Letter to the Editor: Closing Editorial

Shaun Broy, Democratic Candidate – 27th District State Senate of Virginia

Dear friends,

It is two minutes after midnight, as I pull into the driveway in the 1996 Subaru that has turned into my campaign wagon. It has taken me to every part of the 27th Senate District of Virginia over the last few months. The journey has been somewhat of a lonely one at times, travelling alone from the Winchester/Frederick County area which I now call home, to the southernmost reaches of the district, like Culpeper and Stafford Counties.

I chose to enter this race, because I truly believe that one man, the unanointed Democratic candidate that refused to play the political game like those who came before him, can make a difference. I made it a priority to not seek or accept any donations from special interests, lobbyists, political action committees and/or big corporate interests. I have had to run this campaign on a shoe string budget, with just a handful of small donations from individual citizens. This I believe is the only way once elected to serve the people of the 27th District, in which I could go to Richmond and be held accountable only to you, the citizens in whom I seek to proudly represent.

I do not come to the table with the most impressive resume or legislative or experience. I also don’t bring a wealthy background, with influential friends in low places. In fact, I have debt not just up to my ears, but well over my head. I accrued most of which a little over a year ago, when I was laid off from my employer during the economic downturn that sunk a lot of individuals and families dreams for the future. I joined the ranks of the millions of unemployed Americans, in the unemployment line and barely able to make it from week to week on the little unemployment benefits in which I received. It was hard. It was very, very hard at times. There were days when I had to scrounge around my home, looking for enough spare change that I could find in order to just be able to buy a burger off the dollar menu at McDonalds, so that I could eat.

To be called the most likely of candidates would not be how to describe the cause in which I have undertaken in this quest to be your next state senator. I entered this race as a call to civic duty to fight for the middle class and less fortunate, to champion for equality for all, and to dedicate myself to much needed political reforms, such as term limits and campaign finance reform.

Along this journey in which the finish line is now within clear sight, I have met so many of you who have given me encouragement, and whose strength helped me to keep pushing forward, often against the wind. This independently minded, unlikely candidate, who has fought the good fight, found his voice along the way from people like you. A voice that has allowed me to speak out, not in the name of labels such as “right” or “left”  that our politicians spend way too much time focusing on these days, but a voice in which speaks out on behalf of simply what’s “right” or “wrong.”

Our government must change for the better, so it can produce results, actually positive results that impact the lives of the people it represents. If elected as your next state senator, these words shall be my bond. I will serve you with integrity, humbleness, and pride. There will never come a day in which I forget where I came from and how just how I got there in the first place.

I humbly ask for you to cast your vote for me, Shaun Broy for State Senate on this upcoming Election Day, November 8, 2011. May this date become our “Reckoning Day” and the beginning of politics as we know it shall be forever changed. In the name of no party, or political labels, but let us start anew together. This underdog, underestimated and unlikeliest of candidates shall lead and serve in the name of the people, and prove that nothing is impossible when we stand together in the name of what’s “right” and against what’s “wrong.”

Please go to the polls on Tuesday, November 8th and take someone with you to simply vote. The power to ultimately turn the tide and start anew now resides in only you.


Shaun Broy


  1. Hal Jordan says:

    You know, Shaun, I like your spunk. I like your commitment. I like your enthusiasm to go out there and tilt with someone better funded, even if she refused to actually debate you. Have you run a perfect campaign? No, probably not, but you acknowledge that and have shown a willingness to learn and – more importantly – apply what you learn. And you have done so in a manner that is infinitely more engaging, mature, and positive than that verbose, uppity, and acerbic quitter, Marro. A tip of the cap to you, sir, and my vote on Election Day.

  2. Wow. Regardless of your politics… This guy is real.

  3. Karen Schultz was an outstanding candidate and she was a victim of a smear campaign in the last election. I have faith in you Shaun and know that you would work hard. Others and I believe in your integrity and will vote for you. I met you at the Clarke County Fair and you were very open minded. Some of your Clarke County High School classmates spoke highly of you to me. You are humble and want to serve all citizens, which is a change we need. Too many self serving politicians are arrogant and have a discusting attitude of entitlement. Good luck Shaun!

