Letter to Editor: Town Manager Owes County Apology

Dear Editor:

There have now been two occasions where I have read on the CDN that the Town of Berryville is alleging that $140,000 has been “withheld from the Town by the county”, a statement made repeatedly by the Town Manager very publicly both during the JGC committee meeting, and then during the Town Council regular meeting this last Tuesday – well publicized by the media.

As a consequence of the 1st article of a few days ago, I FOIAed the complete detailed accounts, which the county kindly provided, and took the time to review them. The accounting, done currently by the JAS, is accurate and detailed. The Town Manager’s assertion is totally inaccurate and misleading, while some of his comments were very disparaging.

In fact, it is quite the contrary – the Town has refused to honor its’ JGC agreement with the county concerning FY12 operating expenses from Jan-June, and withheld substantial amounts, while the county has had to act as the banker to fund those payments.

I cannot explain the Town Manager’s reasoning and actions, (which greatly resemble those used against the School Board in 2008/9, and which resulted in the SB paying several hundred thousand dollars in Town improvements, – of which almost $500,000 in cash, – money which should have been used for the students).  However, I am guessing that the major cost overruns with the waste water treatment plant and outfall line contracts, and the resulting current Town lawsuit, as well as the impending cost overruns with the HVAC of the JGC, have made a serious dent in the Town’s cash flow – which they hope that once again, county tax dollars will help to mitigate.

As a county taxpayer, I would like to request that:

1)    The Board of Supervisors not succumb to such tactics, and, in a spirit of “oh, let’s compromise and give them what they want”, and

2)    The Board of Supervisors fully support their own staff’s very accurate and well substantiated position.

In this tight economy, county money needs to be used for county needs – not to throw oil on the Town’s eternally squeaky financial wheel, when they fail to properly manage their own finances. The Town has breached your agreement, not the county.

The Town Manager owes you an apology – preferably public.

Robina Rich Bouffault

Taxpayer – White Post District


  1. Mr Mister says:

    The Town Manager needs to go!

    • Blossom Butt says:

      and the reporters for CDN who simply report what they hear and never check out the facts first. That my friend is called gossip, and we don’t need an online “newspaper” to do that for us.

      • I think you and your buddies at [redacted] are very clear in your pro-county biases.

      • ElinorDashwood says:

        This article is clearly marked as a Letter to the Editor written solely by Ms. Bouffalt, under the category of Opinion. Similar to the Letters to the Editor by George Archibald or Donald Marro. CDN didn’t report on this and it isn’t their responsibility to.
        I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use. ~Galileo

      • Monsieur Bubba says:

        Um, actually, the CDN reporter was at the county-town meeting taking notes on the negotiations that transpired. Hearsay has nothing to do with it. That, my friend , is called journalism.

  2. Teacher says:

    I think the town manager is doing a great job… I am glad to hear that he used the money to save
    Us Berryville tax payers money.. Let the school get the money from Obama ! No but seems to care
    That Obama is stealing our money !

    • Got-A-Dollar says:

      Hey teacher,
      What does Obama have to do with the town not paying it’s bills? I hope you are not an active teacher.
      Keep drinking the Republican Kool-Ade.

  3. RRB, you of all people should know that you can’t rely upon the CDN for an accurate assessment on what is really taking place between the town and county. I can’t believe you don’t have other sources to rely on for such valuable information.

  4. Roscoe Evans says:

    In my few dealings with Town and County officials, there’s no contest. Keith Dalton is a straight shooter for Berryville, as is his staff. The County’s [redacted] farmers, not so much.

    It might be nice if the Town and the County would be a bit more cooperative, but they’re different entities with different constituencies and goals.

    Keep up your good work, Keith.

  5. Just Sayin' says:

    Perhaps the town should hire someone based upon skillset and accomplishment, not if they are related to the Mayor of Winchester.

  6. Loving Clarke County says:

    I had issues with a neighbor in which if I were to describe them, you would clearly see I was in the right. Mr. Fiddlesworth the Town Manager was about as useful as [redacted]. Not that he was to do something, But he didn’t give any advice whatsoever. No comment on town rules etc. The folks that manage the day to day for the town are well just government workers that couldnt make the big time with the Federal government

  7. Facts Just Don't Seem To Matter says:

    @Just Sayin’…if only you were as interested in confirming your facts as you are in throwing out erroneous rumors. Mr. Dalton was the Town Manager BEFORE Mrs. Minor was elected mayor.

  8. LongTimer says:

    Was there not an agreement between the town and county regarding who will pay for what and how before this building was erected?

  9. Tammy Lanham says:

    Typical Clarke County politics, that’s all. I trust Keith Dalton and his staff. They are professionals and willing to work cooperatively for the good of the cause (local residents). End of story.