Letter to the Editor – Time for Some Effective Mule-Kicking

Have you hugged your horse today? Or mule-kicked your representatives? It’s going to take a lot more of the latter, if we are going to pull this country back from the brink.

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At issue is the immediate reimposition of Glass-Steagall, which I urged the Berryville Town Council last Tuesday evening to demand Congress enact. At issue is the multi-trillion dollar chargeback of the phony, speculative debt Wall Street and London are extracting with their bailouts and demands for life-destroying budget cuts on every level of government. Members of Congress have shown that they will summon the gumption to challenge their control by the financiers K Street lobbyists only when they receive sufficient political kicks from a population that reminds them that they are there to act on behalf of the people of the nation, not the on behalf of speculators who mean to impose corporatist control over the nation.

What we need instead of austerity is an American System credit system with which we can generate productive jobs. Great projects, rebuilding and expanding our infrastructure, will not only expand our tax base, but again provide a mission for young and old, creating a future for the country.

Since last Tuesday’s town council meeting, several more Congressmen have signed on as co-sponsors of H.R. 1489, the bill to re-impose Glass-Steagall. (You can get a complete list by going to thomas.gov and typing in Glass-Steagall.) What is encouraging is the potential patriotic juggernaut two of those new co-sponsors represent. One is Democrat Raul Grijalva of Arizona, co-chair of the Progressive Caucus, who has been evermore critical of Wall Street’s Man in the White House. The other is Rodney Alexander of Louisiana, a hardcore right-wing Republican. They exemplify a potential alliance of principle that is willing to put aside party politics for the cause of the nation.

We must get more of our organizations and institutions to help kindle the intensity of political heat that will make it unwise for other Members of Congress to continue to take their queues from the likes of Goldman-Sachs and the United Bank of Scotland.

Readers can go to larouchepac.com for constant updates on the fight for Glass-Steagall.

Franklin Bell

Franklin Bell lives in Bluemont and is Clarke County coordinator of the LaRouche Political Action Committee.


  1. LaRouche? Really? All credibility just left right there

  2. The Blindfolded Lady with the Scales Won says:

    Ah Lyndon LaRouche. Here is a man made famous for bilking little old ladies out of their life savings. When I lived in Leesburg, on an early morning in October, 1986, I heard a commotion on Catoctin Circle. I looked out to see swat teams and armored vehicles marshalling for some kind of major bust. They raided the offices of Lyndon LaRouche. In 1988 he was convicted of fraud and tax charges and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Blind justice is not the fat lady, but she sings very well.

  3. I find it amazing that there are still people that believe in LaRouche. But, Jim was able to get his folks to drink the kool aid!!! I am always offended when I am confronted by one of LaRouche’s supporters. I treat them pretty rude.

  4. Mr Mister says:

    I read the Glass-Steagall Act. Make good sense to me. It does seem things fell apart after the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. Too bad this is being pushed by LaRouche. I also discount anything he is pushing.