Letter to the Editor: Wannabe VP Bobby McD

Wannabe VP,
Bobby McD,
took Jill up the hill
to become a culture warrior.

but poor Bobby McD, 
it seems he forgot
conservative Republican women do not
much care about their sisters.

scholarly Bobby McD,
(the fornicators enemy),
then had an epiphany
on the importance of vaginas.

our courageous wannabe VP,
(sensing he might soon be
auld Booby McD),
conferred with his ambition.

and quickly concluded he must,
throw Jill under the bus
to show how hard he’s fighting

to keep folks just like him
from probing for sin,
in places where they’ve no business.

meantime send Jill your best,
and ask her to protect
women’s access to Bayer aspirin,

and not to worry about or take
time for promises one must make,
while campaigning, utter distractions,
just let ’em eat cake.
Donald Marro
The Plains, Virginia


  1. I understand there are a couple of openings for a new Super PAC in Hawaii. You’d probably love the hippy governor there, Neil Abercrombe. I hear he’s into poetry too. Maybe if you talk to Shawn he can hook you up 🙂

  2. Shaun Broy says:


    If you are going to use my name, for future reference it is spelled S-h-a-u-n.


    Shaun Broy

  3. clarke conservative says:

    An old man named Marro,
    Whose life is such sorrow,
    He insults with glee,
    From his head to his knee.

    His penchant for lies,
    However he tries,
    Only shows his arrogance,
    From here to Penzance.

    Happy Leap Year Donald.

  4. Roscoe Evans says:

    I don’t believe either Governor Bob or Ms. Vogel are concerned about “their’ constitutents. Both, in my opinion, found politics as simply an alternative profession that suits their personalities, family fortunes, and hair styles.

    Still, I wish Mr. Marro would make his criticisms of our right wing fanatics in a more matter of fact manner.There is no legitimate reason for our government to impose unnecessary and irrelevant medical procedures on women whose lives are in distress. That, for those of you who have been posturing as “constitutionalists” and “patriots,” is tyranny. It rightly deserves condemnation, and Mr. Marro’s poetry gives much too light a touch to the situation.

    Donald– Skip the poetry and the affected humor. These two deserve your sharpest pen.

    Shaun–Good luck to you.

    • goodgracious says:

      Mr. Evans, you are exactly en pointe. What Mr. Marro apparently does not understand is that he is a has been, symbolic candidate, and he can’t seem to shut up, which is too bad. SNL and Jon Stewart, to name two, both did a much better lambaste. The fact that no one apparently did their homework on this painful and invasive procedure is shameful.

      The jelly on the belly is no less shameful; if it is the same when I had it because of possible complications, you have to drink an enormous amount of water and hope you can hold it before the procedure. If not, you have to start all over. This is almost as invasive, it’s a stupid bill, and I for one wish our reps would focus on more pressing issues.

      It really is too bad Mrs Vogel was elected. It is also a shame that there were no viable opponents. It is what it is however.

      That said, Mr. Marro’s plaintive cries for attention are just as bad, if not worse.

      Now he will respond with some demeaning “sarcastic” remarks, and that really shows how far he has fallen …about as badly as Palin. Sad guy. And I say, don’t feed this “beast”. I won’t anymore

  5. Donald C. Marro says:

    Don Marro’s doggerel,
    mocked the hypocrisy
    of wannabe AG and VP with force.

    Clarke County conservative,
    followed therefrom as a matter of course.

    Sorry, Mr. Evans, but I’ll leave the gravitas to you.

    goodgracious, whatever can we do to keep you practicing pop psychology without competence? “It really is too bad Mrs. Vogel was elected”, you say? How do you ‘spose that happened, stoutheartedly anonymous friend — could it be that Potts got trashed, somebody unwisely told Shultz to imitate Broderick Crawford, and your fellow citizens forgot election day comes every 4 years – what are your credentials for victimhood again? It is sorely tempting to reach down for the sarcasm you so richly deserve, but instead I’ll invite you to ponder Mr. Evans’ remarks and the gloatings of those represented so well by the NCO and his famously literate tribe.

