Letter to the Editor: CCHS FIRST Robotics Team

CCHS FIRST Robotics Team - Photo Ed Novak

The CCHS FIRST Robotics Team #2988 would like to thank the following for their support for our team at the recent VA Regional Competition:

For Sponsorship – JCPenney of Winchester and DreamIt-DoIt! of the Shenandoah Valley.

For local monetary and material support – Valley Proteins, Zuckerman Company, Greenway Welding , Berryville Red Apple, Mr. Mrs. William Veilleux, and Mr. Jerry Boyles.

For parental support in Richmond – Ms. Deneva Levy, Ms. Julie Kerby, Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rhodes, Mr. & Mrs. Allen Kitselman.

We accomplished and learned much, and placed at the highest level ever in our three years of competing. We placed 21st out of 65 teams and were third alternate for the finals!

Thanks to one and all!


  1. Way to go Robotics Team!!!

  2. justinterested says:

    great job team!! You make Clarke County proud!!!!

  3. Roscoe Evans says:

    Come one, CDN. You’ve already proved yourself as the area’s premier journalistic enterprise, and someone handed this story to you, apparently, as a letter to the editor. Can you do a bit more, though?

    How about captioning photos like this, so these students and their teachers get the full measure of praise that they are due. (Mr. Novak, I know. A great guy, and I hear, a wonderful teacher. I have no idea who the students are, though.)

    Also, how about taking just one more baby step. They need money and material support outside of the CC School Budget, right? How about providing an address for checks, and a contact point for additional support, please?

    If you can do that, I’ll have my check in the mail, pronto. If not, hey! It may be a while.

    Thanks, very much.

  4. Thanks CDN for the publicity! As a member of the team for the past 3 years (I’m the guy in the back with the black hat in the picture) I’d also like to thank everyone in the community for the support.
    As for donations, we would happily accept them and return the proper paperwork for a tax deduction. You can mail them to Mr. Edward Novak at 240 Westwood Rd, Berryville, Va. 22611. Alternatively, if you’d like a bang for your donation’s buck, we’ll be selling picnic tables for 125 dollars. The cost above the cost of materials is also tax-deductible. For information and ordering, please contact Mr. Novak via eMail at novake@clarke.k12.va.us, or Reid Welliver at reidwelliver@gmail.com .

    As for the folks in the photo, this was probably sent in untagged by Mr. Novak. I’ll write back in the morning after I can attain the name of our second JC Penny attendee, whom I sadly didn’t get a chance to speak with.

  5. Roscoe Evans says:

    Thanks for the additional information, Reid, and keep up the good work. My check to Mr. Novak is ready to go.