Letter to the Editor: So Grateful!

I am so thankful to all those who made this year’s Kristin Jacobs Mulch Sale a tremendous success this past Saturday.  I would like to thank Dave Bodkin, Scott Hubbard, Ricky Tavenner, Wayne Warfield, Frank Jurney and Ricky Holliday of Stuart M. Perry for delivering our bulk mulch and Chris Stiles, Shannon Dulaney and Jim Stutzman for their expert loading skills.

Additionally, Toni and George Novakowski, Lisa Dale, Jennifer Jones, Carolyn Kruza, Tricia Dietz, Alana Dang, Meredith Place and the Ohm Family all provided valuable support to facilitate this annual fundraiser.

Lastly, I am ever so grateful to the Nelson family for donating the mulch that makes this event possible and for the many families who purchased the mulch allowing us to raise over $12,500 to benefit the Clarke County Public Schools.

Much appreciative,
Kim Stutzman Ex. Director,
Clarke Co Education Foundation