Letter to the Editor: Truth, or Government by Checkbook

Lewis Black cynically calls “leaders” those politicians who tell voters without a proverbial pot to piss in that taxes on the rich should be reduced.  Now add to this the notions of meritocracy (poor people as per se failures), women can’t be trusted with reproductive decisions, and homogeneity in sexual preference, religion and natural history as pillars of a sound society, and presto, it’s the conservative Republican mindset, a blueprint for looking down your nose and reversing progress.

These are the same conservative Republicans who okayed the loss of a manufacturing base to developing countries since it’s unions that’ll suffer and, besides, we can do great things on Wall Street.   Like let formerly cautious banks use federally insured deposits to compete for business Wall Street firms once risked their own money on.  With banks able to use deposits, Wall Street turned to stiffing their own customers, and the risk frenzy grew.  Glass-Steagall was disappeared thanks to lobbyist control of government  (do finance lobbyists really outnumber consumer and union lobbyists 25 – 1), and Citizens United sets the scene for government of, by and for the 1%.   Financial catastrophe in 1929 wasn’t searing enough, I guess.  Doubt this?  If so, stop relying on Limbaugh or Hannity but consult Reed of CitiBank or Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway, instead.

And perhaps you believe you deserve truth in political campaigns (and not profits but ethical standards with serious and certain penalties when standards are breached as the basis for medical care, legal advice or food), then ponder how predictive of what you’ll get from conservative Republicans is the presidential campaign of the leading Republican contender.  That campaign is so transparently false that its key advisor uses “Etch-A-Sketch” as a metaphor to proudly boast of a strategy of taking false positions to win in primaries, knowing full well that the general election positions will be different.  So much for truth, respect for voters, and respect for fair dealing.

It’s the same locally.  Mrs. Vogel, running for office as Jobs Senator, instead forces transvaginal ultrasound on women in order to access a constitutionally protected health and reproductive choice – you’ve heard of date rape, this is state rape – from the same darkly dangerous folks that brought you poll taxes.  When confronted by the blatant hypocrisy of her position, Mrs. Vogel’s response, was “Who, me?  I just want women to be fully informed”, women needing transvaginal ultrasound in Mrs. Vogel’s world to know their choices when they face unwelcome pregnancies.

And where is truth?  And jobs, pollution relief (the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers are among the nation’s most polluted), state and local government responsiveness and productivity (ours are rated least transparent, and are spectacularly unproductive), and solutions to perennial problems (like transportation, and the regular power outages from aboveground power lines which doesn’t seem to trouble Gov. McDonnell’s boyhood chum, now the CEO at Virginia Power).

Can conservative Republicans ever be trusted to be truthful, or benevolent?  Or will they just focus on elites and distract the easily confused or disinterested with culture warfare, in the same way as Romans used circuses?   My guess is the latter, and more government by checkbook.

Unless Lewis Black doesn’t really know you so well, and you decline to have it this way.

Donald C. Marro

The Plains, Virginia


  1. Or you could turn the tables and call this “Government by overdrawn checkbook”, since Barack Obama has added SIX TRILLION to an already ridiculous deficit.

  2. Another View says:

    Certainly our country faces problems, Mr. MArro. Therefore let us enact solutions. Let us transform Medicare and Medicaid before it bankrupts us. Let us make Social Security into a private pension system whereby Americans own their contributions, instead of permitting government to seize and redistribute their wealth. Spending must be cut, and work and investment rewarded through lower tax rates. And we need a strong dollar. Jobs are important, so to address your concern of jobs being shipped overseas, let us cut regulations and lower the corporate tax rate to $0.00.

    What? These are ideas being pushed by “conservative Republicans”? Why haven’t they been enacted? Oh, that’s right; the socialist Left, as embodied by the Democrat Party opposes permitting budget reform, Americans keeping more of their own money, and exercising more freedom and liberty.

    Aim your fire elsewhere, Mr. MArro. You have the wrong target.

  3. George Archibald says:

    What did he say? This was just ideological hot air, no factual substance, complete waste of space. Now I’ll wait for Sarge and Parrot to jump up and down again in defense of Robert Duvall’s Far-quar neighbor in The Plains.

    • Tony Parrott says:

      I’m sorry George, I wasn’t planning on donating any of my time to this “blow hard”.

      Two “R’s” and Two “T’s”

  4. donald c. marro says:

    Only 4 comments? Disconcerting.