  4. I won’t be voting for you simply because you support Barack Obama, who has been the worst president in modern history, including Carter. But I will hand you kudos for getting out there and giving it a whirl. Too few people nowadays consider it a civic duty to serve, and hopefully your example will inspire others to do what you did.

    • Mr Mister says:

      People like Sarge will never vote for you or any democrat anyway, anyhow. It is the people who are in the center of the two parties that will elect the next senator. I have voted by absentee. I did not vote for Vogel, so I guess I cancel out Sarge’s vote. Good luck to you, sir. If you are elected I hope you stay grounded and continue to serve the people who put you there.

      • Jack Sparrow says:

        The constant theme of Sarge’s comments can be summed up as “Sure Bush shot a hole in the bottom of the Ship of State, but Obama didn’t bring enough duct tape and didn’t bail fast enough.”

        I too have already voted so I guess that makes Mr. Broy +1.

    • Thank you Shaun for your willingness to debate Jill Vogel. Voters should be hearing debates like they did back in the days of Abraham Lincoln. Carter ended his Presidency back in 1981, so why the negative comment Sarge. Jimmy Carter is a devoted southern Baptist and family man. Carter is from Plains Georgia and he has small town friendliness and ethical values.. As President, he warned us about overdependency on imported Arab oil and spoke out for human rights. He gradiuated from the US Navy Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and worked under Admiral Rickover in nuclear engineering. Jimmy Carter is highly intelligent and his Carter Center in Atlanta does a lot of good deeds in Africa. His Camp David Accord improved relations between Egypt and Isreal, Both Carter and Obama have earned the Nobel Peace Prize.

  5. You have my vote. Don’t let the career politicians eat you up. You are our own Mr. Smith goes to……Richmond.

  6. Mary Roberts says:

    You can tell that Mr. Broy put a lot of heart into this piece. I wanted to get up and give him a standing ovation after reading this letter! I had been on the fence about this election, until just now. I have never voted for a Democrat in my entire life, which will no longer be the case after Tuesday.

  7. Another View says:

    What did his letter say, except that he’s broke, in debt, that he’s an unlikely candidate, and that government needs to change? Change to what? Where is his substance?

    We’ve already elected a man based upon an emotional appeal to change, and that ain’t working out so well. And as Mr. Broy supports that man, he is unqualified for elective office.

    • I fail to see why people still vote for folks that have no experience in anything. Did the lessons of the 08 elections pass people by? Isn’t it bad enough that voting for someone “cool” has driven this country into the ground?

      Shaun sounds like a nice guy, but what has he ever done in life, much less politics? What experience will he draw upon to guide his votes if elected?

      Its unfortunate we didn’t get a better spread of candidates. We have Vogel, who is at least old enough to by beer and has been around the block. We have the jackass in the Plains, who is partially responsible for everyone having to drive 45 between 50 and 66, and we have a novice.

      Out of the three, ask yourself who can get the most done in Richmond. If you’re honest with yourself, you know what the answer is

      • Clarke Life says:

        And yet you Repubs are soooo far into trying to find a candidate that you are pinning your hopes to the Pizza King! Wow, there’s some experience for ya…. HAHA

        I take a Large thin crust with Pepperoni!

      • Most of the politicans that exist in this country have political experience and look how far that has gotten us! I’m not saying that Shaun is or isn’t the right guy for the job but a real person who can relate to the rest of us common folk doesn’t sound like a bad person to elect.

    • True – a vast number of younger people elected Obama because they wanted real change real fast. Obama kept too many Bush policies and the changes did not happen fast. In the following election an older demographic voted in a group of people who prevented any change. Nothing will change until a strong third party – with entegrity – emerges and represents all Americans who actually believe in democracy – leaving the legacy parties to the fringes where they cannot harm the rest of us. Real change could actually begin with eliminating the New Hampshire and Iowa tradition of first votes – which appears to pander to the fringes.

  8. Stonebroke says:

    If my memory is correct, I’d say the reason everyone voted for change in 08 was because of the fool that had already drove the country in the ground!

