Letter to the Editor: Guantanamo Detainees Get Soccer Field

I just learned of a very important task that our federal government just had to spend our hard earned tax dollars on but before I let you know what that very important endeavor is let me pontificate a little.

Out of every dollar our federal government spends 40% of that dollar is with borrowed money. They simply refuse to cut spending; they want to raise our taxes especially on the rich even though the top 10% pay 70% of the taxes and the bottom 50% pay NOTHING! That’s fair????

They forced socialized medicine on us against the will of the people…their pay keeps going up automatically….they haven’t got the guts to vote on it anymore. They refuse to cut spending; they want to raise our taxes. They are going to cut the military’s benefits and I could go on and on. They could care less about the rising cost of gasoline….that’s their cap and trade plan being enacted for them and they don’t actually have to vote on it. They are pushing this nation to the brink with their insane policies…we are starting to hurt out here; many have been hurting for several years. Enough is enough. Politics is not a spectator sport folks. While we ignore what’s going on in this country the country is being destroyed by an army of self serving politicians who believe that they know what’s best for us. Wake up America we are losing our country.

Now for the news: Guantanamo detainees get new $750G soccer field

Google it and read about this most important shovel ready project!

Earl Ritter
Boyce, Virginia


  1. kellcsmith says:

    1. 2nd and 3rd paragraphs: apples; 4th paragraph: oranges.

    2. It’s called cost effectiveness; it could also be called a wise investment. At the end of the day, if regular exercise, team play, sunlight and humane treatment lends to the rehabilitation of detainees, it is $750,000 well-spent. Failure at rehabilitation has and will cost American taxpayers many, many, many times more than this $750,000 soccer investment.

  2. Sharon Strickland says:

    Let me see. No, you are wrong. I wish I could give all those that have died because of these terrorists just one more day of sunshine, regular exercise, team play, and lots of life. You are very wrong and I do not want to see any of my tax dollars build a soccer field for these idiots. Let’s build a soccer field at some school in America where the county or town does not have money to spare. Let us build a playground for American kids so they can have regular exercise, sunlight, team play, and better treatment to grow into better Americans. I believe that money would help in Appalachia much more than in Cuba. How about a soccer field for American Indians –a nice one on a poor reservation. Ever visited a reservation?

  3. Bullets are cheaper than soccer fields. After some of the things I saw these types pull in Afghanistan, it’s about all they deserve.

    • Mr Mister says:

      What about the ones that are incarcerated that are innocent? All criminal and judicial systems are flawed. Not everyone in Gitmo is Taliban. We have released a few of them because it was proven they were rounded up unjust. Does your bullet system help you sleep at night? Is it because they all look alike? Are you painting with broad strokes? I don’t think the guilty deserve more than four walls and one meal a day, in the US and at Gitmo. There are captives that have not been charged yet, though they have been there for years. Charge them and punish them accordingly. We have US citizens charged with attempted murder here who serve their time and released. Why would the ones at Gitmo be any different? If the attempted but didn’t, why should they get your bullet system, Sarge? Are you that radical?

  4. Another View says:

    Our goal is not to “rehabilitate” detainees. Our goal is to 1) drain them of useful information; and, 2) hold them captive, indefinitely. We should not torture them, but they should not also be living better than in their own countries. After all, GUANTANAMO IS A PRISON CAMP!

    • Sharon Strickland says:

      Let us remember that this is a military detaibnee camp. They took action against our warfighters and we are collecting data and holding them where they can no longer kill our warfighters and other innocent people.

      If they prove out to not be accountable for deaths and they were rounded up incorrectly, we will release them. Some have been released.

      Our system is just that, a system. But no soccer field. Too many of our good warfighters have died. Let them sit and think about their actions until God sorts it out.

  5. Midwesterner says:

    You keep using the term “They”
    This is a government of the people….”They” are yoiu.
    Who elected “Them” to begin with?
    Stop whining about the governnment you put in place.
    It’s always easy to criticize
    Not so much to come up with solutions.