Letter to the Editor – CCHS After Prom Party

I would love to thank Mrs. Joann Wolfe and all the other teachers/school officials/parents and community volunteers who helped out with the “After Prom Party” this past Saturday night at CCHS.

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The children that came had such a good time and being new to the area, I was very proud of the way children had respect for all of those in attendance as well as the adults helping out to make this a great success!  My fiance and I helped out all night long and got the pleasure of meeting many of the students.

Such sweet children!

I am very glad that I had the opportunity to participate in this event and meet new people.  I hope to see this event continue to grow over the next few years.  Although my son is a Junior now, and only has 1 more year of High School, I still plan to help out knowing that this is a way to keep our children in a safe environment and letting them have fun as well!

Thanks again to the parents of all these children (young adults), you have raised some extremely well behaved and respectable children!

Sincerely ~

Missy Singhas


  1. Robin Betz says:

    Yes they really did impress me also. The gratitude was amazing!

  2. Joanne Wolfe says:

    Thanks Missy! It was such a wonderful event with an amazing community effort. Thanks to you and all the volunteers that went above and beyond, I am so proud to be a part of this community.

  3. Just a parent says:

    Thank you, Dr. Werner for organizing this event. As a new activity, the wonder is- will anyone show up? The answer is YES!. The games, the activities, the unlimited food all helped to make the after-party a success. Some kids walked away with multiple raffle prizes! Perhaps next year, we can bring even more PROM kids to the “Party-til-dawn” event.