Letter to the Editor: Mosby Extension

The little snippet of news broadcast on Winchester 3 on June 23rd does not give the real story about the Mosby extension. We had a lot more to say and our main concern is the fact that this road will be put right through the High School’s property.


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Why aren’t any of our citizens concerned about a major road being put through the new high schools property?

Do you know that our town council does not care what you think and will do this with no regard for you?

Do you know that the town put a noose around the neck of the school board and said that they could not build this school unless they let this road be built?

This road divides the land so if any further building is done for the school the children will have to cross a road to get to it. All entrances and exits to this school should be off Main Street where they originally told us they would be. It’s an embarrassment that our town would do such a thing and pretend that it is for the good of our community. All should know by now that the “people” usually only get the part of the story the politicians want you to hear.

3.4 million dollars of your tax money go to a road that is not needed.

Even one of our local school bus drivers says “This is not safe!”

The truth needs to be told!

Janet Tolin, Berryville, Virginia


  1. BenefitoftheDoubt says:

    As much as I’m not crazy about the entrance locations for the school, one trip up West Main during school traffic hours leads me to believe it is a better (and safer) option than putting them off Main Street. I must say however that I am disappointed with some of my fellow citizens that are hijacking any reason they can clam on to, in order to merely avoid loosing the default cul-de-sac created by the current termination of Mosby. The loudest voices are coming from the hill of Echolsville, and while I can tolerate loud, I can’t stand selfishness, hysterics, and false pretenses. Just say you don’t want the road going through your quiet part of Berryville.

  2. Janet Tolin says:

    Well, you see, this is NOT what it’s all about. If this road were necessary I would bow down. It’s not just for “Our quiet part of Berryville”. Every school everywhere has a lot of traffic when students arrive and leave. There is nothing one can do about that. Not everyone has the knowledge to understand traffic studies and the like. I have knowledgeable information that the studies do not support the need for this road. Our new school is only being built to accommodate it’s current student body. We need to leave room for expansion and any other additions that may be wanted in the future.

    This money should be spent improving the safety of the entrance for drop off/pick up of the Cooley students. This round about they propose will get backed up because of the inadequate Cooley entrance.

    • Smellin roses says:

      Ummm…where were you a year+ ago when all of this was all over the media? When a member of Town Council released emails that put (albeit briefly) a School Board member in her place? The Town forced the schools’ hand by falling back, repeatedly, on “The Plan” and calling it a critical “collector” road a la Hermitage Blvd. Several folks, including a few from tony “Echolsville,” protested an initial idea of Mosby ending with the school as its terminus. With the town dug in, the schools looked to VDoT, who has come up with the money, and so the roundabout was selected as the cheaper option. All this was decided last year.

      The time for protesting this road, and its incumbent traffic circle, has passed. Whether or not it has merit is moot now, as the plans have been OK’d and the money has been allocated by VDoT. Your quixotic carping ain’t gonna change anything.

  3. Tammy Lanham says:

    Not to worry, the studies WERE adequately completed, and the intersection and road were always part of the building site plan. Citizens were deeply involved and were of course concerned, not only about student safety issues but also traffic issues….I personally attended many school board building committee meetings at which the road study results were discussed and carefully considered as plans for the entrances were made. Car traffic was counted during certain times of the day, costs of different kinds of intersections were considered, bus traffic between schools, limited visibility on main street at the hill- and of course the the town’s long-range plans were considered as well (these were in place even before the school board purchased the land). The roundabout option was voted on as the best option for school and town traffic nearly two years ago (I seem to remember that meeting was held in the bus garage office and it was a warm summer day).

    We are fortunate that the knowledgable officials in the DMV not only recommended these options after their studies- but also were able to fund them. The roundabout will work fine- as do those at rt.50/rt.15 and by the new Woodgrove High School near Purcellville. It is unfortunate that the road will divide the High School property, but the School Board members knew of the Town’s road plan prior to purchasing the land and considered limited access (a gate for emergency vehicles only) and the fact that high school “children” will most likely use the fields by the parking lots for classes. It seemed to take forever, but after SO many considerations the building project finally moved forward.

    I personally hope further building continues on the remaining land as physical education classes do need more space near the new high school for tennis courts/track/soccer field etc.. High school students do know how to cross a street safely (they drive cars after all!) I would just recommend teachers accompany classes to the future fields furthest from the school (not always the case now, as students are sent to tennis courts on parks and rec property while others use the track ….the current high school has such an odd field setup.)

    Anyhow, if things continue to move in the right direction our community may actually support renovation of the old high school to replace our outdated Primary and Cooley facilities. Guess that would solve the Cooley intersection problem. I’m just glad the Town and School Board are actually looking toward the future… now to get the BOS on the same track….

  4. remember.... says:

    when it was all apple fields up there?….used to explore that land all day….too bad its not there for newer young adventurers to explore.

    • Smellin roses says:

      Better it’s a school instead of the 60-odd homes originally proposed for that bit of land.

  5. Janet Tolin says:

    It was not, I repeat, not on the plans to have this road go through. I’ve seen the original blueprints. The city had Mosby officially changed from a designated “road” to a “blvd.” so they could put it through.

    I won’t play the he said, she said game. But I can tell you if it weren’t for the people of, as you say, “Echolsville”. You/we wouldn’t have this high school. We said “Yes!” to this project. We were told by the school board (who says they did NOT know about the road) that it would not greatly affect our neighborhood after the initial construction phase.

    If it weren’t for Mr. Echols selling that land to the school (at a greatly reduced price, by the way). They would still be trying to decide where to put it.

    As of now, I’d much rather have 60 more neighbors who are as nice as we are!!!

    • For that matter if it weren’t for Alton Echols Jimmy Clevenger would still be growing tomatoes on that land. I’m not sure that I wouldn’t chose ‘maters over mcmansions . [As an aside, I also wonder how many locals bought houses in any of the new development around Berryville. ]

      Lastly I think the folks down Springsbury Road are happy that the school didn’t land in their backyards. NIMBY is a way of life for some.

    • Oh yeah, I suspect that Alton unloaded the rest of his land for a reasonable price because the bottom fell out of the market and he wasn’t going to make any money with further development. Trust me, Echols bought that land for a good price and he didn’t lose a cent.

  6. Janet Tolin says:

    Sigh, so just because locals did not buy property here and we did it makes us the bad guys? We live here because we have to. We had to relocate due to a government job. Were not going anywhere and neither is progress, dear man, it is inevitable that the town will grow, has grown. You can’t stop progress and you need people in this town in order for it to survive. Maybe Jimmy was tired of growing tomatoes, he sold the land didn’t he. I don’t know that Echols did or didn’t make money, but, he did sell the land to the school board, and it was at a reduced cost because he cares about this town.

    I don’t mind the school. In fact it was one of the reasons we moved here. Where I live the Mosby extension will have little impact, except for the speeding… and that already occurs. I really hope the city does it’s job in calming the traffic.

    I’m done with this blog so you can have the last say if you like (:

    This blog was intended to raise the awareness and our concern that a major road will run through our high school. We care about the kids. It’s wrong to do this!