Letter to the Editor – I’ll be Damned, We’re Republicans

That has to be my favorite comment from the Republican Convention in Tampa this past week, and it was uttered by the Governor of New Mexico – Susana Martinez – the first Hispanic Woman to become a Governor in the United States.  Halfway through her speech she stated:
“I was a Democrat for many years. So were my parents. Before I ran for District Attorney, two Republicans invited my husband and me to lunch. And I knew a party-switch was exactly what they wanted.  So, I told Chuck, we’ll be polite, enjoy a free lunch and then say goodbye.
But we talked about issues—they never used the words Republican, or Democrat, conservative or liberal.  We talked about many issues, like welfare – is it a way of life, or a hand-up?   Talked about the size of government — how much should it tax families and small businesses?
And when we left that lunch, we got in the car and I looked over at Chuck and said, “I’ll be damned, we’re Republicans.”
As we head towards the 2012 election I would like to reveal a few facts about the relationship between Republicans and the ‘minority’ vote.
The first Hispanic elected to the U.S. Senate was a Republican, Octaviano Ambrosio Larrazolo from New Mexico in 1928.  The first Hispanic elected to the U.S. Congress was Romualdo Pacheco, a Republican from California in 1877.  There are only two Hispanic Governors currently in the United States.  Susana Martinez and Brian Sandoval, the Republican Governor from Nevada.
In 2005, Alberto Gonzales, a Republican, became the nation’s first Hispanic Attorney General.  All five of the new ‘Freshman’ Hispanic Congressmen elected in 2011 were Republicans.  Marco Rubio, a Hispanic U.S. Senator from Florida and a rising star in the Republican Party, had the honor of introducing Mitt Romney at the GOP Convention in Tampa.
Colin Powell, the first African-American Secretary of State and the first African-American Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff, was a Republican.  So was Condolezza Rice, the first Female African-American Secretary of State and National Security Advisor.  Even Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglass were Republicans.
Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley are Republicans of Indian (South Asian) heritage who are current Governors of Louisiana and South Carolina respectively.
Dalip Singh Saund, a Republican, was the first South Asian American elected into Congress.  Republican Hiram Fong served three decades in the Senate from 1959 to 1977, became the first Chinese American member of Congress and first Asian-American senator.  Daniel Inouye, also a Republican, was the first Japanese-American in the House and later the first in Senate.
“I’ll be damned, we’re Republicans” – an epiphany by Governor Martinez?  No, just one of many who realize the Republican Party is not the privy of one class or color, but a foundation of values and principles that transcend culture and community.
As Chairman of the local Clarke County Republican Committee I invite everyone, whether your family dates back to Jamestown in 1607, or a first-generation immigrant like me, to take a serious look at the Republican Party this election year.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

Andrew Nicholson
Clarke County


  1. Great letter and point. My grandaddy Cap just might have had the same epiphany now

  2. lovethisplace says:

    I read the Republican party’s platform, and thought “I thought this was the party of smaller govt. interference”

    I’ll be darned, I am NOT a republican, thank you very much.

  3. Wow, it seems the Republican Party is tolerant to everyone. What about a black man with a with a foreign sounding middle name?

  4. Wow, it seems the Republican Party is tolerant to everyone. What about a dilettante black man with a with a foreign sounding middle name?

    Black man with foreign sounding middle name, OK.
    Dilettane Not OK.

  5. For a republican county, the comment readers are mostly leftist.

    • Maybe NASCAR is on…

    • just the facts..PLEASE says:

      the conservatives are busy working…..earning incomes….paying taxes…..supporting their families and the family’s of many democrats.

      • ElinorDashwood says:

        The moderates and progressives are also busy working, earning incomes, paying taxes, supporting their own families and the families of republicans and democrats alike, and unlike most republicans (at least most that comment on this site), are perfectly willing to lend a helping hand to other Americans that are struggling. It’s called compassion for your fellow man and it feels great.

        • just the facts..PLEASE says:

          Compassion is a wonderful thing…….I am all for it. What I oppose is CONFISCATION.

  6. Got-A-Dollar says:

    Watch the Democratic National Convention and be proud to be an American and a Democrat!

