Letter to the Editor: Thanks to the Community

Clarke County Social Services would like to thank the individuals, churches, organizations, and all those involved who helped  make it possible for those in need to have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas this year.   168 households were assisted this year with a Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner and/or gifts.

Your generosity has brightened children’s eyes and warmed hearts in this season of giving.  Thank you again for your support, generosity, and kindness during this time of need.


Clarke County Social Services Staff


  1. Sharon Strickland says:

    As President of the Battlefield Estates Civic Association, I personally want to thank all the residents that responded to our association call to help. We supported two families at Thanksgiving. At Christmas, two more families received so much generosity from neighbors. Several neighbors brought enough food to help the families with staples for many weeks now. The ladies Bunco group from Early Drive, Pender Court, and Beauregard and Delany Courts all donated the winnings to help the families. I also want to praise Carol Wilkening for asking to be the Chairperson for the Holiday Family baskets. She truly went out of her way. We also thank husband Ken Wilkening for supporting this effort and for making four deliveries that will help families survive. There will be three very happy children in our county this Christmas. Again, thank you BE residents for your positive response. You are magnifcent!!!

    • Sharon Strickland says:

      I failed to mention that the family names were provided to our civic association by Clarke County Social Services. For three years, our association has contacted Social Services to help others. The residents of Battlefield Estates have big hearts and are so very generous. Our association serves as the contact point for making requests and then the officers collect and deliver. There were over 168 families needing help and only 50 families made it through the filters to get help. The FISH pantry is nearly depleted and Social Services at this time of year is always depleted of items for families. Rather than getting thumbs down for thanking our residents, I think others should like that we are helping our county or town residents. Why don’t you ask about helping too. Come January, many families will need more food.

  2. goodgracious says:

    Wow I thought this was about the great job social services was doing.