Letter to the Editor: Clarke County Fair

Wow, it’s over! The Clarke County Fair is over for another year.
The ribbons and prize money has been picked up and the exhibits are back home. Thanks to the Boy Scouts the fairgrounds trash has been dumped and Lloyd has the track ready for the next tractor truck pull. As for the food stand, we had some rough night and some good nights, but everyone had fun. A large note of thanks go out to the unsung heroes of the grill, French fryer, the endless wrapping of sandwiches and let’s not forget the first volunteers you saw when you walked in door, the ladies and gents that had to yell over all the noise, “would you care for a drink”, I suspect they will be dreaming of sweet tea for months.  
During the day the CC High School Honor Students were there every day with some help from a great group of volunteers from around the community. If they are the example of the next generation, then this country is truly blessed. At night we had some fantastic groups, like the Blue Ridge Hunt Club, the Clarke County employees, the Town of Berryville employees, Boy Scout Troop 34 and a special thanks to the St. Bridget’s church congregation, they came in and worked two different nights, truly a fantastic feat.
I must extend a special thanks to the Ruritan membership and the food stand co-chairmen and co-chairwomen, all who endured long hours, extraordinary demands on their time and energy and, in one case, a nasty fryer burn and for another, the recognition that he is destined to be the next “Fryer King”.      
James “Sarge” Willis


  1. Chuck E. Cheese says:

    Couple of questions: On the slower nights both sides of the food lanes were open and on the busier nights you had lines a mile long. Why?

    Also, I have heard a lot of grumblings about the admission to get into the fair. $7 admission is a little steep for a lot of people attempting to attend the fair. I know you have to charge an admission fee, but why can’t you cut it back a little to allow more people to attend. Your going to make this money up with food, rides and other entertainment.

    It appeared to me that other than Thursday night, attendance was low and the choice of entertainment “Lonestar” was a bad choice. Grandstands were half full on Saturday night!

    • It’s the economy. The CC Fair is one thing I look forward to in the Summertime. If you can’t afford the gate fee, why not volunteer one day, then you get in free ALL WEEK!!!

    • While CC is booking Lonestar, Shenandoah County Fair this week has Travis Tritt and George Jones. Nuff said about that.

      Went to Luckett’s Fair this weekend and they charge $5 a head — apples and oranges, but a fair is a fair, and don’t see much difference in cost of putting them on.

      By the way, they (Lucketts) book some fine bluegrass.

  2. Sargewillis says:

    Opening the second line depends on having the volunteers, it can take 12 to 14 volunteers just to keep the one side open, add 5 to 6 more individuals then we can open the other side. We have some great groups that come in the evening, but for the last few years a couple of them can’t get the numbers needed to open the second line. We tried to supplement them with extra volunteers but as you can tell it wasn’t enough. We have one co-chairwoman that works on getting volunteers, well over 250 for the week, God bless her; she does a fantastic job literally calling hundreds of people months in advance. Sometimes we do open the second line even though we might be short 4 or 5 individuals, then the three co-chairs of the stand ended up working 2 stations each at the same time. That might work for 30 or 40 minutes but not for 2 or 3 hours.
    Thanks Right Winger, I’m with you, I look forward to the fair too and been using my vacation time to work in the food stand for the last 14 years. It isn’t even volunteering for a day, you only have to work one 4 hour shift and we will give you a pass for the week and we let you eat all you want during your shift.
    On another note, I left out a “Thank you” to the Mackintosh Fruit Farm for donating the fantastic peaches we had most of the week.

  3. Bville-Bud says:

    Sarge – YOU ARE THE MAN! Great job as usual. See you at the meeting next week. Thanks to all of the folks who came out and enjoyed the week at the fairgrounds. We will be working hard all year to make next year’s fair a success, but couldn’t do it without all of our Clarke community.

  4. Sargewillis says:

    It was Fun wasn’t Bville-Bud