Letter to the Editor: Thanks to the Ruritans and Clarke County Residents for Another Great Fair

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Well, the Clarke County Fair is over for another year! Yes, we had a few glitches, a few storms, but we also had a lot of happy people come out and enjoy themselves.

At the Clarke County Ruritan food stand we had a great group of volunteers come in and work, sweat, and get a nice sheen of grease for their four hour shifts. People like the well behaved pre-teens, teenagers and honor students during the morning and early afternoon hours. During the hectic evening rushes we had some fantastic groups come in and work their tails off; some of the hard working groups were the Blue Ridge Hunt Club, the Clarke County employees, Berryville Town employees, Boy Scout Troop 34 and the St. Bridget Catholic Church parishioners. Let’s not forget all the Ruritan club members and their friends that helped during those times when we needed just one, two, or six extra bodies to keep things running smoothly. A special thanks to the Macintosh Farm for donating those succulent peaches and apples that everyone scarfed down. So if you happen to see any of these great volunteers please say thank you to them for their hard work making the Clarke County Fair such a great success.

Personally I wish to extend a hearty Thank You to my co-chairmen’s, most of which were there every day morning, noon, and night!

Jim Willis
Ruritan Food Stand


  1. Jim,

    Thanks for the great fair as usual…. However, just a question, did you guys have limited volunteers this year? The one line that was open was usually slammed and a lot of my friends were unable to enjoy your food due to the long lines…. What are the chances of opening the second door next year?

    • sargewillis says:

      Yep, that is one of the biggest problems for the food stand, getting enough volunteers, we run three shifts every day of the fair except Sunday, which means we use on average 30 to 40 people a day. During the first two shifts on most days having 6 to 12 volunteers is usually enough, but once 5 or 6 pm rolls around we need a minimum of 16 to 18 to open the second line. It’s very hard to round up all those great volunteers and we tend to have a lot of the same people offering to help, which also tends to burn them out fast. One of my hardest working co-chairwoman starts calling people weeks in advance of the fair and it amazes me how she does get everyone. In the evening as I noted in the article about we have some great groups that come and try to take on the evening shift. the problem there is most of these groups have been doing it for years and are running out of members willing to get greasy. If you know of anyone or any group that would be willing to volunteer on the night shift I would love to hear from them. We do have some small incentives, free pass for the week, a drawing for a beautiful hanging plant for the ladies, and all the food you can eat after your shift.

  2. I’d like to say “thank you” to everyone that put in all the hours and hard work that goes into pulling off the fair.

    • sargewillis says:

      It is I that should say “Thank you” to all the citizens of Clarke County, they are the volunteers that makes the fair such a great success. I love being at the fair during that week, I get to see a huge number of people give back to their community.