    • I saw parts of it. It was a freak show. Among other “highlights” you had a majority of democrats vote against mentioning God and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as well as other wonderful anti-American moments as well, ie;

      A plank that would force taxpayers to pay for abortions. I guess the concept of paying your own way is completely lost of democrats. And not only are they wanting to FORCE taxpayers to pay more taxes, they want tax money to go toward killing unborn babies. And remember, Barack Obama has no problem with killing those little burdens…………er, uh, babies once they’ve been born either. I guess that concept is lost on democrats that a majority of taxpayers who have MORALS don’t want their tax money going toward killing babies,huh?

      You have a “rising star” of the Democrat party, the mayor of San Antonio, whose mother thinks that “Drunks and crooks” defended that Alamo and who is a member of La Raza, a group whose traslated name means “The Rrace” and who advocates forceably taking back the Southwest US. Seems they and Barack Obama, with his amnesty program, are doing a pretty good job at that already

      Another rsiing rock star, the mayor of Los Angeles, was caught running around with a female reporter while his wife battled thyroid cancer.

      Hmmmmm. doesn’t that sound familiar? I wonder where all the “reporters” that covered Newt are when you need them?

      And to top it all off, the Demcrats trotted out an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. ON NATIONAL TV. Now it’s obvious how the dems look toward illegal immigration. In Sarge’s world, she’d have been arrested and would be on her way back south.

      And we’ve truely been blessed with outright loons from the delgates as well. Aside from the commie group think about God, these individual gems graced the scene as well;

      We have the head of the Florida DNC who said Christians want Jews to die


      We have a delegate that threatened to kill Mitt Romney. Typical brainwashed liberal. Violent and illiterate


      And lastly, because I dont’ want to take up too much server space, delegates that got caught on tape saying they would ban coporate profits


      Why anyone would vote for a soul from these anti-American and anti-God misfits is beyond me.

      If I were MItt Romney, I’d play the demcrats own words non stop for the next

      61 days

      • Can’t wait to see Sarge and Another View eat some crow in 61 Days.

        I just want a promise from the both of them, or possibly the 1 of them to be on both sites as they do daily and tell everyone that Mitt got beat………..

        Can you do that fellas?

      • The “freak” show as you put it, was the RNC delegates that were throwing peanuts at a camerawoman that works for CNN and saying, “This is how we feed the animals.” Oh. Did I mention she was an African American?

        • One instance. And they were expelled.

          Conversely, the abnormals at the DNC convention were put on stage and allowed to speak. We had people making threats against Romney, people saying that companies should not be allowed to make a profit and people mandating taxpayer funded abortion. We have delegates wearing “Vote Black” buttons on the floor (Who are the racists in the country again?) Maybe it the democrats

          And behold a person that obviously was skipping history class with Roscoe


          Wow. The DNC elected these people to represent their constituants at the convention

          And these people vote. No wonder this country is going down the s***ter

          • HL Mencken says:

            Sorry. I won’t watch or listen to Glenn Beck, that goes for The Blaze which he owns and is right-wing media at it’s worst so I won’t even look at a link from them. Have anything not so biased you’d like to offer?

          • I’m sure it’s all on Youtube HL. I don’t know what else you want, it’s in their own words. Teh only thing that could be in any way misconscrued is that the intervier went around saying he was, at least in one case, an anti capitalist.

            It was then that these people felt free and safe enough to let their true selves show

            My grandparents would not recognize the dem party as it is today

          • HL Mencken says:

            Ronald Reagan wouldn’t recognize the republican party today… by their extreme right position, he would be considered a moderate or liberal and would never have even been nominated in 2012.

          • Roscoe Evans says:

            Sarge, we have a disagreement over the Holocaust.

            You seem to believe that Europe’s Jews would not have been rounded up, abused, and killed, if only they had a 2nd Amendment to have kept them from being disarmed by the Nazis. And, you refer to your claimed “UNC” history degree to back up your opinion. And you claim I am wrong to disagree with you.


            Nobody at a reputable college ever taught you that bullcrap.

            Maybe you learned your hysterical (not historical) “facts” in an NRA pamphlet. Maybe you learned them in a Sergeant Rock comic book. Maybe you made them up in the small, inbred, ignorant little place that you refer to as “Sarge’s World.”

