Letter to the Editor: Minchew Says Butler Wrong on TMDL Agreement

Dear CDN Editor

Thanks for moderating a great event Wednesday night.

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You may recall Mr. Butler advised the Clarke County Farm Bureau forum attendees that Virginia had entered into an agreement with the federal government to adopt the expensive TMDL protocols and suggested that Virginia needs to comply with its “agreed obligations”.

He could not be more wrong.

This TMDL exercise is a classic imposed EPA unfunded mandate with no bilateral agreement, no fair negotiations, and nothing voluntary on behalf of our home state. This is just another example of the iron boot of federal environmental regulators coming down hard on our home state.

The attached documents show that this is a unilateral mandate from the Obama Administration directing Virginia to comply with new onerous regulations without a penny of federal money provided to help in funding the mandate.

If you see the attached two documents as evidencing any kind of nice, mutually-agreed deal between Virginia and the US Government as Mr. Butler suggests, please let me know.

I am in favor of reasonable environmental protocols that can reduce pollution that makes its way to the Chesapeake Bay, but I have real heartburn with what the Obama Administration’s EPA is doing with this unfunded mandate that could cost Clarke County millions of dollars and could hurt our family farms in Clarke County.

President Obama Executive Order 13508 re TMDL’s (L0193236)

EPA Letter To Secretary Preston Bryant 12-9-2009 (L0193237)


CDN Editor: Supporting documents provided by Micnhew for Delegate campaign.