  9. Funny, I seem to remember just four years ago everyone was making money flipping houses and such. I don’t remember a record number of Americans on foodstamps and a record number of Americans living in poverty. Sure, Bush had his hands in the mess, but Obama not only continued his policies (bailing out banks and his buds at Goldmann Sachs) but he made things worse by putting us under a moutain of debt, even more than Bush racked up. I won’t mention how the middle east is on fire right now or how we have anarchists protesting in major cities that Obama has givena wink and a nod to.

    So again, why elect anyone with no experience?

    • Fly on the wall says:

      The Middle East is on fire now because the people there want what we have – democratic government and the right to choose their own destiny. And they’re doing it largely from a secular angle, without the ideology of al Qaida. It’s not a perfect “Arab Spring,” by a long shot, but I find it laughable that you lay that at Obama’s feet, when Bush did far more to piss off the Muslim world and cause the extremists to kill nearly 5,000 of our men and women in uniform and wound thousands more.

      You paint with such a broad, neocon brush – “everyone was making money flipping houses.” No, not everyone was. The gap between the wealthy few and the poor many had a marked widening during the Bush years, and the past 3 have seen it get wider. No, I don’t agree with all of Obama’s decisions, or lack thereof. But, it was under Bush (who had a very friendly COngress for 6 of his 8 years) that surpluses and debt repayments became massive tax cuts (yes, which Obama foolishly extended) that have been proven to have more often benefitted the wealthier members of our society. It was under bush that the prescription drug benefit was passed.

      There is enough blame for the current mess to go around; hell, we’re still paying off the debt that Reagan ran up to supply-side, trickle-down, beat down the Soviet threat. So, spare us your lite-beer machismo, Sarge.

      • Fly,

        It’s a good thing one of us pays attention to stuff like the Middle East

        “The Middle East is on fire now because the people there want what we have – democratic government and the right to choose their own destiny. And they’re doing it largely from a secular angle, without the ideology of al Qaida.”



        Days after Gaddafi was buried, the flag of Al Qaeda is flying in Libya and sharia law has been imposed. Now, many rebel fighters fear the rise of a hardline Islamist state – and will fight to the death to stop it

        “It’s not a perfect “Arab Spring,” by a long shot, but I find it laughable that you lay that at Obama’s feet, when Bush did far more to piss off the Muslim world and cause the extremists to kill nearly 5,000 of our men and women in uniform and wound thousands more.”

        Ahh, more “It’s our fault” ideaology. Another way to say we “pissed off the muslim world” is saying that we went into Afghanistan and laid waste to them for sheltering Bin Laden and the other planners of 9-11. Trust me, having been on the ground over there, I can tell you first hand we did more than “piss them off”. We laid waste to them in a way the Russians couldn’t achieve in 10 years.

        “and the past 3 have seen it get wider.”

        And who’s been in office Fly? Who bailed out one of his largest campaign contributors, Goldman Sachs? Who bailed out AIG? Who bailed out the European banks? And hippies are protesting Wall Street. Sheesh.

        “It was under bush that the prescription drug benefit was passed.”

        Yes, another unfunded mandate. One of the reasons the repubs got handed their tails in 08

        As I said, Obama has extended a lot of Bush policies (Gitmo, redition, insurance and bank bailouts) all issues the left hated about Bush and has exacerbated our decline with some stupid policies of his own (Shutting down the space program, reducing the military, destabilizing the middle east)

        So between his continuation of hated Bush policies and policies that are harmful to the nation, why would anyone vote for him? Or vote for someone who supports his ideals?

        • But what has been gained by “laying waste” to “them” in Afghanistan? BIllions upon billions in equipment destroyed or damaged; thousands of lives lost or forever changed. The Afghanistan conflict took second fiddle to Iraq (which never should have happened), and thus we missed prime opportunities to get bin Laden and others in al Qaeda befofre we did; it’s awesome that, under Obama, so many critical al Qaeda leaders (like bin Laden) and enemy combatants have been dispatched to see if there really are 72 virgins waiting for them…or something more painfully hotter.