            I don’t know and I don’t care.

            I do know that I have never, ever, met a Jew who claimed that his family would have overcome the Nazis if only they had concealed carry laws in 1930’s Germany. Not to mention Poland, Czechoslovakia (sp), the Ukraine, Belorussia, Russia, Lithuania, or any of the other portions of Europe where your pat little gun-toater’s myths about The Weimer Republic would not even have applied.

            It sickens me to see people like you make “arguments” about “history,” and make inapt, unwarranted, and ignorant references to the Holocaust to support their petty political points, as though millions suffered and died, just to make the footnotes of your term paper.

            Your entire world view seems to be wrapped up in your own myths and fears about guns, God and gggggg-gays. You call your fellow citizens, those whose politics don’t line up exactly parallel to your’s “abnormals.” Your words are a disgrace to the schools you attended, to the teachers who taught you, and to the citizenship you claim for yourself.

          • Your entire world view seems to be wrapped up in your own myths and fears about guns, God and gggggg-gays. You call your fellow citizens, those whose politics don’t line up exactly parallel to your’s “abnormals.” Your words are a disgrace to the schools you attended, to the teachers who taught you, and to the citizenship you claim for yourself.

            Uh, yeah. This coming from someone who has shown a complete ignorance of history on numerous occasions.

            Let me tell you how things work in Sarge’s world. When a majority of democrats shout down including the name of God in their platform, I call them “Godless”.

            When a democrat delegate promotes socialism and believes that if should be the philosophy of the US government, I call them “socialists”

            When another democrat delegate says if she saw Mitt Romney she’d like to “kill him”, I call the abnormal. I thought I was being nice. “Derainged” is more fitting.

            You’ll note as well that is is not I that make these statements. It was people ELECTED by thier own parties making these statements of their own volition.

            And despite what you believe you’ve heard, no one here has been saying the if the Jews had guns and 2nd Amendment rights that they would have been any better off than they ended up. Namely because there were more Gestapo (You know who they were, right? I only ask because of your known deficiency of historical knowledge) than there were Jews. And tehy DID have guns. LOTS of guns.

            The stripping of rights and rounding up of Jews was a gradual thing in Hitlers Germany. if you ever get a chance to visit a concentration camp as I have, you’ll notice that the first prisoners were criminals and others that disagreed with Hitler. Then came gays, gypies and handicapped people. It was only towards the latter part of the war that the camps filled with Jews and the ovens started up.

            Gun snatching wasn’t so gradual in the Soviet Union under Stalin. You know who he was , right? Millions went to the gulags there.

            I’m sorry that despite the facts that we’ve laid out for you, that your knowledge of history is still so lacking. Everyone should have a good working knowledge of history so they can learn form the past and avoid mistakes made by others. Sadly, you don’t appear to have that capability.

            What’s sadder still is that here we are, laying out facts for you and backing up everything we’ve said with credible links. On the other hand, all you’ve come here with is your own opinion, which of course you are entitled to, with nothing to back it up except your own assertations.

            What’s saddest of all is that despite having people with history degrees, people with professional experience and people that have been present at historical events, you STILL refuse to learn.

            MAybe you should think about that

          • Roscoe Evans says:

            Who, suddenly, is “we?”

            Because I see only a single pathetic, fearful, ignorant oaf, who is convinced that the entire world outside of his own is peopled by “abnormals,” and whose “history” of gun control is simply a summary of a half baked study from The National Review. Hitler and Mugabe, from your mind? On the same page? Sorry, you aren’t much of an historian, no less an original thinker. It wasn’t much an article either, and I am stunned you took it so seriously.

            I am not pre-occupied with the next man’s religion, politics or sexuality, and I cannot imagine why you are. It really seems, well, abnormal. I’d like to understand how people can summon up historical factoids, yet still not comprehend the world around them or care for its peoples, but when they wear genuine ignorance like a badge of pride, which you do, I figure it’s just not worth the effort.

            There are atheists in this country, and socialists, too, and a whole lot of Democrats, most of whom respect their fellow citizens. You might try that out, and see how it works. But, it seems. you don’t. You only care for those whose prejudicies are just as inane as yours.

