Letter to the Editor: Marro Announces Withdrawal from Senate Race

I’ve decided not to run.  I’ve decided to withdraw.

It won’t take long to explain why.  There was no groundswell of support for an issues campaign from the press, the people, or the Parties.  The press, except the Clarke Daily News, uniformly supports money politics.  The people, by and large, are too lazy to educate themselves on an opposition candidate that doesn’t titillate or intimidate, and Democrats are such a shadow of their former selves that the Party clanks around like the Ghost of Christmas Past.

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I chose to run only because the incumbent Senator, Jill Vogel, is a culture warrior with ambition.  It was wrong, it seemed to me, that there was no opposition for a freshman senator who won by a whisker and whose proudest first term achievements were to turn back the clock on women’s reproductive rights, deny healthcare to the disadvantaged and pander to NRA crazies who just can’t have enough weaponry in enough places to really feel really safe.

But that’s the way to get ahead and surely that’s what Mrs. Vogel and conservative Republicans desperately need and want – a charming female face to swan an apathetic electorate.

I stayed in the race even when a Democrat surfaced because Democrats gave only begrudging, almost meaningless support to Shaun Broy, their candidate.  Mr. Broy is young, lacks gravitas, has no meaningful professional experience and espoused unpopular ideas in an unpopular style, and so courageous Democrats found ways to avoid appearing with or supporting him.

I understand the practical realities but also understand loyalty and strategy; Democrats spent no time thinking about the value of beating Mrs. Vogel and upsetting the Republican apple cart as a consequence.  Broy could’ve been their Pygmalion – he’s smart and intense training could have re-made him quickly, as in fact, it has.  So I made it my business to make a race so he could.

The irony is Democrats convinced 47% of the people last time to vote for a female equivalent of a cigar store Indian, then couldn’t find a candidate this time to carry a Democrat banner, except, of course, Mr. Broy, on whom they then turned their backs.  Democratic Party leaders should remove themselves from this District, or at least from active involvement in political matters.

I know the future of Virginia is not in its elites but in its people.  If we don’t educate, protect, motivate, resource and facilitate through effective government the productive use of the human capital of Virginia, we’ll have a period more like the 19th Century than the 21st.   But now it’s not my fight but Mr. Broy’s.  And so, I thank those of you who thought well enough of my candidacy or positions or both to help me get on the ballot and/or helped roadtest my positions.

I offer no advice on what to do November 8th other than turn out and vote.  I’d endorse Mr. Broy if he had active support from a remade Democratic Party, one committed to Mr. Broy as it was to Karen Schultz in 2007, a remade Democratic Party to give Broy’s generation and mine choices other than OWS or the Tea Party.  A remade Democratic Party attractive to moderates makes my withdrawal a victory for those who disdain money politics and prefer truth seeking and issues.

And by the way, I saw the movie: the meek do not inherit the earth.


  1. Well, in a way, I’m kinda sorta sorry to see you go. I thnk the more people running, the beter the public is served. But I do have t say that if you came across to others in the voting area as you did to some folks here, it’s little wonder you garnered so little support. I like some of what you have to say, but to be frank, you came across a lot of times as a jackass.

    It also seemed as if one of your primary purposes in running was to go and stir the pot. That’s fine and dandy at certain times, but in reality what probably would have happened would be that the other politicians down there, both Dem and Rep, would have frozen you out, leaving this area essentially unrepresented.

    Like I said, thanks for runnning, but I’ll stick with Vogel this time

  2. Travis Goodwin says:

    Mr. Marro, I commend you for being willing to enter the race, but I really dislike your arrogance, your trite dismissals of the electorate and other candidates, and the entire process. It very much is a flawed system, but…after all these years, we still elect folks – and occassionally bounce a lame incumbent – without bloodshed and great strife.

    You paint with such a broad brush, and your disdain is so all-encompassing, that there really should be no surprise why folks didn’t rally to your cause – however noble and righteous you felt that it was. For good or ill, a part of politics is charm, and a willingness to meet people on their level (not your own) and engage them in a discussion. You, repeatedly, came across as one who wasn’t to be bothered with that, and thus you seem elitist, smug, and not unlike the crazy guy at the end of the bar who pops off at the mouth but nobody takes seriously.

    You raised some good ideas, and I did seriously consider voting for you at one time, but your arrogance and your willingness to not only verbally engage but belittle those with whom you rhetorically differ really turned me off to ultimately supporting you. I wish you well in whatever the next chapter of your life writes for you, but my vote is for Shaun Broy.

  3. “Democrats convinced 47% of the people last time to vote for a female equivalent of a cigar store Indian”

    …which is about 42.95 percentage points above the number of voters that the third candidate in the race convinced to vote for him…

    • I really liked Karen Shultz. If elected, she would have been an effective State Senator. She is highly intelligent and has much public service experience. I resent the comment that she was a cigar store Indian. What does that mean? Good luck Shaun as you do have supporters.

  4. It is unfortunate that decent ideas, analysis, and proposals get over-shadowed by an abrasive personality. Bad ideas presnted with an engaging smile are selling well.

  5. Anonymous voices, I’ll miss you as well. Especially Anonymous who wrote in on Ed Leonard’s piece.

    Here’s a parting shot for those who wrote and those who wished they had but either lack the creativity to find a nom de plume with as much imagination as Sarge, or who are as articulate as Travis Goodwin (and CC, who is no doubt so distraught at my decision that he can’t write while he’s off somewhere sobbing uncontrollably).

