Letter to the Editor: Broy Says Time to Move On

November 22, 2011

To the people,

There comes a time and a place for everything, including that which I shall now act upon in an effort that is focused on the greater good and initiated by the clear “will” of the people.

“The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its  free expression should be our first object.” -Thomas Jefferson

I can not ignore this clear will and message from the people of our area, which to me has been heard very loud and so very clear. The charges in which I filed against the two Democratic Sheriffs, however justified it may very well be, are not the best means to the end in which I originally hoped to reach.

These are two very good men, that I in no way intended to wage war against. I wanted to make a point and I think that I certainly did do just that, but that which was initiated as a sincere act of good, turned into an unintentional act of war. I commend their service to each of their communities and ask others join me in continuing to support these two individuals, who are two very prominent faces of the Democratic Party in our area.

We must move forward. There are much larger battles to face as we push onward, with a united goal of making tomorrow just a little bit better that today for us all.

I pray that Mr. Millholland & Mr. Roper will accept my apology, which I now sincerely offer. I ask that they join with me and countless others in a much larger effort to rebuild this party in which we all share, embrace, and remain dedicate to it’s ultimate success.

I formally withdraw the formal charges in which I filed against both Sheriffs on November 12, 2011. I can only hope that such action will in the much larger picture, ultimately make “us” stronger. We certainly need all the strength we can muster as we work collectively to rebuild, strengthen, and move the Democratic Party forward into the months, years, and decades ahead.

I ask that the two local Democratic committees, take these charges and ball them up and give them a good toss into the nearest trash can.

It’s time to move on… Together.


Shaun D. Broy

Shaun Broy ran as the Democratic Party candidate for Virginia Senate in 2011


  1. clarke conservative says:

    Sheriffs Millholland & Roper received scant public support from the local Democrat committees during Mr. Broy’s vindictive folly. They did not deserve this. Could it be, for these fine gentlemen, a ‘Time to Move On’ …

    … and become independents?

  2. Justified or not… You have done the right thing.

  3. Now get out there and get those signs up! See a lot of yours lying around the community!

  4. Is this letter part of “The Big Picture” you assured you had planned out in you last comments?

  5. Much better. If I’ve learned one thing in 13 years in law enforcement that might help you in your political career it is this: The court of public opinion rules the land. Happy holiday Mr. Broy..

    • Shaun Broy says:

      This is something that we most certainly agree upon and I take very seriously. I heard your voices…

      Happy Holidays to ALL!


      • Thank you Shaun, I believe you have done the right thing here but still made it known that these men were technically wrong in what they did. You are absolutely right in this letter, they are good men, who in my opinion made a bad decision without really realizing this and without any ill will towards you personally. I applaud you for doing the right thing, as hard as it may have been.

  6. David Mikolajczak says:

    Hey could you pick up that huge campaign sign that you left on the corner of Jackson and Main Street? It looks like hell just left laying there.

  7. Shaun Broy says:

    Hey guys… I must ask kindly for your help to identify any of my signs that you see out and about in your travels. I didn’t put the majority of those up myself and could really use your eyes. Thanks!

    • David Mikolajczak says:

      Since I posted this that huge heavy sign mysteriously was flipped upside down, not showing the readabe part. You know, I’ll just go and get it. I will use it for kindling or something….

      • Shaun Broy says:

        I can only thank you so very much… I really do appreciate your kindness. I should have found it myself. I am sorry.

  8. Sharon Strickland says:

    Thanks, Dave. It was too heavy for me to pick up. Thanks for keeping our neighborhood neat!