          How, exactly, has Obama “destabilized” the Middle East? It was Bush who went into Iraq on dubious intelligence and toppled a regime (albeit an incredibly brutal and evil one) with no end-game plan OR transitional government plan in place to fill the power vacuum. Same in Afghanistan, to an extent – knock out the Taliban, who was there to step right in?

          I agree with you that the shuttle program should not have been cancelled; are you saying that you disagree with Gitmo?

          The bittersweet truth of politics today is that, regardless of who is in The Oval Office, that person will become the whipping person for all the ills, missteps, and pain being faced. NO president, with the exceptions of Washington and Lincoln, has led our country almost perfectly. What we ALL need to do (myself included, at times) is to stop demonizing our elected officials…they’re human, just as we are.

          Yes, Shaun Broy is a political neophyte, but that’s the beauty of our system – hell, the only requirements to be President are native-born US citizen, at least 35, have lived in this country for at least 14 years; nothing is mentioned of a law degree, or previous experience at any state or local level. Yes, it helps to have some substance to fall back on, but – perhaps – Mr. Broy has the substance of someone willing to learn and apply what he doesn’t know, to listen and engage others in direct discussion of issues, etc.

          Mrs. Vogel is a solid lady with a lot of qualifications. One could say that she’s earned her stripes as a “wife, mother, small business owner,” like her ads say. One could also say that she’s a GOP operative from the Bush v. Gore years who is a political opportunist bankrolled by her daddy’s gas station money. Given the inclinations of this district, I don’t foresee Shaun beating her, but one never knows; nobody expected the Buffalo Bills to be 5-2, either, yet there they are.

    • Stonebroke says:

      Maybe you should run Sarge! Then you could run the country by copying and pasting someone else’s views all the time! Be a man and have an opinion based off of how you really feel and not what some else writes in a blog or document.

      • I’d love to run. But like most fokks, I’ve got a full time job and two kids who have already grown up with a Dad that was on the other side of the world for a lot of their lives. I’ve missed birthdays, every major holiday there is and scholastic games and events. I swore that wouldn’t happen once I retired from the military

        Who am I? Obviously, I’m conservative. I grew up here and graduated from CCHS. . Joined the AIr Force and rose to the rank of Senior Master Sergeant before retiring. Got a degree in American History and Poli Science from UNC while on active duty. Desert Storm vet. Been to Iraq and Afghanistan. Lived or worked in 22 countries around the world and worked with their governments. Been stationed in several states in the US where I’ve worked with many town councils on issues involving Air Force operations.

        To say the least, I’ve been around the block. But I’ll stick with working for candidates I believe will do the best job for the area

      • Oh, and I cut and paste stuff Travis, so I can backup the things I speak of, unlike some well known local posters who speak out ther rear

  10. I’d like to thank all of you in Clarke County that have wished me well! It really means a lot to me personally.

    I could spend the next four days prior to Election Day going back and forth with those of you who doubt me… I will at least leave you with something to think about though…

    These are the words uttered by a Mr. Albert Einstein (supposedly he is a pretty smart guy) in which he used to define “insanity”…

    “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

    I’ll see you at the polls this coming Tuesday, November 8th!

    • Another View says:

      “Insanity” is the belief that government creates prosperity. “Insanity” is the belief that government creates jobs. “Insanity” is the belief that government taking more of citizens’ wealth and giving it to others who did not earn it, is fair and creates wealth.

      “Insanity” is the Democrat Party.

      • John Barleycorn says:

        Why all the hate ratings? Does the truth hurt? AV is spot on in this post. The Democrat party has been taken over by marxists yet people continue to vote faithfully, and blindly, thinking this is still the party of JFK and Scoop Jackson.

        Nice work on the negative ratings. I thought I was reading the Daily Kos there for a second.

  11. Virginiacop says:

    Unfortunately Albert is not running for the senate, you are. You have done nothing that would indicate you are qualified for the job. To the contrary your resume leads me to believe you are extremely unqualified. I have voted for plenty of dems but you will not be one of them.

  12. Shaun Broy is running as the Democratic Nominee for the 27th District State Senate seat in Virginia and will appear on the November 8, 2011 ballot.

