Letter to the Editor: Letter to First Responders & Community

Dear Editor

We would like for this letter to be published for all Clarke County residents to see…

On Sunday, June 24th, our son, Michael DeVore, was involved in a horrific car accident on Route 50. We wish to thank everyone who was involved in his rescue.

The Clarke County Sheriff’s office told us that, according to the accident report, the Boyce Fire Department was the first unit to arrive on the scene. All told, State Trooper Street said there were 6 or 7 agencies that responded to the accident and rescue. We want to let everyone know that these professionals and members of the community (thank you, Travis Johnson and the unnamed Nurse bystander) did everything right that night to save our son’s life and prevent him from being paralyzed. The injuries he received to his cervical and thoracic spine almost always cause victims to be quadriplegics, so the manner in which he was handled and treated on the scene, as well as his transport to the Trauma unit at Inova Fairfax Hospital were crucial.

To all First Responders involved… Thank you for being the very best professionals you can possibly be, and thank you for saving our son’s life.

God bless,

Cindy & Art DeVore


  1. a smile to the family and a smile to the reponders. Great job!! Also to the unkown nurse. I am so gladden to hear that your son will walk what a great job to everyone that was helping in anyway they were trained to do.

  2. Loving Clarke County says: