Letter to the Editor – Sprouse Seeks White Post Supervisor Seat

Citizens and Voters of the White Post District,

My name is H.R. “Randy” Sprouse and I am a candidate for the Clarke County Board of Supervisors. As a resident of White Post for 14 years, I have been both a supporter and critic of Supervisor Dunning. I have supported his positions on land use and residential growth. On other issues, perhaps not so much.

May 4 - Don't Forget to Vote!

With four sons in or having attended Clarke County Public Schools, I am an active supporter of our school system. Some of that support has been expressed as a member of the Curriculum and Instructional Materials Committee, 08/09, as well as a current member, and former Chair, of the Policy Committee which has been charged with crafting a comprehensive policy guide for the entire school division. In the community I have served as a Clarke County Youth Soccer League coach, an adult leader of Troop 11 of the Boy Scouts of America, an active member of the Clarke County Ruritan Club, a member and Chair of a Lord Fairfax Planning District committee, and Chair of the Clarke County Democratic Committee.

As I look to the future, I will encourage tourism throughout the county but especially at Long Branch and the Arboretum at Blandy. I will seek ways for us to become a better steward of the Shenandoah River. I will support reasonable growth at Double Toll Gate. I will support investment in the county by entities such as Georgetown University and I look forward to future conversations about energy generation and consumption by the  county.

In closing, I would like to thank the many voters who supported me four years ago, and ask for your support again this November. If you voted for Mr. Dunning in the last election or if you are a newly registered voter, I ask for your consideration as your candidate of choice for this November.

Thank you,

Randy Sprouse


  1. Smellin roses says:

    Well now…here’s a candidate I can get behind and vote for! Thanks for stepping up, Mr. Sprouse!

  2. Just Curious.... says:

    Sorry but if you are alligned with Pete Dunning than you just lost my vote! Thats part of the problem with this county now, people afraid of change…. With you, it sounds like the same old song and dance!

    • hoopsfan says:


    • Read what he says — not regularly aligned with Pete, so this IS a new voice!!
      Give him a chance!

    • My two farthings worth says:

      I’m willing to hear him out in detail. There will be ample time between now and November to hear what he has to say. In the mean time, Pete’s “annointed one”, Bev McKay seems to be the standard bearer for the “same old song and dance”.

    • White Post Political Analyst says:

      So your alternative is Bev McKay. He and Pete are so much alike, they could probably trade kidneys.

  3. Quick to state the areas where he agreed with Mr. Dunning, but leaves everyone guessing about the areas that he did not. Doesn’t sound like much contrast to me.

  4. Stonebroke says:

    Exactly! If you agree with Pete Dunning on anything, then it is a “NO” vote for you!

  5. Laura Stevens says:

    Glad to hear it, Randy. Those above choose to ignore your statement of, “I will support reasonable growth at Double Tollgate.” and want to think you are just are like Dunning don’t know you. I have known you through scouts for about ten years and know you to be a kind, reasonable and intelligent person. You had my support four years ago and you have it now.

  6. My 2 Cents says:

    Sounds like more of the same to me as well. I think he needs to to clarify himself a little. Sorry if you agree with Pete Dunning on anything than you must have issues because he is so out of touch with the community its not even funny!

  7. And while we’re at it, let’s define “reasonable growth”. Anyone who’s paid attention to these forums alone can figure out that some people think it means lowest-common-denominator retail, while others like the county’s planning director think it should mean an employment center.

    Being in favor of vague concepts is politics at it’s finest.

  8. sargewillis says:

    Great, good to know there is at least one senseable person willing to step foward. I know Randy and feel he would be a voice for reason in this county.

  9. Time4change says:

    If your trying to get a political spot that’s been had by the same person for years, then you have to try to be sorta like that guy so some of his voters will vote for you. Thats why Randy lowered himself to find a common thing with Dunn-Nothing. There’s nothing else the same. You people say you want new on that board, well here’s your shot. Wish I lived there so I could take it. The rest of the County is counting on you White Post voters.

  10. Couldn’t be said any better – Time to get rid of Ol’ Pete and get some new ideas and some change!!

  11. You all do not understand… New ideas are never going to make it in that district very traditional district. This is especially true with Bev McKay’s connections going back generations. Randy has been there 14 years. This is NEW but also respectful of the traditional. Whomever gets elected has to walk a fine line regardless in order to get the election. I am looking forward to independent thinking who will analyze the decisions for the district and Randy sounds like the only possibility.

  12. My 2 Cents says:

    Too bad he won’t get the nod because the Millionaire Farmers fear that there pockets will get hit! I wonder how many of Pete’s buddies are trying to pay him to run again!

  13. hoopsfan says:

    when will Ms. Robina Rich-Bouffault be throwing her hat in the ring?

  14. hoopsfan wrote: when will Ms. Robina Rich-Bouffault be throwing her hat in the ring?

    I don’t understand the support for Robina. The only difference between her and Pete is gender. They are both landed gentry who are outspoken to a fault and both curry their own interests in both the press and as elected executives.

    Randy Sprouse may be the best choice, albeit McKay will be a formidable opponent.

    Doesn’t it come down to who will resonate with the voters, not the shouters and whiners who post here? Those folks want someone who will keep Clarke rural, promote slow growth, and support the Master Plan.

    You newbies and disgruntled townies have short memories. The first local battles to slow suburban sprawl were fought east of here in Fairfax then Loudoun Counties. These encounters weren’t epic failures or stunning success, depending on your point of view, but the “Don’t Fairfax Loudoun” resonated on this side of the Blue Ridge. The Clarke Master Plan stands as one of the few successes in the effort to slow spread of the now-famous suburban sprawl that is known to the world as Northern Virginia.

    Pete’s seat will go to the man or woman who can thread the needle on support for the Master Plan coupled with intelligent growth policies that preserve the character of Clarke County but allow for the burden of revenue to shift away from such heavy reliance on the residential tax base.

    Nobody wins an election in Clarke by promoting Walmarts at Waterloo.

    • hoopsfan says:

      no support here… I figure that is the next logical step for her after she announced she wasn’t running for school board again

      I do think the ” farm use” is a joke 10 acres and a pony doesn’t a farmer make

  15. Clarke 1 says:

    Thats your wish Bob! Not everyone thinks the way you do! Remember that! Clarke County is not built on Farmers alone…… Don’t be afraid Bob, you might just find some bargains in that Wal-Mart!