    He was born in Winchester, Virginia and grew up in Clarke County. He is a graduate of Clarke County HIgh School. Shaun studied Political Science and Public Administration, with a minor concentration in Mass Communications at Shenandoah University in Winchester.

    Broy is currently employed by Shenandoah University as Box Office Manager, in which he supervises ticketing services for all campus venues and over 140 performances a year.

    Shaun also is an experienced Political Strategist & Consultant. He is a certified member of The American Association of Political Consultants. He has previously held the roles of Political Director for a U.S. Congressional Campaign, and worked as a contracted political consultant for several other local/regional campaigns & committees. He is also has become a radio talk show regular guest political pundit.

    Shaun also brings over six years of retail general manager experience with various companies, including GAP Inc., where at the age of 21 he became the youngest store manager in the history of the companies three different brands.

    He also spent close to three years in higher education student affairs, as The Coordinator of Student Activties & Athletics at Lord Fairfax Community College. During his tenure at LFCC, he is credited with developing the college’s first athletic program and served as head coach of the LFCC Cannons Mens Soccer Team. He was also the Faculty Advisor for the Student Government Association.

    Broy also expanded the Student Activities Program at LFCC to three times the size of what he inherited, and also worked to secure the necessary funding to be able to start the athletic program and expand the college’s student programing options.

    He was also appointed to and served on the Virginia Community College System Board of Athletics. Shaun also served for two years on the Clarke County American Cancer Society Board.

    In college at Shenandoah University, Shaun served as The Student Government President back in 1999-2000. He also received the President’s Award for Student Leader of The Year in 2000, the highest nonacademic award given by the institution.

    Shaun is seeking to make history and become the youngest member of the Virginia State Senate, by a full six years.

    • Another View says:

      So Shaun Broy is qualified to sell pants and work as an education bureaucrat. Everyone in Richmond already wears pants, and there are way too many bureaucrats. No need for Shaun there.

    • And yet, when you look around for his background, you get this


      Professional Experience
      Box Office Manager, Shenandoah University, present
      Sports Reporter, The Northern Virginia Daily
      Store Manager, GAP Inc.
      Coordinator of Student Activities & Athletics, Lord Fairfax Community College
      Head Coach, LFCC Cannons Mens Soccer Team

      Political Experience
      No political experience information on file.

      Not to mention that word has it that he’s failed to file his last two campaign finance disclosure forms as required by, you know………………..the law.

  13. Doesn’t appear to shabby to me! Sounds like someone who has been very successful in everything he has undertaken and been a part of since his days in college. Just because he happens to not be a lawyer, or held some sort of elective office doesn’t disqualify his candidacy from being legit in my eyes. In fact, it makes him that much more of an appealing candidate. Extremely unqualified? Whatever man! You sound quite bitter and awfully worried about someone that you think is grossly unqualified, which means he should have no chance at winning right? So, then why waste your time being critical of someone who you don’t think has a shot at winning and has demonstrated a lot more courage than you to even enter such a race in the first place.

    It is times like these when I really wish that the CDN had an “IGNORE” button, so I don’t have to be exposed to such ignorance!

    I rest my case.

  14. Sarge,

    I just have to reply to your statement about not filing my last two campaign finance disclosures, which is false. They were filed late, as I had a transition in the Treasurer duties on my campaign due to her illness… I have now assumed that role. I had been in contact with the State Board of Elections and Voter Registrar’s office throughout the entire process.

    I know that may be what you are reading from the VPAP or SBE at the moment, because I see that it has not been recorded yet as well.

    To be clear though… My campaign finance reports should be posted soon, as they were reported late.



    • OK…………………late. One of my pet peeves left over fromt eh military:)

      Granted, stuff happens, but if you can’t take care of things of this nature, what makes you think anyone could trust you to take care of business in Richmond?

      And it probably seems like I’m busting your nads a lot for no reason, but the bottom line is that you’re not ready for the position, IMO.

      I’d suggest if you really want to get into politics to start local, Board of Supervisors or something. Get some public service time under your belt, live life a little, then go for State Senator

      Just my two cents

  15. Another view…

    Your statement: “Insanity” is the Democrat Party.

    My Statement: Unfortunately, I happen to agree with you.

