Letter to the Editor: Experience and a History of Service

To the citizens of the Berryville District,

As you all know, this Tuesday, November 8th, is Election Day.  While the entire school board is up for election, the Berryville District is the only seat with two candidates.  I firmly believe that choice is a good thing, so the voters in our district are fortunate. We have a choice. I ask that you vote to allow me to continue to serve you for another four years as your school board representative.

Trust does matter, and so does experience.

I have earned your trust and I have more than 15 years of valuable experience, working right here in this community, for the improvement of our schools.

  • I have experience as a parent, with two children, one who just graduated from Clarke County High School and one in the 7th grade. Both have attended school here in Clarke since kindergarten.  I know where our strengths and our weaknesses lie, first hand, and of course I want to see improvement where we are weak.
  • I have experience as a grass-roots community activist, working in this community as an advocate for literacy and research based reading programs in our schools and throughout the community. I attended School Board meetings, interviewed parents, teachers, principals, and superintendents regarding literacy issues, and volunteered in our schools as a tutor, even before my oldest began kindergarten.
  • I have experience with 4 years on the School Board, and no, it has not always been easy.   I do not like conflict. By all means, I would prefer for things to be easy and friendly. However, we need to have elected officials who are not afraid to stand up for what is right and important, even if it is controversial and uncomfortable.

If you re-elect me, you can trust that I will:

  • Continue to listen to and respond to your concerns.
  • Continue to give you honest and straightforward answers, even when it is not necessarily what you want to hear – and it can’t always be.
  • Continue to work for what is best for the students.
  • Continue to get my facts from the sources, reviewing all information before forming an opinion.
  • Add a proactive informational aspect to my service. I have enjoyed starting my FB page and will continue it as an additional resource for the people of this county. You can visit my page “Jennifer Welliver for Clarke County School Board” and feel free to ask questions if you wish.

I ran for School Board last time because I knew that our schools had areas that needed improvement, but I also knew from my personal experience, as a parent and an active school reform supporter that we had a lot of great things going on in our schools.  The political climate was hot and complete turnover was imminent. I did not want to lose the good things that our schools had in the inevitable process of change.

Like everyone new to office, I had ideas, thoughts about what I was going to do if I was elected. One thing I learned was that it is not about the “I”, it is about “we”.

Together, we (this board, together with staff and community) have done great things, in spite and perhaps even because of our differences. Remember, every vote counts, so I am asking that you, the voters of the Berryville district, come out on Tuesday and vote for me so that I can keep working for the continuous improvement of our schools as a member of the School Board.

Thank you for your consideration.
Jennifer Welliver


  1. You have my vote! Thank you for your service to the citizens of Clarke County… We deserve more people like you! Good Luck Jennifer!!!

  2. Nothing against the other guy personally, but he is just that – the other guy. We are lucky to have someone with the experience and competency of WELLIVER!!! She is entrenched in this community and loyal to the core. It’s about the kids and THAT is what Jennifer is ALL ABOUT! What a great letter and what a great leader you will continue to be on our school board. THANK YOU!!!

  3. Through much adversity Ms. Welliver has held steadfast to her level headed conviction to do the right thing. I greatly admire her guts and ability to work through day to day politics and remain focused on moving forward in a positive manner. Thank you for four difficult years of service and my hope is voters will make the good choice to support you again.

  4. Tony Parrott says:

    I truly wish Ms. Welliver the best of luck on Tuesday. I believe she is the best choice for our children and has their best interest at hart. Good Luck!

    • Welliver does and says what others say. She is just a puppet. She only won last time because the other guy imploded. It came down to the one you disliked the least.