            It’s so nice that you were a tourist at a concentration camp. My step-father was at Dachau before it was tidied up for the tourists, and he filled me in just a little. I learned a bit more from Jews who suffered through, and somehow survived.

            As I have said, none of these men and women and children died so you could drone on about guns or gays or God.

            But, go on. Make believe you are an historian. Make believe you are a professional. Make believe you are a Christian, too. What are they doing these days in Christ’s churches? Cruxifying the heathens? Burning them at the stake? Or just damning them as “godless abnormals?”


  7. Just remember that the Republican party made it possible for a black man to be elected president in our lifetime. That is about all I can say was positive about Dick Cheney and his Puppet “W”.

  8. Both political parties created a monster of freedom eroding intrusive federal government. Under the Patriot Act, reading lists of borrowed library books of an individual can be turned over in secret to the federal government. Librarians are prohibited from informing patrons who are having their reading investigated. Privacy to read what you want is eroded by the Patriot Act. A person with no criminal record can have their reading lists turned over to the Feds in this creepy culture of suspicion that everybody is a suspect. Most Congressmen did not read the enormous “Patriot Act” or “Affordable Care Act” and were pressured to sign them into law. Obamacare takes away privacy that most individuals want concerning their health care and bodies. Ron Paul speaks the truth about fiscal responsibility and freedom, but was ignored.

    • Another View says:

      As a matter of law, and common sense, library records are not “private”. So this complaint is way overblown.

      If you wish to read something in private, buy it with cash, at a store where no one knows you, go home, pull the blinds, and open the book.

      But if you check it out of a “public” library, do not carp that someone knows what you are reading.

      • Bob Brawley says:

        Well we finally agree on something and if a person in a public space they they better expect to be photographed

      • Fly on the wall says:

        Again you’re wrong about the Code of VIrginia, AV:

        § 2.2-3705.7 Exclusions to application of chapter; records of specific public bodies and certain other limited exemptions.

        The following records are excluded from the provisions of this chapter but may be disclosed by the custodian in his discretion, except where such disclosure is prohibited by law:

        3. Library records that can be used to identify both (i) any library patron who has borrowed material from a library and (ii) the material such patron borrowed.

        This is why that proviso in the USA PATRIOT Act was such a controversial paradigm shift; the FBI was empowered to obtain those records by a court order “ex parte,” meaning that the individual was unaware of such a request and the reasons for the request were not to be divulged. This runs counter to Virginia’s FOIA law.

  9. Bob Brawley says:

    Also if the government is paying for your health care they got a right to know about your body. Its bought and paid for . Post it on the internet

  10. Got-A-Dollar says:

    The DNC. Was great. What a showcase of knowledgable speakers and revealed what a blah-dee-blah-blah bunch the Republicans have to offer. Can Ryan- Romney say anything other than they have a “plan”
    Four more years!!!
    Romney has run for president since 2007 and even the Republicans didn’t want him now they are in love with thrie red-headed stepchild.

  11. The DNC speakers were far more energetic and exciting to watch than the RNC speakers. Love them or hate them, but it’s true. The best speaker overall was the drunk guy at the RNC. The guy with the goofy name. I was waiting for him to be like, ” Get me another beer da*mit!”

  12. Fact Check-dot-org. ran Clinton’s claims and numbers. It’s all true.

    I loved hearing that over the last 50 years
    Republican presidents have created 24 million jobs…
    Democratic Presidents 42 million.

    Clinton quoted one of Romney’s pollsters Neil Newhouse who said
    “we are not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers”

    Pretty much explains the entire RNC convention.

  13. Apologies for posting this on the weekend thread, I hope CDN removes it.

    Really you Socialist-phobes, Obama’s a centrist president (who has never been all he’s been cracked up to be), but he was handed an absolute wreck of an economy. The longer these bubbles go, the longer it takes to turn things around after they pop.

    You Romney supporters, what do you really think this guy’s going to do for Main Street when he gets into office? He’s a quarter-billionaire who made his fortune borrowing vast sums of money and making others pay it back, as well as a big cut for Mittens and his co-conspirators. He then used tax shelters and accounting tricks to avoid paying taxes. Now this may seem commendable to some, but to me, he’s a parasite….a “taker” if you will.