    I am not even going to go into the national state of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party of Virginia is about to go off the cliff it has been clinging on to so determinedly for the past year. I honestly believe that after Tuesday, the Republicans will control the Virginia State Senate, House of Delegates (maybe by a super-majority), and all three statewide offices.

    At this point… maybe that will be the only wake up call that can lead to a better, more united and defined Democratic Party. It shall take quite a while though to clean up the mess…



  16. Sarge,

    I just read your background, regardless of where we stand politically… Thank you for your service to our country. I really mean that…

    I don’t take offense to anything that is said on here, in fact I’d fight for your right to speak your mind. That’s what our country is all about, but sometimes it’s easy for some of us to forget.

    You have made it clear that I will not be receiving your vote on Election Day for various reasons, and I respect your right to cast a vote for anyone that you want. The more disappointing thing for me is that from our internal polling, combined with absentee voter returns so far being “lower than expected” in many areas of the 27th District. The turnout on Election Day is predicted to be overall “LOW” and that is the disappointing thing… voter apathy… ugh…

    Bad politicians are elected by good citizens who do not vote!

    Thanks to each and everyone of you for at least staying engaged. We are the minority!


  17. “The more disappointing thing for me is that from our internal polling, combined with absentee voter returns so far being “lower than expected” in many areas of the 27th District. The turnout on Election Day is predicted to be overall “LOW” and that is the disappointing thing… voter apathy… ugh…”

    On this much we can agree

  18. RIchie Blick says:

    Shaun Broy, thanks for your interest in serving us Virginians. I am not. No way in the world! I doubt if Right Winger or Sarge are either. I do not know you but personally I think we are better off than 3 years ago. You are already doing more than myself politically, and probably way more than opinionated haters that can’t seem to turn off FOX News. Ha! And thanks for using your real name (like me, this time) and not hiding behind a screen name ripping the republicans!! For the record, I do not support the out-dated 2-party system. Nor traditional campaigning. Or smearing. That belongs in the 1940’s. Along with FOX News. And CNN. Thanks again. My wife and I will be voting… for someone. Keep talking about YOU and what YOU will do for us. You do have drive and ambition. The rest – who cares?

  19. n3utr0nRU says:

    Thank you Shaun, for running, and for focusing this senate election on accountability to the voters. I’ve read the many comments here, and I have to agree: This is a very personal closing statement, but those of us who have gotten to know Shaun through the years have come to expect no less from him. I’m a conservative with strong libertarian leanings and, having known Shaun since our years as Clarke County’s Graduating Class of 1996, we’ve had some differences of opinions. But, I’ve always found it remarkable that Shaun as an individual AND candidate has been willing to openly listen to others and put himself in another persons’ shoes. Broy’s campaign focus on accountability to voters, and term limits are issues that are partyless, and have certainly gained the attention of voters like me.
    Often, I see people ask “Why have we, as voters, continued to recently send ‘politically inexperienced’ candidates to office?” One previous comment even tied such candidates in with Obama’s themes of ‘hope and change.’ I’m of the opinion that there’s little room to debate that this president has failed to successfully act on those themes, but the reason voters continue their trend is simple: The so-called experienced political sharks aren’t getting the job done… instead they’re tending to corporate interests and self-preservation. If you compare the recent spate of inexperienced candidates sent forward to the wide swath of do-nothing incumbents/career politicians on the circuit, the message is clear: Voters are tired of not seeing results!! As far as I’m concerned every incumbent and career politician should take heed of this: Perform, or your days as a career politician are numbered!
    Broy has shown a willingness to listen, learn, and relate on a wide range of issues. Most importantly, he’s shown that his priorities are precisely where the voters want them right now: accountability! Both candidates have run tough campaigns, but at the end of the day voters have to make a deliberate and thoughtful decision about where they want the next term to lead us. After everything that has been going on nationally and locally that decision, for many, starts with positions on accountability and term limits. Sharks and career politicians will not change willingly, therefore voters will continue to change the politicians we send to office! Good luck to you on election day Mr. Broy, and if you get your shot, please don’t forget why you are there… because the voters surely will not!