Letter to the Editor: Support Senator Vogel

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Dear Editor:

Voters in the 27th Senate District are fortunate to be represented by Senator Jill Vogel.  On November 8, make the wise choice and send Jill back to Richmond.

During campaign season, the rhetoric ramps up and it seems common-sense gets lost in the shuffle as many opponents do their best to discredit each other in pursuit of a win on Election Day.  This race is no exception, with Jill’s opponents – particularly Independent candidate Don Marro – displaying a confrontational, antagonistic manner that this voter does not appreciate.

As a father, husband, veterinarian, and small business owner, I am not a “single issue” voter.  Rather, I look at the big picture on issues and at the attributes of the individual.  Jill is a working mother, a professional running her own law firm, and an active and well-respected member of her community.  While Jill has tremendous experience, subject knowledge, and professional accolades, my support of her goes beyond her stance on issues and policy.  I identify with Jill; I share her values, her work ethic, and her sense of family and community.  I know that in Richmond, I can depend on Jill to make choices about our state government that are truly in the best interest of folks like me.

Jill is also committed to her district and its rural lifestyle – she has received the endorsement of the Virginia Farm Bureau and the Virginia League of Conservation Voters.  However, her opponent, Mr. Marro, is a frequent combatant of the Virginia Farm Bureau through his animal rights organization, the Virginia Voters for Animal Welfare.  His views on animal welfare are extreme, and his confrontational, in-your-face manner has certainly gotten him noticed at the State Capitol – for all the wrong reasons.  In contrast, the interests of the farmers and sportsmen of this jewel known as “Hunt Country” are well represented by Jill through her work in the legislature and her service as a trustee of the Virginia Outdoors Foundation.

When you go to the polls on November 8, send the best person for the job to Richmond – reelect Senator Jill Vogel.


William D. Tyrrell, Jr., DVM


  1. “…However, her opponent, Mr. Marro, is a frequent combatant of the Virginia Farm Bureau through his animal rights organization, the Virginia Voters for Animal Welfare. His views on animal welfare are extreme, ..”

    Dang, when a veterinarian says your views on animal welfare are extreme, you must be WAAAAAAAAYYYYY out there!!!

  2. I like Shaun and Jill. Right now, I am undecided. However, my voting decision will get thought . I apprecicate Jill standing up to the Uranium mining industry when she voted against a proposed industry paid study to consider opening uranium mining in Virginia. From her verbal explanation, I know that she contemplated the issue. She voted for what she thought was right and not what others begged her to do. She thought about the potential environmental consequences and she wondered if the study would be objective or achieve an industry desired result. I appreciate her desire to keep tolls off interstate 81.

  3. Not all vets are concerned mainly with the animals unfortunately. The intentions may have been there, but $ took over. This may be the case.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t honestly paid much attention to this race until the past couple weeks, but I am generally an issues voter as well and have voted for candidates from multiple parties. In fact, I voted for Vogel the last time and haven’t really kept up on everything. I have “googled” all three of the candidates and read various past news articles, websites, and other information. You have to get past all the fluff to get an idea of reality vs. political spin. I can tell you that after reading the first couple news stories about Vogel refusing an invitation to debate Broy apparently after he asked her publicly a number of times, just doesn’t set well with me and raised some red flags about why she absolutely refused. I looked over her bills she proposed and voting record, which indicated she was a bit more conservative than I thought she was when I voted for her, but what jumped out at me the most was the “blah” factor of accomplishments. The bills she proposed were mostly “blah” and still only like 20% of them passed. Now I know I have been a little lengthy here, but she has now been in office for four years and considering things have went south with the economy and stuff, and not just the fact that she really hasn’t done much or even attempted to fix some of these pressing issues. She certainly can’t be blamed for all that has sank over the past four years, but it is fair to say she has been a part of the problem. If I had been a part of something unfortunate that happened, I would feel an obligation to at least try to be a part of the solution. All she has is a whole lot of money and has offered a whole lot of nothing to address things that have resulted from this financial crisis and poor economy. After wasting my vote the last time on this woman, it won’t happen again. I mean I can’t believe more people around here aren’t rioting in the streets!!! Oh… and does this guy have a clue about reality. 1. She’s done nothing. 2. Marro isn’t the one she has to worry about 3. Shaun Broy gets my vote and I bet a lot of other votes as well!

    • virginiacop says:

      What has Shaun Broy done? He has some ideas you may like (I do not), but he has no record of significant accomplishment and no relevant experience. None. Either in public or private life. He is woefully unqualified to represent us in the Senate.

    • It is interesting Anonymous criticizes Vogel for only having 20% of her bills passed.

      Richard Saslaw, a senior Democrat with over 30 years in the chamber, and Majority Leader of the Senate, could only muster 40% of his bills to be passed.

      Many of Jill’s collegues in the Senate had similar success in passing bills. Patsy Ticer (D-Alexandria) had 17.4%, Janet Howell (D-Reston) had 28.3%, John Miller (D-Newport News) had 13.9% and Chuck Colgan (D-Manassas) who has been there since 1976 had only 21.4% of his bills passed.

      I would classify Jill’s 20%, as a freshman Senator with the minority party (Democrats control the Senate … at least until 8 November), as a fair achievement.

  5. Well, well. My demographic now includes Right Wingers and Veterinarians who aren’t single issue voters. Lucky me.

    Dr. Tyrell, a pleasure to hear your views, sir. Strange that a veterinarian would slime an animal welfare advocate – does that mean you’re NOT an animal welfare advocate but just a garden variety Philistine?

    Of course not, fine upstanding pillar of the community like you. You couldn’t possibly support agribusiness practices whose opposition thereto got me into such hot water with agribusiness stalwarts, you know, selling downers, starving useless horses, the stuff Clarke ACO’s see regularly. Our CourtWatch publication lists statewide all animal cruelty cases and plainly shows just how venal are the agribusiness folks for whom you are a willing apologist. My compliments sir. Derive much revenue from backyard breeders and agribusiness stalwarts do you? Most vets do. Do you think that makes you venal, too, or merely self-serving?

    By the way, Jill Vogel actually helped us with animal welfare bills back when I had high hopes for her. But I’m running anyway. Remarkable lack of gratitude. But the bills were tip of the hat bills, just don’t tell her I said so. What’s the expression – caved like a house of cards. Sumfin like that.

    As to the League of Conservation Voters endorsement, I wouldn’t boast about that too strenuously. Just as Mrs. Vogel claims to hold her nose to vote for what she doesn’t like (but follows orders on anyway), Lisa Guthrie, Executive Director of that group, claims to have misplaced my questionnaire so by default endorsed Mrs. Vogel. Ask her at VirLCV@aol.com, 804-225-1902, 804-240-1976 (cell). Or ask me for the emails.

    Actually, you got my reasons for going to Richmond right. To be combative. The pale imitations of leaders that promote culture warfare are about as useless as tonsils for eliminating income disparities and keeping Virginia from another excursion into 19th century mores. Hadn’t you heard, sir, we tried nullification and decided to form a more perfect union instead. At least those of us who don’t fear change, competition, and Chinese food did. But, oh, the pleasures of an agrarian past! You know, before Continental Grain and Archer Daniels Midland made us all love obesity and made tomatoes taste like cardboard as a special treat.

    Sorry to ignore you Right Winger. No, actually I’m not.

  6. Right Winger… I am very much starting to agree with your statement. I believe that we are far too concerned these days and focused too much on “right” or “left,” instead of what is RIGHT or WRONG.