  6. Another View says:

    All of these laws are the predictable result of a flawed Supreme Court decision–Roe v. Wade. By inventing a “right” to an abortion, in derogation of the Constitution, federalism and state laws, the Supreme Court has invited those who oppose abortion to nibble at the edges, in their principled efforts to protect life.

    The better, and Constitutional, path is to vacate Roe v. Wade, and leave the matter to the people or the States, as directed by the 9th and 10th Amendments. If Virginia wishes to merely regulate abortion, New York wishes to permit it, and Georgia forbid it, so be it. It is up to the people, not the federal government, much less an unelected Supreme Court, to determine such policies.

  7. Roscoe Evans says:

    The Court didn’t “invent” a right to abortion. Previous state statutes already had authorized abortions, contrary to your previously asserted “another view.”

    The Court “found” a right to enjoy the privacy of one’s own body. Without such a right, a state could bar you by statute from picking your nose just as readily as it could bar you from excising a tumor or aborting a brain-dead baby.

    Thankfully, the sovereignty of the states is limited, and a state cannot by statute limit any rights that an individual is granted by the U.S. under the Consitution. That’s precisely why a state cannot by statute or rule or judicial opinion abolish abortion. And once there’s a recognized right to marry, that is why a state will not be able to bar same sex marriage, by statute, court opinion, or even by a referendum of the voting populace.

    Your rights cannot be taken by any state for any reason, because we won that war in 1865.

    Now, you have said previously on this site that you want to see an armed insurrection, aimed at the current administration. Keep repeating that, and I am certain you will get more attention for your “other views” than you can possibly enjoy.

    For now, I find your tendency towards violence as abhorrent as you claim to find abortion.

    Until things change, though, the U.S. Supreme Court has the last word, even when we don’t like it.

    • The ‘right to ones privacy does not trump the unborn child;s right to life liberty and to pursue happiness. You say it isn’t a life, I say go prove it and when you do prove it isn’t a life I will agree with you.

    • Another View says:

      The Court did so invent a “right”, out of whole cloth, and in derogation of the Constitution.

      There is no federal general right to privacy, so that you may do with your own body as you wish. Indeed, federal law prohibits you from ingesting narcotics, or crossing state lines to engage in prostitution, or selling your body parts. AND, coming soon, Obamacare, which will give the federal government to dictate to you how your body shall be cared for or not as the case may be.

      The states’ sovereignty is not so limited by the Constitution. Rather, the Constitution acts to establish a LIMITED federal government. The Constitution does NOT grant you any rights whatsoever. Rather, it restricts the federal government.

      And I have never urged violent insurrection, but have only noted its possibility. BUT, that being said, I would rather see an armed insurrection against the present tyranny than live under it. Hopefully, the present tyranny can be removed by peaceful means.

      Finally, NOTHING in the Constitution gives the Supreme Court the last or final word. You really should read that document.

      • “In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.”
        Article III, Secton 2 – The Constitution of the United States of America

        By the very nature of being “an appellate court,” this sentence does indeed make the U.S. Supreme Court, as the highest court in the land for any appeal, the one with the final word. You really should try understanding the document you seem to drape yourself in.

  8. LILGAMO says:

    it’s like the saying pictures or it did not happen.

    if the ” mother ” has the chance to see what is being removed from her … now she would have to not only live with the thought of the procedure it would be a picture to add to that memory… to live with for the rest of her life.

    and if you think they forget ? never , ever do they forget… that guilt and remorse stays with them for ever.
    one side just wants them to see what they are giving up and the other side wants them to bury the little dirty secret… so they can justify the deaths of millions babies and do so in a legal defined way… once that procedure is done that life is over and will never be … it is as final as a bullet to the head. you take away everything that life would or could be. the only thing that lives on is the number in the data of yup just another procedure performed, oh and those thoughts of the ” mother ” years later sipping her coffee wondering ? what if ? …

    dirty little secrets of how careless we can be…