Letter to the Editor – May Endorses Minchew

Joe T. May

Clarke Daily News - Opinion & Editorial

Delegate, 33rd District

Virginia House of Delegates

Loudoun, Clarke, and Frederick Counties


August 17, 2011

RE: My Endorsement of Randy Minchew, Conservative Republican Candidate for the new 10th District

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you as your former delegate to the Virginia House of Delegates. As you probably know, our old 33rd District was changed by the redistricting done this past Spring and a new 10th District was created out of the precincts that were formerly in my district. While I will miss the honor of representing you in Richmond, I am writing to let you know that I strongly endorse Randy Minchew to be your new delegate from the new 10th District. Randy has the integrity, experience, and conservative credentials to serve you well in Richmond and I could think of no finer gentlemen to have represent you and work with me in the House of Delegates in fighting to keep our taxes low and in working on important legislative matters to protect our families and encourage job creation and business growth.

Next Tuesday, August 23rd, is your day to vote in the election that will decide the Republican candidate in the new 10th Virginia House of Delegates district. Please remember to vote that day and join Bobbie and me in supporting Randy Minchew for election as the Republican candidate who can best ensure that we hold the new 10th District seat in Republican control. I have known Randy very well since he worked on my first campaign in 1993 and he is one of the most outstanding Republicans I have ever known. I strongly support him in this contest, and hope you will vote for him with confidence and enthusiasm.

Randy has served as Deputy Counselor and Advisor to Governor Bob McDonnell. He has worked with the Governor and Congressman Frank Wolf to fund our regional road network – without higher taxes. He has been an outstanding leader in regional economic development having chaired the Loudoun County Economic Development Commission and the Rural Economic Development Task Force. Randy has also served as Scoutmaster of the Boy Scout Troop in Leesburg and volunteers much of his time toward mentoring young men as a regional leader of the Boy Scouts of America. I also see Randy regularly at church where he serves as a lay minister and discipleship leader.

At a time when so many Americans are skeptical of politicians and their promises, I can tell you that Randy Minchew is worthy of your trust. He is a man of his word and possesses great personal integrity and honor. I am confident Randy will work for you, with me, and with our House of Delegates Republican caucus for the betterment of Virginia.

Randy is a rock solid conservative – and has been for decades. He’s not new to the conservative cause. He didn’t just discover the Second Amendment. He has never wavered from his pro‐life, pro‐family convictions, and his strong support for traditional marriage. As a distinguished attorney and one of Governor McDonnell’s senor advisors and attorneys, Randy has successfully fought for public policies that protect our Constitutional liberties, the rights of the unborn, and advance the quality of life of our citizens. I know he will continue to do so as your next Delegate.

Randy Minchew has done more than talk about reforming government. He has worked closely with Governor McDonnell on state policies that cut government spending and lower our taxes. Randy believes that Virginia’s families should keep more of their hard earned income, and we agree!

It was my great honor to represent you in Richmond and I want you to have a delegate who shares my vision for our region and who will work with me and other conservative Republicans on your behalf. I earnestly believe that delegate should be Randy Minchew and I endorse him without reservation.

Please mark your calendar to vote for Randy Minchew on August 23rd. Call your friends and neighbors today and ask them to do the same. Polling locations will be open from 6 AM to 7 PM, and voting will take just a few minutes of your time.

Very truly yours,

Joe T. May

Paid for and authorized by Minchew for Delegate.


  1. Independent says:

    Today I received a mailer from Mr. Minchew. It said nada about his positions on taxes, jobs and the economy. Instead, it focused on only his view of pro-life issues. Fine and dandy, but why such an obvious plea for votes from a niche demographic on the eve of the primary? Please, can we have some candidates who can address the core issues that affect ALL Virginians. How about the economy, jobs, environment and education?