Letter to the Editor: Payroll Tax Cuts

Our President proposes to extend & expand payroll tax cuts from the Social Security Trust Fund.  Why would he want to endanger the promised benefits to our Senior Citizens by not fully funding this program?  If his motivation is to allow citizens to keep more of their own money, why not reduce the gas tax or some other similar Federal revenue?   How about serious Tax Reform that reducing rates and eliminates loopholes?  Why not “Freeze” spending at last year’s level? How about a 1% decrease in all Federal programs? Why is it that the only proposal to pay for this Trust Fund cut is an increase in taxes on other citizens?  Class Warfare?  Is there not any program of lesser priority in the Federal Government that could be trimmed back to offset the reduction? 

We need political leadership that brings forth substantial change in the size & scope of our Federal Government.  Our country is approaching federal spending levels at 25% of GDP and has now gone over $15T in debt.!!  There should be no discussion of any SPENDING GROWTH.  Big Government is not working, it is the problem.  This large bureaucracy should be dismantled.  Our elected representatives, Democrat & Republican, need to quit “playing on the margins” and get serious about changing the fiscal course of this country.

Please join the Northern Shenandoah Valley TEA Party in a discussion on this topic and other public policy issues.  We must hold these politicians accountable.

Jay L. Marts

Frederick County

Jay Marts is a political activist and organizer of the Northern Shenandoah Valley TEA


  1. I could not agree with you more. I am very interested in becoming part of the Tea Party. Can you please send me some information? meetings? I want to get involved!! Our country is at stake!! If Obama is re-elected then I feel there is NO HOPE!! I hate to feel that way! We need a serious leader that can make tough decisions! Yes – Not everyone will like the necessary changes but you can’t make everyone happy! We need to do what is best for the good Ole US of A!!!
    This Country can be great again!

  2. It’s funny Obama goes out and dogs the Bush tax cuts, then turns around and supports a tax cut from the Social Security Fund.

    In addition, the House is trying to get the Canadian Pipeline included with the tax cut, a pipeline that would add jobs and maybe bring down ridiculously high gas prices, and yet Obama wants nothing to do with it.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  3. Please join us. We try to discuss Issues & Ideas as opposed to Party & Politicians, but……

    Northern Shenandoah Valley TEA Party (NSV-TP) Group Meetings

    Thursday December 15, 2011 – NSV-TP Meeting
    @ The House of Light, 13 E. Main Street, Berryville, VA 22611
    Social Time @ 6:30p, Meeting begins at 7:00p
    SUBJECT: Upcoming Virginia General Assembly Session (11 Jan – 10 Mar 12)

    Tuesday January 3, 2012 – NSV-TP Meeting
    @ Frederick County Public Safety Bldg, 1080 Coverstone Drive, Winchester, VA 22602
    SUBJECT: Virginia Transportation Planning/Issues/Funding
    US Congressional Candidate- Kenneth Vaughn
    Frederick County Transportation Committee Chair – Supervisor Charles DeHaven
    Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission Exec Dir – Martha Shickle

  4. David Mikolajczak says:

    One cannot conclude anything but that we have Mr. Feelgood as President. All he wants to do is make things fair for everyone. Well, life is inherently unfair and there is nothing he can do about that; That he believes that he can and chooses to continue on his Quixotic journey as POTUS should be a warning to people that he really doesnt know what he is doing, and we have an dilletante as our chief executive. Many of his remarks sound much like a childs excuses. “It’s not my fault” or “I inherited this mess”. Yes, we know that Mr. president. You were hired to fix it. The funny thing is that if he had set aside his agenda and actually fixed the economy, he would have breezed into a second term with the power to do much whatever he wanted, including a single payer health care system. Instead we are looking forward to 2012, which could be 1968 all over again. The Obama years wil go down as the largest waste of time and money in US history.

  5. David Mikolajczak says:

    Furthermore, He governs like no president in recent memory. His first two years The Democrats had all the control and he “governed” as such. No deals, no compromises. He loses that power in 2010 and he still “governs” in the same fashion, no deals, no compromises. He promised “fundamental transformation of the US in 2008; No one knew what that meant. Most people thought he was going to fix the economy, which was a good assumption. The problem was that he doesn’t know HOW to fix the economy. He has pipe dreams of a “Green Jobs Economy” That will not happen until the technology to support it and the demand for it exists to begin with. We have life long bureaucrats running GM. Not one person on the board of directors has been in the auto industry. They toss BILLIONS of dollars into sinkholes called Solyndra. The economy will not improve one bit while this man is the President; Anyone with any sense has their 401K on the sideline right now, waiting for some common sense to be sent into Washington. Yes Obama inherited a mess. Unfortunately he didn’t know how to clean it up. I think Hillary Clinton of all people would haven’t done one of any of his grand projects until the economy was fixed. She would have fixed the mess before spending basically two years creating a health care system that is going to bankrupt us and ruin what was the best health care system in the world, free or otherwise.

  6. Uncle Jessie says:

    You’re kidding right?
    “The Obama years wil go down as the largest waste of time and money in US history.”

    If you were only so passionate when Bush was fighting 2 wars, giving tax breaks to the rich, and impementing medicare part D – ALL ON A CREDIT CARD


  7. So the way to fix prolifigate spending is to be even more so prolifigate?

  8. It appears that our politicians have forgotten that we pay their salary. When a program such as Social Security is working the government just has to muck it up. Can’t just keep their fingers out of the pie. Socical Security has been fundamentally sound since its inception, but only if the government does not “borrow” from it (and never pays it back) and allows the fund the right to continue unabashed by those that don’t seem to need the money upon their retirement.

  9. “Socical Security has been fundamentally sound since its inception”. Let’s look at that. When it began there were some 16 or more workers for each retiree. Now it is 3 workers per retiree. http://www.ssa.gov/history/ratios.html
    The average salary in the US today is 45K; that salary .pays in to SS about $2800. Three people then provide about $8500 per retiree. Of course you double that to match the employers contribution and we see that each retiree today has about 17K generated for them by all of America combined. Minus the overhead the SSA needs to run itself, you can see that to claim that SS needs to draw down considerably from the truust fund. The bottom line is that with the worker/retiree ratio needs to be a bit higher so as not to draw down the trust fund.

  10. Another View says:

    Social Security is generational theft. AND IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!