    Sarge, I’m stung by your decision to vote for Mrs. Vogel, particularly when you showed your sophistication and polish as a person and voter by calling me a jackass. I see Ed Leonard has opened the door somewhat for colorful expressions. So here’s my response, Sarge, to broaden your horizons and pique your multicultural instincts – va fa in cullo, spoken where I’m from as “va fangule”. look it up. Your hero (and mine, sometimes) Antonino (“Nino”) Scalia popularized this as a conservative Republican expression, accompanied by moving your extended fingers under your neck from back to front. Practice. Enjoy the Sopranos more once you have.

    Travis, one man’s candor is another’s offense. I don’t think you’re even close to correct but if your fantasies bring you consolation, who am I to deny you that. Defending elections as beauty contests and praising an electorate that boldly and rather proudly fails to become informed in favor of titillation and intimidation is pretty much what brought me to my conclusions in the first place. I’m amused by the constant use by your crowd in other contexts of the rough and tumble founding fathers who would no more have countenanced detachment and deliberate indifference in elections than I do. Or do you favor selective citation, and think these historical icons would’ve patted you on the back for preferring beauty contests? Your analogy of a crazy guy at the end of the bar who pops off but no one takes him seriously is far more interesting than poor Sarge’s effort to insult. See a lot of that in bars, do you? But you did take me seriously, didn’t you? You just don’t like my style. Travis, get over it. Substance trumps style, even if you don’t think so. And turning the other cheek is for you, or Sarge.

    Ciao. Un caro saluto.

    • Hal Jordan says:

      Hmmm…had you not entered the last race, the incumbent state senator very probably would have been, how did you so eloquently put it, that “cigar store Indian,” Dr. Karen Schultz.

      You still don’t get it. You can’t stand anyone to get the last word, and you still make gross generalizations about specific people on here. Although normally I think that Sarge, and his Chuck-Norris-wannabe neocon bravado, routinely miss the mark…he is right about one thing – your arrogance would most likely get you bupkus in Richmond, and thus we’d be the worse off.

      It is possible that you are fully sincere in your trite dismissals, your egotistical smugness that you’re the smartest poster on here (with your myriad quotes of folks both prescient and arcane, your reliance on souped-up vocabulary, and your generally grating and pugilistic tone); really, you’re the mirror-image incarnation of that fella who writes op-ed pieces for the Winchester newspaper.

      Enjoy your time out of the spotlight, and…please…do us all a favor and don’t run again in 2015.

    • Point proven

  6. Mr. Jordan, nice to meet you sir.

    And so nice to see that you speak a little Yiddish (actually the official New York spelling is bupkis, but still an especially apt choice of this particular expression here in farm country), appreciate my souped up vocabulary, and discerned with apparent envy my pugilistic tone when applied to the likes of the invisible, and Sarge. Me, I’da used squat to describe what my prospects of bill passage were in Richmond, not because my issues aren’t dead nuts on, but because they’re not guns, nullification or pro-life pandering. But then, why should you have someone represent you respecting something other than culture warfare crap?

    But, careful, you’re trying too hard to outdo me, vocabulary-wise, me, the smartest poster on here.

    And I see you read not one newspaper but two. Small wonder your vocabulary could get you notice by the master rhetorician, Wild Bill himself. Even though he’s dead and gone, requiescat etc (oops, there I go).

    For your information, Mr. Jordan, more votes last time came from Republicans than Dems. Not that I’m an expert on these things (but could describe them beautifully), and I’m also uniquely qualified to characterize Dr. Karen Schultz as a female equivalent of a cigar store Indian, having suffered through her meaningless platitudes over 3 months and in 27 (was it?) debates. Was her doctorate in boring do you think? Or are the Dems still fond of aping Al Gore’s speaking style.

    Let’s see what Sarge thinks. Sarge, care to apply some neocon bravado to this puzzler?

    • Hal Jordan says:

      I don’t envy you at all, Mr. Marro…and that further proves how you love the sight of your own thoughts in pixelated form.

  7. Mr Mister says:

    I like this guy. I think he makes good points. Unfortunately most or all of the repubs will vote for Vogel no matter what. It’s the people in the middle who can change the election results.
    Mr. Marro is the smartest guy in this room. He is debating with puppets who have been told the sky is green, by republican talking points. I just wish for all of us there was someone better than Vogel, even on the republican side. I just don’t think she is the perfect candidate.

  8. “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

    As we bid adieu to Mr. Marro.

  9. CC, nice to see you haven’t lost your touch, dull as ever.

    And apparently an ardent admirer of that wonderful artist and pop philosophical thinker, Andy Warhol.

    But you think running for office in the 27th District makes me (or keeps me from being) world famous? This is hardly a world stage, CC, a puddle perhaps, likely not even that.

    I’ll take my world-famous turn for our animal welfare work if you wouldn’t mind. Or whatever parts of my platform you find inspirational or aspirational. I’m especially proud, personally, of Death With Dignity though I can’t claim any authorship of the concept, merely being a voice here for the others who can.

    Too bad you’re unlikely to take credit for supporting meaningful change. Now, go light your torch and march on Dr. Frankenstein’s castle. Or maybe you better not, I hear he’s creating life and is well-armed, you know a conservative Republican.

  10. What movie ?

  11. Another View says:

    Who quits a week from the election? A loser?