    Actually, only 1. From Another View, yet another cher from the Clarke Daily News multitude too modest to seek personal credit for his efforts at truthseeking, or perhaps too shy for the harsh glare of the community spotlight.

    AV, are you a Customer Service “teammember” in your other life so to have such a creative nom de keyboard?

    And would you care to elaborate what regulations you’d rescind and what revenue sources you’d support? Of course you know that “enquiring minds want to know” Or would attention to detail tax your theories excessively.

    And what happens if we keep insisting on breathable air, drinkable water, safe food, weather forecasts, pure drugs. And funds for government, or the huddled masses yearning to get an education or solar power.

    Doomsday, right?

    • Another View says:

      I’d begin by rescinding every obligation promulgated pursuant to “Obamacare”. I would kill the EPA regulations that are making it impossible to operate existing or build coal fired energy plants. And the regulations preventing offshore oil drilling and oil drilling in Alaska and on federal lands generally? GONE!

  5. Marro…are you so ignorant to think that democrats don’t do exactly that which you complain of the Republicans doing???

    I would argue all politicians should go…the whole system is a scam, they don’t care about anyone but themselves.

    I must take issue with your statement regarding benevolence. The difference between the two parties is simple…the Democrats are happy to be benevolent with my money while most true Republicans would rather I keep my money so that I may choose how and when to be benevolent.

    • Glen Poe says:

      I was with you until you said true “Republicans”….where have they all gone? Most people forget that the Bush crime family with Cheney et als are why we are where we are now with this Democrat who promised change just like slick willy did. Obama just expanded many of the programs and wars they or Clinton started. It was peoples desire to get rid of Bush/Cheney and the Republicans failure to post candidates capable or with the desire to make any real change that brings us to where we are today. If being a true Republican means blindly supporting Romney or George Allen then we are doomed to keep making the same mistakes again. Stop letting the media tell you how and for who you should vote. In case you haven’t noticed they are owned by many of the same people who steal you blind daily. There is no real change there. Just more of the same its the same continuation and expansion of programs and schemes going as far back as I can remember with the baton being passed from one administration to the other regardless of which party is in control. Everyone acts if congress is the problem…..just not their congressman. Wolf has been here for what? 30 years? Look at his voting record. Yes to the Un Patriot Act, Yes to the Banker Bailouts despite overwhelming response from his constituents against them. You can’t blame this on either party in particular. Despite the lame stream medias attempt to make it look like a fight …..there is no fight. Its just the power elite playing the shell game and average americans falling for the same bull over and over again. This isn’t a ball game and its not honorable to support either team when they are both stealing you blind, taking away your rights and stealing your money thru taxes,inflation and banker bailouts. Choosing the lesser of 2 evils is still choosing evil. Note to public….the Fed is a group of for profit private bankers and have nothing to do with the government (except controlling it from within) . Limited government is becoming a joke as they take over the entire landscape with regulations design to usurp local governments and private business and farms for the benefits of corporations (they own) Note to Romney….corporations are not people.

      I’ll stop now before I get overheated although I am just getting warmed up.

      They all deserve an F regardless of which party they are from and so do we for putting up with it. I agree that Obama needs to go (the color of his skin has nothing to do with it …so don’t go there) But to replace him with Romney is just pinning a new tail on and old donkey.

      If there are many true Republicans out there then lets get together and find and support some true Republican candidates before its too late.

      • Another View says:

        The problem is that being a Republican is not a principle. There are principled Republicans, but fewer and fewer are elected officials.

        It is a shallow principle indeed to be as devoted to one’s own position and power as many seem to be today. No doubt they are convinced of their self, devotion to public service and sacrifice, but their own righteousness does not make it so.

        Prior to 1975, being a member of Congress was a part time job. It still should be, requiring that elected officials live under the rules imposed on the public. Every member needs to be reminded that their oath is to the Constitution, not to doing what they view as “right” or best for their constituents.

        Principle, adherence to our Constitution, our history and traditions is sadly lacking in public life today.

  6. Well, Mr. Marro if you hadn’t dropped out of the election we may have had another option than the status quo.

  7. Hmmm… Really now??? Did you happen to not make it out to the polls last November… along with 75% of the registered voters in the 27th Senatorial District? There was another choice on the ballot, stuck right smack in the dead center of the screen/ballot… between Vogel and Marro. You know… The candidate with the big “D” to the right of his name. One thing is for sure… I certainly was anything BUT just another “status quo” type of candidate!

    There was another option. The 25% of voters that did show up, made a clear choice…