Had you handled your comments in a tactful and ADULT way none of this would have happened and you would have recieved your three minutes. The majority of people would have moved on from this and come to understand that they were part of the problem. If you truly want people to take you seriously you cannot sue everyone everytime someone else says or does something you don’t like, such as write a parking ticket!

  10. Kenny brought racism to the mix, not Robina.

  11. Another View says:

    Robina Bouffault was rude and wrong. Mr. Liggins’s suit is meritless and is a waste of time and resources.

    Is there really so little manners and common sense remaining amongst us?